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Top 10 Best Broom Holders in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Brooms, mops, brushes, dustpans, and dusters may make your room disorganized at times. therefore,  you need to look for the best broom and mop holder. moreover, this holder helps in keeping your mop and broom; hence organizing the entire room. Broom holders are very easy to install, as you will get all you need for mounting. other than, they hold more weight and are very safe to use.

Today, we have different broom and mop holders to choose from, which makes it challenging to find the ideal pick. importantly, to help you get the most preferred one, we have gathered a list of the top 10 best broom holders in 2020 for you.

List of Top 10 Best Broom Holders in 2020

#10. Home- It Broom and Mop Holder, 6 Hooks and 5 Position Garage Storage Systems

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This is an excellent broom holder that will aid in keeping the brooms and mob safe after use. certainly, it is designed to hold different household objects with handles of different thicknesses. You just need to insert the handle into the slot, the rolling ball will automatically adjust to the thickness of the handle and will grip it securely. Ideally, this garage storage system is ideal for storing brooms, mops, sports equipment, and other long-handled tools.

You can use this mob holder in the utility room, garage, laundry, offices, garden, and more. Subsequently, each ball can hold the weight of up to 7-1/2 pounds thus ideal for holding even the heavy brooms. In addition, Its clean design and compact sizing make it suitable for saving more space in your room.

Highlighted Features
  • Holds up to 7-1/2 pounds of weight
  • Can hold up to 11 tools
  • Instruction manual is included for easy installation
  • Rolling balls automatically adjust to grip securely
  • Easy release by lifting the handle

#9. Newdora Broom Mop Holder Wall Closet Mounted Broom Organizer

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For the safety of the mob and broom, this is the perfect broom holder that you can try. This wall-mounted Broom and mob holder provides a perfect solution to organize your kitchen, garden, garage, offices, laundry room, or anywhere you want. This unit features rolling balls that automatically adjust to the handle thickness and will grip it securely. In addition to that, it has 6 hooks and 5 ball slots that can be pushed back up if not needed or be pulled down for use- so you can keep your brooms, so, mobs neatly arranged.

Mounting this Mop Holder is super easy as it comes with 6 screws with anchors that are strong enough to hold anything you want to place. A perfect home décor, this broom organizer is sturdy, strong, and weatherproof and offers long service life.

Highlighted Features
  • There are 6 hooks and 5 ball slots
  • Allows easy and fast installation
  • Easy release design
  • Organize home and save space
  • Mop holder is well made with ABS

#8. FITOOL Adjustable Garden Tool Storage System, Wall Mount Garage Storage Organizer

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For long-term services, you can rely on this perfect Garden Tool Storage System. therefore, It is ideal for many kinds of tools, including brooms, rakes, and more. This system has an individual 16-inch storage unit, and you can combine up to 48-inch storage length. Moreover, it is included with 12pcs galvanized steel hooks that have non-slip vinyl-covered prongs that hold the tools perfectly. You can use it in the basement, shed, garage, closet, workshop, or anywhere.

This broom holder features four fixing holes on the ABS rail, which allows easy wall mounting. Other than that, it is included with 12 dowels and 12 screws. Its quality construction will definitely offer years of service. The overall product measures 30 mm x114 mm x 20mm.

Highlighted Features
  • Has 12pcs galvanized steel hooks
  • Ideal for many kinds of tools including brooms and rakes
  • Includes mounting accessories
  • 4 fixing holes on the abs rail
  • Measures around 430 mm x114 mm x20mm

#7. Imillet Wall Mounted Broom and Mop Holder with 6 Hooks and 5 Ball Slots (Gray)

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Do you need a versatile and strong holder for mops and brooms that you can rely on for convenient storage? If yes, this broom holder by Imillet has 6 hooks and 5 ball slots perfect for organizing your annoying cleaning tools. The rolling rubber ball has a special spring clips design that ensures that the mob and broom will not fall out. You can use it to store dirty rakes, stick vacuum, wet mop, and other heavy stuff. Installing this mop and broom holder is very simple as it is included with screws and slots.

Ideally, this mop and broom holder grips everything securely and tightly. Each rolling can hold broom up to 6.5 pounds of weight. Other than that, this unit is constructed from high-quality ABS materials making it durable and will serve you for a long time. You can use this product to organize most stuff in your home.

Highlighted Features
  • 6 hooks and 5 ball slots design
  • Wide compatible to everywhere
  • Made of high-quality abs materials
  • Each rolling ball holds up to 6.5 pounds
  • Easy to install with slots and screws

#6. Comfecto Multipurpose Mop Broom Holder with 6 Hook and 5 Positions, eBook Included

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To keep your brooms safely, this is a perfect Mop Broom Holder that can suit you better. It is going to tidy up your messy rakes, mop, broom, tools in the garage or kitchen while preventing them from getting smelly and moldy. in addition, This broom holder has 6 hooks and 5 friction grips to hold up to 11 tools. hence, You can use it to clamp different sizes of brooms, mops, rakes, heavy shovels, or even your tennis racket.

Whether it is heavy shovels or wet mop, nothing will slip off as this mop broom holders can hold up to 35 pounds capacity. Thanks to its double rubber gripped and spring-loaded slots. Something else, this mob broom holder is constructed from sturdy ABS materials that ensure superior durability. Finally, this unit only requires five minutes to install.

