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Top 10 Best Bike Pet Trailers in 2024 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

by Antoin Saka
Bike Pet Trailers

If you’re a pet owner and you like going for a bike ride, then a bike pet trailer should be your great companion. These trailers let you bring your pet safely with you on the bike ride. With the best bike pet trailer, the pet owners can safely carry their dog with them on your bike ride.

Nevertheless, different bike pet trailers are available, based on your pet’s side and what specification you need. These bike pet trailers are outstanding in terms of durability, size, weight, design, portability, and capacity—most of the bike pet trailer collapse for compact storage.

List of 10 Best Bike Pet Trailers in 2024

#10. Instep 2-In-1 Bike Trailer

Instep 2-In-1 Bike Trailer

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Take your kids and pet along for unbelievable with this bike pet trailer by Instep. Firstly, this 2-in-1 bike pet trailer comes in multiple colors. What’s more, it has a double and single seat. Its 16-inch pneumatic tires have molded rims. This provides timeless style, better performance, and safety. And to ensure rider’s protection, this bike pet trailer includes a safety flag and five-point harness. In addition to that, the quick-release wheel and folding-frame design make it easy and quick assembly, transport, and storage.

Secondly, it includes the weather shield and bug screen together with the rear vent window. This bike pet trailer fits all styles virtually. Also, it only supports 80 pounds maximum weight limit. Finally, a 1-year limited warranty accompanies the product.

Highlighted Features
  • Weighs 23 Pounds
  • Accommodates two 40-pound children
  • 16-inch pneumatic tires together with molded rims
  • 80 pounds maximum weight limit
  • Quick-release wheel
  • Rear storage area maximum weight limit: 12 pounds
  • One-year limited warranty

#9. PetSafe Bike Pet Trailer

PetSafe Bike Pet Trailer

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The petsafe bike pet trailer is secure and safe. It includes a safety tether and three storage pouches. In addition to that, it has a durable and strong steel frame that allows you to ride nicely with your beloved friend in tow. And more pleasingly, it can be easily detached or attached to a bike.  The trailer has side, front, and back ventilated windows let your pet view the surrounding during the ride. Also, it is collapsible to store as well.

Additionally, this weather-proof bike pet trailer features reflectors for wide viewing. With its 3 outer pockets, you can bring pet’s treats, poop bags, water, and a leash along on the exploration.

Highlighted Features
  • A strong, durable steel constructed frame
  • Safe and secure with its inner safety tether
  • Easy to connect
  • Has three storage pouches
  • Has side, front, and back ventilated windows
  • Features reflectors for wide viewing

#8. Allen Sports Deluxe Steel Bike Pet Trailer

Allen Sports Deluxe Steel Bike Pet Trailer

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The T1 one-child bicycle trailer from Allen Sports offers the ideal outdoor solution and perfect for active parents. 16-inches rear wheels provide low rolling resistance while large side and front windows allow your kid or pet enjoys the ride. Furthermore, the T1 bike pet trailer has a foot bar to protect your pet or children’s feet better. It also comes with three detachable season bug & rain shield. On top of that, the padded five-point secure harness safely holds your pet or kid in place.

What’s more, it has a universal coupler that secures to your bike’s rear axle to make removal and installation from the bike a snap. Luckily, the trailer also features a safety flag, which provides added visibility during the ride. Lastly, all Allen trailers have undergone the ASTM safety standards required for safety guarantee.

Highlighted Features
  • Lightweight steel construction
  • Padded 5-point protection harness
  • 16-inches easy release, minimal rolling resistance rear steel wheels
  • Large side and front windows offer airy, bright cabin for your pet
  • Three season bug plus rain shield
  • Rugged steel frame
  • ASTM safety standards compliance
  • Safety flag for added visibility
  • Foot guard tube for maximum feet protection

#7. Schwinn Rascal Adjustable Bike Pet Trailer

Schwinn Rascal Adjustable Bike Pet Trailer

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This is a safer and perfect bike pet trailer from Schwinn. Schwinn Rascal is perfect for large and small dogs. Along with that, this bike pet trailer is adjustable with a universal bike coupler, quick release wheels, and folding frame carrier. With quick-release wheels and a Unique folding frame, you can pack up it nicely for compact transport and storage. For ultimate, strong steel is used to construct the frame.

