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Top 10 Best Box Graters in 2021 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

When preparing pizza, cheese and carrots for different dishes, it is essential to have the right tool. The box grater ensures easy and quick grating. These graters are constructed from steel material and plastic for durability. Moreover, they have multi-purpose designs. Also, they have non-slip and comfortable handles. Their bases are also non-slip to ensure maximum stability. In addition to that, the graters are dishwater safe for easy cleaning.

However, there exist unique brands of box graters but settling on the best one is difficult. So, below are some essential factors to guide the buyer to make the best choice. Make sure you choose the box grater that meets your storage requirements from this list below.

List of 10 Best Box Graters in 2021

#10. Utopia Kitchen Stainless Steel 6-Sides Box Grater

Utopia Kitchen Stainless Steel 6-Sides Box Grater

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This box grater from Utopia Kitchen Store is constructed from quality 430 stainless steel. So, it offers high-quality results while grating smoothly. The durable construction makes it long-lasting. Next, it weighs 250g. This makes it lightweight and easy to lift. The dimensions measure 9 by 25.5 by 11.5 cm to allow for easy storage in the cabinet or on the counter. Most importantly, the grater has a rubber handle. This single-handle can comfortably fit in a single hand for efficient shredding.

Further, it features multiple uses. The box grater is great for cheese, a vegetable like carrots, cucumber cabbages and other kinds of food. Remarkably, it has a hexagonal design to provide a wide range of shred thickness. Equally important, it is dishwater safe. This means that you can wash it using water and dish soap.

Highlighted Features
  • It weighs 250g
  • 430 stainless steel construction
  • Size of 9 by 25.5 by 11.5 cm for easy storage
  • A wider usage
  • Dishwater safe for easy cleaning
  • A hexagonal design
  • Rubber handle for efficient shredding
  • Easy to use
  • Non-slip base

#9. Norpro Steel Box Grater

Norpro Steel Box Grater

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The Norpro box grater offers an innovative way of preparing, cooking and serving food. Remarkably, its dimensions measure 8.25″ by 4.25″ by 3.25″. This 4 sided grater is perfect for a variety of kitchen uses. Remarkably, it includes medium shred, coarse shred, fine shred and slicer. With this grater, you can shred potatoes or cheese using less effort.

Most importantly, it is constructed from stainless steel material. Therefore, it is very durable. It is suitable for hard and soft cheeses, chocolate, vegetables, fruits, nuts, ginger, garlic and more. To finish, it weighs 4.6 ounces. So, you can lift it and use it with ease.

Highlighted Features
  • It weighs 4.6 ounces
  • Size of 8.25″ by 4.25″ by 3.25″.
  • A wider usage
  • Medium shred, coarse shred, fine shred and slicer
  • Stainless steel construction for durability

#8. Spring Chef Ultra-Sharp Box Grater

Spring Chef Ultra-Sharp Box Grater

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The Spring Chefbox grater is ultra-sharp. To begin with, its blades are constructed from stainless steel. Having a non-slip base, it remains securely in position as you use it. Uniquely, it features a 4 in 1 design. To be precise, it has a medium shred 3, coarse shred 2, zester 4 and fine shred slicer. Next, it is comfortable to use. The handle makes it easy to grip so that you grate faster and without fatigue.

This box grater is ideal for grating, slicing and zest. It works well with fruits, hard and soft cheeses, vegetables, nuts and more. Remarkably, the dimensions measure 5.5 by 4.75 by 9.5 inches. This ensures easy storage. On top of that, the grater is dishwater safe. Then again, it weighs 10.9 pounds.

Highlighted Features
  • Size of 5.5 by 4.75 by 9.5 inches
  • It weighs 10.9 pounds.
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • A 4-in-1 design
  • A comfortable handle included
  • Easy to store
  • It is dishwater safe

#7. Cuisinart One Size Box Grater

Cuisinart One Size Box Grater

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This box grater from the Cuisinart Store is ideal for both fine and coarse shredding, fine grating and slicing. Most importantly, it is constructed from steel material to ensure durability. Equally important, the grater has a soft-grip handles & non-slip base for easy grating. Then again, the box grater is dishwater safe. As a result, cleaning it is very easy.

