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Top 10 Best Bamboo Knife Blocks in 2024 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

by Daniel Jo
bamboo knife blocks

If you’re on the hunt for an ideal knives organizer that will hold the knife set and its sharpener securely for easy access, then bamboo knife blocks might be your better option because they provide a convenient solution to store your knife set. They come with different slots, which makes them great and useful. Also, they are constructed with premium-quality bamboo materials, which makes them serve you better.

Nevertheless, finding the perfect bamboo knife block model has become a daunting task since there are various knife blocks from different brands. But fortunately, we’ve compiled detailed reviews together with a buyer’s guide to help you arrive at your better option. Have a look!

List of Best Bamboo Knife blocks in 2024

#10. Evolve Universal Bamboo Knife Block

Evolve Universal Bamboo Knife Block

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Say no to low-quality chef knife blocks that could waste your money. They use unfinished or poor wood that often requires sanding while only holding for small knives. That’s why this Bamboo knife block from Evolve is made with pure, authentic natural Bamboo. The 100% natural bamboo equips your kitchen with a serene and unique touch.

On top of that, this knife block holds knife blades of up to 9-inches to keep blade quality. Also, its flex rods are machine washable, keeping your knives and the block hygienic and clean. This universal bamboo knife block is an elegant, simple, and space-saving solution to store knives.

Reasons to Buy
  • The block comes with 20 knife slots. Its top tier holds 13 9-inches blade long knives while the bottom holds seven 5-inches blade long steak knives.
Highlighted Features
  • Two removable utensil holders
  • Holds a minimum of 20 knives
  • BPA-free & machine-washable flex rods
  • It constructed with 100% authentic bamboo
  • Can accommodate other utensils
  • Covers knife blades of 9-inches
  • Come with a magnetic strip

#9. Homemaid Bamboo Knife Block

 Homemaid Bamboo Knife Block

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Check out the Homemaid knife block organizer. It measures 17″ (L) by 7″ (W) by 2″ (H). With such measurements, it saves on space hence ideal for any standard drawer sizes. Moreover, it doesn’t only organize knives but also your knife sharpener.

The knife block also keeps your knives intact. Therefore, you won’t experience the knives pointing up or jamming your drawer. Like other counterparts in this article, it also boasts bamboo wood. Therefore, it’s reliability is out of the question. It’s also water-resistant hence effortless to clean using a damp cloth.

Reasons to Buy
  • This kitchen appliance efficiently accommodates a wide assortment of knives. After testing using many knife brands, it can hold up to 14 knives alongside a sharpening rod.
Highlighted Features
  • Measures 17″ by 7″ by 2.”
  • Weighs 3.99 pounds
  • Holds 14 knives a sharpening rod
  • Features bamboo wood

#8. Utoplike In-Drawer Kitchen Bamboo knife block

 Utoplike In-Drawer Kitchen Bamboo knife block

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Keep your knives safe, secure, neat, and organized in this in-drawer knife block from Utoplike. This bamboo knife drawer block will keep your knife set organized, sharp & out of sight. Uniquely, it also saves counter space and gives convenient access.  This in-drawer knife organizer is made with premium-grade, eco-friendly, and durable Moso bamboo with natural grain that gives it an elegant design. Moso does not fade, chip, or scratch easily and is ultra-durable.

Its angled handle support and carved grooves also provide enough space for your fingers to comfortably get hold of the knives. Along with that, Well Carved slots allow for efficient and easy knife retrieval.

Reasons to Buy
  • The block holds 16 knives & one knife sharpener! It has eight slots that hold 5-inches steak knives, eight slots that accommodate 17-inches knives, plus a middle slot, which holds sharpening steel.
Highlighted Features
  • Weighs 4.81 pounds
  • Angled handle support
  • Elegant design
  • Well carved slots for easy knife retrieval
  • Made with premium-grade, eco-friendly Moso bamboo
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#7. KITCHENDAO Deluxe Universal Bamboo Knife Block

 KITCHENDAO Deluxe Universal Bamboo Knife Block

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This knife block from KITCHENDAO is yet another ideal choice. As expected, it features high-grade natural bamboo material. Regardless of your knife shapes, it can hold large knives of up to 8.6″. This kitchen equipment also includes slots for kitchen shears and a sharpening rod.