What’s more, you can even easily attach a coupler to almost all bikes for added versatility. Its rim is made of aluminum material, and the air-filled tires can be inflated using a standard bike wheel pump. There is also a rear doggy door that allows for quick entrance and exit. Lastly, it has a safety flag, as well.

Highlighted Features
  • Adjustable bug screen
  • Adjustable internal leash for pet’s protection against leaping out
  • Collapsible folding frame perfect for tidy, compact storage and family vacations
  • 16-Inches aluminum rims alongside air-filled tires
  • Holds one pet weighing 50-pounds

#6. Aosom Bike Pets Trailer

Aosom Bike Pets Trailer

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This bike pet trailer by Aosom is safe and smooth-rolling. It has a flag attached to it and reflectors on the trailer, which provide better visibility in traffic. Also, two 20 inches of front wheels provide smooth movements on off-roads or pavement. Moreover, it has premium ventilation and easy entry. The doors on the back, front, and top are zipped. Hence they are easy to open and close. This bike pet trailer has a 66-pound weight limit.

Additionally, it is made with high-quality oxford fabric material and super strong steel frames. This makes it Ultra-violet rays and water resistance. Uniquely, this bike pet trailer offers shade for a younger friend who is riding with you. Further, to guarantee the safety of the friend ridding with you, a D-ring is attached. The trailer weighs 30 pounds only. When this bike pet is folded, it measures 31 inches length by 28 inches width by 19.5 inches high.

Highlighted Features
  • Easy to assemble and fold down
  • 66-pound maximum weight limit
  • Two 20 inches rear wheels
  • Water and UV resistance
  • Made of premium oxford fabric
  • Strong and durable
  • Quick-release wheels
  • Measures 31 inches length by 28 inches wide by 35.5 high
  • 32-inches long safety flag
  • Sturdy steel frame

#5. Challenger Mobility Bike Pet Trailer

Challenger Mobility Bike Pet Trailer

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Coming fifth in this list is the Challenger Mobility bike Pet Trailer that holds small pets whose weight is 20 pounds. This trailer can be attached nicely to your scooter’s items hitch beneath the seat. Apart from the bottom surface, all other surfaces have screens for pet’s clear watching while on the go. For maximum ventilation, its zippered enclosure is made of breathable and durable nylon. This makes it weather-resistant and durable. Luckily, it also has 16-inches pneumatic tires that gives your pet a gentle and smooth ride.

There are reflectors for added protection and safety on the wheels, rear, and front of this bike Pet Trailer. What’s more, the trailer has a 3/8-inch padded cushion for ultimate comfort. With a powder-coated sturdy steel frame, this pet trailer for travel J2840 and mobility scooters is long-lasting and durable.

Highlighted Features
  • Large 16-inches pneumatic tires for a gentile ride
  • Easy installation and assembly
  • Made from long-lasting, weather-resistant nylon
  • Holds small pets weighing 20 lbs
  • Has 3/8-inch padded cushion for ultimate comfort
  • Compatible with travel J2840 and mobility scooters
  • Powder-coated sturdy steel frame

#4. Burley Minnow Design Lightweight Bike pet Trailer

Burley Minnow Design Lightweight Bike pet Trailer

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This bike pet trailer by Burley features a five-point harness design system. It has tinted side windows. Further, its frames are made with sturdy aluminum. This bike pet trailer has reflectors on the wheels and the cage. This provides safe ridding on traffic.

Moreover, the trailer can flatten and be folded for easy transportation and storage. Also, a 32” neon-orange safety flag is included. This bike pet trailer is spacious. It can accommodate one child together with your pet. What’s more, it has a hammock seat style to ensure your child isn’t sitting on the trailer’s floor. It has an additional rear cargo space to carry what you need for your adventure. This bike pet trailer is lightweight. The trailer is also ideal for kids’ bikes.

Highlighted Features
  • Suitable for kids bike
  • Strong and durable
  • 5-point harness system
  • Quick-removal 20 inches of front wheels
  • Additional seat for one child
  • Made of high-quality aluminum
  • Tinted and zipped windows
  • Spacious rear cargo space

#3. ibiyaya 2-in-1 Bike Pet Trailer

ibiyaya 2-in-1 Bike Pet Trailer

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Love the entertaining outdoor adventures? The ibiyaya bike pet trailer is a must-have pull-behind bike trailer for pet owners who enjoy spending most of their time outside. The trailer has a spacious front door with a zippered mesh layer screen for better air circulation. This large front door also provides comfortable cycling, and you can even look back to keep an eye on your pets. On top of that, it includes a rain guard that provides ultimate protection against rain and wind.