This grater has four sides for grating, slicing, and shredding food. Its handle is constructed from black plastic. In addition to that, it has a size of 3.5 by 10 by 4.5 inches to allow for easy storage. Finally, the grater weighs 9.0 pounds.

Highlighted Features
  • It weighs 9.0 pounds
  • Constructed from durable steel material
  • Non-slip base plus soft-grip handles
  • Dishwater safe for easy cleanup
  • Size of 5 by 10 by 4.5 inches
  • Black plastic handles

#6. AmazonBasics 4-Sided Box Grater

AmazonBasics 4-Sided Box Grater

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The AmazonBasics box grater is a 4-sided grater and a nice kitchen tool. It helps to grate soft and hard foods. On top of that, the base is very steady while the handles are non-slip to ensure safe operation. You can grate carrots, cabbages, cheese, cucumbers, cauliflower, and more with this grater.

Another important feature of this beautiful box grater is that it is dishwater safe. As a result, cleaning it is a very simple task. Amazingly, it has a detachable storage container for catching food when you grate. You can use it for fridge storage. Being constructed from stainless steel, it stands for frequent pressure and lasts longer.

Highlighted Features
  • A wider application
  • A 4-sided grater
  • Dishwater safe for easy cleanup
  • Durable steel construction
  • Non-slip handles for safe operation
  • Stable base for safe use

#5. Professional 4 Sides XL Size Box Grater

Professional 4 Sides XL Size Box Grater

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To obtain fantastic grating results, get a box grater FROM Spring Chef. It can shred and slice vegetables and cheese with minimal effort. Besides, it is dishwater safe for easy cleanup. Remarkably, it is made of steel for durability. Its size is extra wide for easy grating of soft foods and cheese. Interestingly, it improves the texture and taste of the food you prepare. Having a 4-sided design, this grater is versatile. It allows for coarse, fine, and medium grating.

The grater can prepare different foods like potato, cheese, squash, carrots, cucumbers and lemons. Additionally, it has a comfortable handle to ensure total control. The blades are also made of steel. So, the job will be done faster. The rubber bottom makes the user safe. This means that it prevents sliding and slipping on the counter.

Highlighted Features
  • Contoured design to offer a stable grip
  • Comfortable handle for easy control
  • Durable steel construction
  • Dishwater safe for easy cleaning
  • Steel blades for fast slicing
  • Rubber bottom for stability
  • A lifetime warranty

#4. KitchenAid Gourmet 4-Sided Box Grater

KitchenAid Gourmet 4-Sided Box Grater

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This box grater from the KitchenAid Store features high quality. The sliding blade and grating surface are constructed from steel. Therefore, they are resistant to rust. Amazingly, the grater can accommodate a 3-cup container to catch the sliced or grated food. This, in turn, ensures easy storage.

In addition to that, the container features capacity markings of 2-cup, 1 ½ cup, 1 cup and ½ cup. Therefore, it allows for precise measurements during grating. With a non-skid base, the grater is very safe. This box grater ensures a mess-free and easy grating of vegetables, cheese and more. In addition to that, it is dishwater safe. To finish, it has a lifetime warranty.

Highlighted Features
  • Durable steel construction
  • Capacity markings for precise measurements
  • Non-skid base for stability
  • Dishwater safe for simple cleaning
  • A wider usage
  • A lifetime warranty
  • Detachable storage container

#3. Rachael Ray Box Grater

Rachael Ray Box Grater

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The Rachael Ray box grate is very strong. This is because it is built from high-quality, heavy gauge stainless steel material. Then again, it has etched steel blades to ensure effortless cutting. The julienne blades and two-way slicer cut in dual time. Having a contoured top handle, it is easy to slice and safe. The inbuilt 4-cup ingredients bucket features a stable, non-slip edge.