Besides, it includes parallel slots alongside a patented double-deck design. Therefore, your knives cannot touch each other. This also lessens the risk of damaging their sharp edges. This knife block also has a large capacity to hold between 12 and 15 knives depending on their sizes. It can also hold a sharpening rod and a pair of kitchen scissors. Other than that, it also includes anti-skid feet.

Reasons to Buy
  • On its bottom, this knife block includes draining holes. Through these, it efficiently dries your knives. It also consists of a lifetime guarantee.
Highlighted Features
  • Parallel slots with a patented double-deck design
  • Weighs 2.49 pounds
  • Natural bamboo wood
  • Drain holes and anti-skid feet
  • Lifetime 100% money-back guarantee

#6. Kitchen Seven Universal Bamboo Knife Block

Kitchen Seven Universal Bamboo Knife Block

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Kitchen Seven brings you a universal bamboo knife block for storing petite paring knives and sizeable chef knives in style. To start with, this block can protect and hold 16 knives of all sizes and shapes due to its flexible plastic rods. With its plastic rods, your blades will always stay sharp and prevented from becoming blunt.

Two knife sharpeners also accompany this knife block for sharpening your blades. Luckily, the included tough tungsten steel sharpener will help you restore your knives’ V-shape design, whereas ceramic rod sharpener will polish and refine the blades. What’s more, this knife block is long-lasting since Bamboo is naturally sustainable and eco-friendly and hence resistant to water and wear.

Reasons to Buy
  • Its top tier measuring 3.8 inches * 3.8 inches is suitable for knives of up to 8-inches long, whereas its bottom tier that measures 3.8 inches by 1.1 inches holds your 5-inches steak knives.
Highlighted Features
  • Weighs 5.12 pounds
  • It is resistant to water and wear
  • Sophisticated and space-saving storage
  • Accompanied by two knife sharpeners
  • Hand-finished bamboo case
  • Made of eco-friendly and sustainable bamboo material

#5. Coninx Bamboo Knife Block

 Coninx Bamboo Knife Block

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If a striking knife block is what you are after, the Coninx knife block is the real deal. It features natural high-grade bamboo wood. Therefore, it’s not just stylish but functional as well. The material also makes it 100% sustainable, strong, and effortless to clean.

No need to fret about slippery countertops. On the knife block’s bottom are anti-slip felt pads. Thus, safety, when using it, is nothing to concern you.

Reasons to Buy
  • Outstandingly, the Coninx knife block integrates a super strength hidden magnet. Through this, it keeps knives in place hence assuring safe and effective storage of your knives. Even more amazing, this knife block comes with a lifetime warranty.
Highlighted Features
  • Anti-skid feet pads for grip
  • Strong and sustainable bamboo wood
  • Powerful hidden magnet
  • Weighs 3.11 pounds
  • Includes a lifetime guarantee

#4. Cook-N-Home NC-0032619 Slot Bamboo Knife Block

Cook-N-Home NC-0032619 Slot Bamboo Knife Block

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This bamboo knife block from Cook N Home is designed with 19 slots. Cook-N-Home NC-00326 is constructed of 100% natural bamboo that makes it looks great and durable. It can hold accessories and knives of up to 9-inches deep. With 19 slots breadths ranging from 3/4-inch up to 3 ¼-inches, this block can accommodate steak, a cleaver, chef’s long, and wide chef’s knives.

Along with that, this bamboo knife block has angled slots that grasp knives easily and rubber feet that prevent it from slipping. Luckily, you can easily clean it by wiping it using a cloth.

Reasons to Buy
  • Its wider slots are good for holding sharpening steel, kitchen scissor, and other items.
Highlighted Features
  • It weighs 4 pounds
  • Come with 19 slots
  • Look great and durable
  • It’s made using natural Bamboo
  • Has a wider slot for holding sharpening steel and kitchen scissor

#3. Shenzhen 20 Slot Bamboo Knife Block

Shenzhen 20 Slot Bamboo Knife Block

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The Shenzhen knife block is very remarkable. Its openings include wide angles. For that reason, it doesn’t wear out your blades. Besides, it’s now able to accommodate both small and large chef knives. About durability concerns, this knife block features an attractive bamboo veneer. It is, therefore, not only sturdy but strong to boot. The material is also antimicrobial and effortless to clean.