Moreover, the package includes a removable pad, three safety tethers, and a versatile coupler that can be attached to most bikes. It is a practical pet trailer. You can comfortably have it when going to outdoor occasions, supermarkets, and parks.

Highlighted Features
  • Multi-functional and Streamlined Travel Design
  • Weight limit: 50lbs
  • Includes rain guard
  • Three safety tethers and a detachable pad included
  • Versatile coupler attaches to almost any bike
  • Has spacious front door with zippered mesh screen

#2. Trixie Bicycle Pet Trailer

Trixie Bicycle Pet Trailer

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The Trixie bike pet trailer has a removable mat and breathable net screens which allow perfect ventilation and visibility. First and foremost, it is made of durable, easy-care nylon fabric. Therefore, it is UV, wind, and water resistance. Moreover, this bike pet trailer has solid, stainless trailer frames and a polyester cover. It has a front and back door which are zipped. Also, its wheel has a reflector and a flag attached to the trailer for safety in traffic.

The base of the trailer is removable, and it is padded for comfort. Further, the wheels have a quick-fix system. This bike pet trailer measures 36cm by 34cm by 57cm. It weighs 21.52lbs. Last but not least, trailers hitch and signal banner are included.

Highlighted Features
  • Measures 36 cm by 34cm by 57 cm
  • Reflector rear wheels
  • Made of easy-care nylon fabric
  • Strong and durable
  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Padded base for comfort
  • Weighs 21.5lbs
  • Rain and wind resistance
  • Sturdy stainless steel frames

#1. Burley Design Bike Pet Trailer

Burley Design Bike Pet Trailer

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In this list, winding up is the tail wagon bicycle trailer from Burley Design This bike pet trailer is known for a detachable floor for washing and securing tie-downs. Furthermore, with a flip-down tailgate, you can load and unload the trailer much easier. Apart from that, this trailer has Side battens that provide much-needed stability. It has a spacious interior with a 75-pounds carrying capacity.

The all-weather cover is yet another good feature to mention. This heavy-duty mesh cover has waterproof zippers on four sides to maximize airflow. In addition to that, this trailer is a stroller kit compatible with a fast-action folding system and 16-inches quick-release strong alloy wheels. Ultimately, this bike pet trailer’s fabric part is covered by a comprehensive limited warranty while plastic parts are covered by three years warranty.

Highlighted Features
  • 16-inches quick-release strong alloy wheels
  • Heavy-duty mesh cover with waterproof zippers
  • Side battens for added stability
  • Flip-down tailgate for easy loading and unloading
  • It has a spacious interior with a 75-pounds carrying capacity

Bike Pet Trailers Buying Guide

Size: This is possibly the most critical consideration. While picking your first bike pet trailer, you’ll have to ensure that it’s suitably sized for the dog. It shouldn’t be that big –the right size will allow your pet to sit down or stand up without any issue. The puppy certainly won’t like the cycle if he’s restricted, so ensure that the product has enough capacity for the pet to move around.

Flooring: This is other crucial parts of a bicycle pet trailer. It must never scrunch up and remain in its place during cycling. If it causes distress, you can buy a dog blanket to help you enjoy maximum comfort, therefore, choose a model with a comfortable interior for your pup.

Hitch: This would be the best factors that will define everything about the bike pet trailer’s behavior whenever you’re towing the trailer on the road. Poor models normally tilt the bicycle if the cyclist corners too hard; therefore, you’ll need to do away those. The trailer’s stopping ability isn’t that good either and prone to bring dangerous consequences. Choose the high-end model for durability.

Weather Protection: The best model of bike pet trailer needs to have appropriate weather protection. This will shelter you from sudden rainfall while on the ride.  Trailers with detachable windshields and sunroofs will protect your pet from the severe elements and shelter your pet against in sunny or rainy weather.


In sum, the above model of bike pet trailers is good enough to help you bring a dog with you while on the ride. In all honesty, all the products are great for camping and other outdoor occasions and activities. The listed trailers will certainly provide weather protection. Choose any bike pet trailer based on your preference.

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