Next, it has an innovative finger guard for holding food and protecting hands. The grater has protective sleeves to ensure safe storage. On the other hand, it is dishwater safe to ensure convenient cleanup. Remarkably, it weighs 1.63 pounds.

Highlighted Features
  • It weighs 1.63 pounds
  • High quality steel material for longevity
  • Inbuilt 4-cup ingredients bucket
  • Steel blades to ensure effortless cutting
  • Contoured top handle for easy and safe slicing
  • Protective sleeves to ensure safe storage
  • It is dishwater safe

#2. OXO Etched One size Steel Box Grater

OXO Etched One size Steel Box Grater

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The OXO Store box grater has a 4-in-1 design. Each of its sides has a different surface. These include coarse grater, medium grater, and removable zester. The sharp, etched steel surfaces ensure easy, fast slicing and grating. In addition to that, the slicer is angled to ensure smooth cutting. You can use the removable zester directly on the grater, cutting board or over bowls.

Moreover, the convenient container can catch or measure freshly-grated food and store it in the grater. Also, the container lid provides a seal to store sliced food or grated food. Most importantly, the non-slip foot offers control as you grate. This grater weighs 1.12 pounds.

Highlighted Features
  • It weighs 1.12 pounds
  • A 4-in-1 design
  • A convenient container for easy measurements
  • Non-slip foot for control
  • Container lid to store sliced food
  • Durable steel material
  • Removable zester

#1. Cuisipro 4-Sided Surface Glide Technology Box Grater

Cuisipro 4-Sided Surface Glide Technology Box Grater

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The Cuisipro box grater features the Surface Glide technique to make grating easy and ensure maximum efficiency. Furthermore, it has a clear protective cover to ensure safe storage. For perfect gripping, it has ergonomic handles. Also, the handles feature a non-slip finish. The ends of this grater and the base are non-slip. Therefore, the grater will remain stable as you grate. Having grooves, it will be easy to grate since it will reduce any resistance.

The grooves can increase the length of each blade so that you grate more food. Additionally, the grater is able to handle food in large quantities. The fine side is ideal for Parmesan and zest. The coarse side can handle vegetables and cheeses. On the other hand, the ultra-coarse side is ideal for soft cheeses. Finally, it has a 25 years warranty.

Highlighted Features
  • Surface glide technology to ensure efficient grating
  • Ergonomic handles for comfort
  • Made of steel to ensure durability
  • Non-slip base for stability
  • It handles foods in large amounts
  • Warranty for 25 years

Box Graters Buying Guide

Durability: The best box grater should be durable. When you spend your money, ensure that the grater you buy will last longer. To achieve this, choose a stainless steel grater. It will not harm your health.

Multi-purpose: When buying a box grater, you need to ensure that it has a multi-functional design. It should have several nozzles. It should also have a rectangular, square, pyramidal, or hexagonal shape for coarse cutting, fine cutting, mashing, and shredding.

Material: The best box grater should be made using steel material and plastic. This is because the steel material is long-lasting, durable and rust-resistant. Also, steel blades cut faster and precisely.

Comfort: Preparing meals using a box grater should be comfortable and easy. To prevent hand fatigue, make sure that your box grater has a handle, and the base is non-slip. Furthermore, if your hands are large, choose a handle that is wide enough.

Numbers of Sides: When buying a box grater, ensure that you consider the number of sides. The universal box graters feature 2 to 6 sides.  This allows the user to accelerate the grinding process.


When cooking at home, the box graters ensure convenience and adaptability. This is because they are easy to move from your counter to the dishwater. Also, cleaning it is simple. The grater is ideal for zesting, slicing and grating different types of foods. When buying it, make sure that it is constructed from steel to serve you for long.

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