Also, this knife block comes with four anti-slip low profile rubber feet. With these, it won’t skid on your kitchen counter, thus reducing the risk of injuries.

Reasons to Buy
  • Impressively, the Shenzhen knife block features 20 universal slots. One of the slots, outstandingly, is ideal for sharpening rods or scissors.
Highlighted Features
  • Four anti-skid rubber feet
  • Has wide-angled that allow for easier handling
  • Beautiful bamboo veneer material
  • Twenty universal knife slots
  • Weighs 3 pounds
  • Strong and sturdy construction
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#2. Bellemain In-Drawer 100% Pure Bamboo Knife Block

Bellemain In-Drawer 100% Pure Bamboo Knife Block

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Keep your busy kitchens clutter-free and organized with this in-drawer 100% pure bamboo knife block from Bellemain. Unlike other knife set organizers, The Bellemain’s block fits a maximum of 16 knives of different sizes. In addition to that, it uses eco-friendly Moso bamboo, which makes it extraordinarily long-lasting, strong, and beautiful.

Additionally, it also helps keep a small kitchen organized by freeing up counter space. Then again, in-drawer knife blocks are great and child friendly. To conclude, the Bellemain Knife block is designed to fit inside any standard kitchen drawer perfectly.

Reasons to Buy
  • The eco-friendly Moso bamboo wood used in its construction requires low maintenance and can only be rubbed with oil to prolong its life. You can also clean it using water and soap.
Highlighted Features
  • In-drawer organizer design
  • It measures 17-inches long x 5.29-inches wide x 2-inches high
  • Made of durable and beautiful Moso bamboo
  • Accommodate up to 16 knives of different sizes

#1. Noble Home & Chef Bamboo Knife Block

Noble Home & Chef Bamboo Knife Block

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Coming last is the Noble Home & Chef drawer knife block. Firstly, it measures 17″ (L) by 9″ (W) by 2″ (H). For that reason, it fits almost all kitchen drawers with standard measurements. Secondly, this knife block features high-grade eco-friendly Moso bamboo material. With its carved slots, retrieving your steak knives is nothing less efficient and quick. Unlike ordinary knife organizers, it can also offer enough room for larger handled knives.

Reasons to Buy
  • The Noble Home & Chef can hold up to 12 knives. And, it’s very effective in keeping your knives intact. In the case the drawer gets slammed, your knives won’t point up or slide.
Highlighted Features
  • Weighs 4.1 pounds
  • Measures 17″ by 9″ by 2.”
  • Have slots for holding 12 knives + sharpener
  • Twelve knife holding slots
  • Eco-friendly high-grade Bamboo
  • Thoroughly tested with various knife brands and approved
  • Have carved slots for easy knife retrieval

Buyer’s Guide

  • Number of slots: This is probably the major factor to check before buying any bamboo knife block. This is because the number of slots your knife block has will determine the number of knives it will hold.  The better option should be the one that accommodates all your knife set safely and securely. For example, you may come across the bamboo knife blocks with 16 slots, while others have 19 slots. Get bamboo knife blocks that will keep and organize most knives together with a knife sharpener.
  • Ease of cleaning: Since any bamboo knife block requires regular cleaning. You should, therefore, buy something that can quickly and easy be cleaned to maintain good hygiene. Preferably, you should opt for a bamboo knife organizer model, which is dishwasher and hand wash safe for optimal convenience.
  • Design and versatility: You must consider purchasing a knife block design that can hold knives of different sizes & other flatware. It must be perfect for a knife sharpener, spoons, forks, etc. It should also feature a sleek minimalist and low profile design to free up kitchen counter spaces.
  • Premium quality bamboo: Despite being made out of bamboo materials, get a knife block that is wisely built to serve longer. Buy a knife organizer constructed with eco-friendly Moso bamboo or premium-quality pure natural bamboo timber to ensure years of use.


Despite the various bamboo knife blocks out there, we have selected the top-selling brands for you. These bamboo knife blocks are eco-friendly, stylish, and durable. They also provide a safe and convenient way to keep the knives out of sight, hence ideal choices to try out. Buy your bamboo knife block today and start freeing up your countertop space!

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