Highlighted Features
  • Has 6 hooks and 5 friction grips
  • 5 minutes installation
  • Has 35 pounds holding capacity
  • Made of super sturdy abs materials
  • Strong grip clamps different sizes of rakes and mops

#5. Imillet Broom and Mop Holder with 6 Hooks and 5 Ball Slots (Double pack)

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The number of storage positions and hooks on the holder determines how many mobs and brooms you can keep on the holder. Imillet broom holder is a unique storage system as it is included with 6 hooks and 5 ball slots to organize your annoying cleaning tools in a small space. Its spring-loaded clips have a rolling rubber ball that ensures that the mob and broom do not fall out. You can use it to organize items including stick vacuum, dirty rakes, wet mop, and other heavy stuff.

This storage system is widely compatible anywhere, including your office, laundry, kitchen, garden, garage, and more. It is going to grip everything securely and tightly where each rolling ball can hold weight up to 6.5 pounds and hold 11 tools in total. So, Screws and slots are included making it easy to install.

Highlighted Features
  • 6 hook and 5 ball slots design
  • Wide compatible with everywhere
  • Holds up to 6.5 pounds of weight
  • Easy install and included with detailed installation guide
  • It is strong and sturdy

#4. TOGU Broom and Mop Holder for Garage Weatherproof Holder, Gray

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Here is another sturdy and heavy-duty wall mount broom holder that you can use in the workshop or garage. above these, It is a multifunctional Mop Holder with 4 retractable hooks and 3 positions to hold up to 7 brooms allowing your home to look neat. Something else, you can hang the tools to any height to prevent overcrowding or congestion, and still, the tools will not slide down. This weatherproof holder provides enough durability and strength to hold your items.

The rolling ball can automatically rotate and adjusts to the handle’s thickness to give tight grips and the middle of the black part of the rolling ball has a flexible glue material that protects the materials from scratch. therefore, this Mop Holder supports up to 22lbs on the wall making it ideal for dirty rakes, wet mops, baseball bats, and more.

Highlighted Features
  • 3 positions with 4 retractable hooks
  • Super easy to install
  • Support to hold up 22lbs on the wall
  • Hooks hold up to 7 tools
  • The rolling ball automatically adjusts grips rakes securely

#3. Ultrawall 12PCS Hanger Tool Organizer Garage Storage System

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Here is another versatile and top-rated broom holder that you will find ideal for garage, office, garden, kitchen, and more. It is suitable for organizing your tools such as umbrellas, robes, towels, bags, bikes, push brooms, shovels, rain boots, etc. This hanger tool is made of powder-coated steel, making it durable and it is going to resist cracking, chipping and rusting. It can support weight up to 800 lbs. and can hold up to 12 pieces, including different styles of hooks.

You can easily and quickly snap your tools securely into place on the mounting rails. Other than that, this storage system is very easy to install and comes with heavy-duty mounting hardware. Above all, this product is offered with a one-year manufacture’s warranty.

Highlighted Features
  • Suitable for organizing all kinds of tools
  • Made of powder-coated steel for durability
  • 12pc garage storage system
  • Can hold up to 800 lbs.
  • Offered with 1- year manufacturer’s warranty

#2. Esup Broom and Mop Holder for Your Closet (6 Hooks and 5 Ball Slots)

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For affordable and cost-effective broom holders, this is a perfect pick that you will never want to miss. in addition, it is a multifunctional Broom and mop holder with 6 folding hooks and 5 slip-resistant hanging slots ideal for hanging baseball bats, mop, broom, and any lightweight item that you want to be out of your way. therefore, this product has 35-pound hanging capacity allowing your brooms to stay secure whether they hang upside down or straight down.

This storage rack is specifically designed for laundry, utility room, kitchen, gardening, and more. It is going to tidy up your rakes, mop, broom, and more. Subsequently, this mob holder, it is going to save space, keep your work and living environment clear of clutter while keeping your garage, hardware, sports, cleaning, and kitchen tools neatly stored.

Highlighted Features
  • Multi-function mop and broom rack
  • 35 pounds hanging weight capacity
  • Has 6 folding hooks and 5 hanging slots
  • Easy install and includes all the anchors and screws needed
  • Keep your living and working space clear of clutter

#1. Berry Ave Broom Holder Garden Tool Organizer and Wall Mount Garage Organizer

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To easily tidy up all your mops, brooms, and tools, this is a reliable Tool Organizer that you need to try out. It features 5 wide Auto-adjustable Slots that automatically adjust to each handle thickness for a non-slip and secure grip. It also has 6 Retractable Hooks that hold any smaller cleaning supplies such as dusters, gloves, dustpans, brushes, rags, spray bottles, and more. This tool organizer can be mounted on the wall of your office, shed, garage, closet storage, kitchen, or any other place.

It is included with all anchors and screws needed to mount the shelf securely. It is designed to fit any size of mops and brooms comfortably. This commercial-grade hanger has double rubber gripped slots making it perfect for keeping baseball bats, dirty rakes, and wet mops.

Highlighted Features
  • Has 35-pound holding capacity
  • Ridiculously easy to install
  • 6 retractable hooks and 5 adjustable slots
  • Perfect for indoors or outdoors use
  • Hold mop or rake handles up to 1.25-inches

Broom Holders Buying Guide

Number of Hooks and Ball Slots: For better storing and keeping more items, you can consider a holder that comes with more hooks and ball slots. Following this, you can easily keep all the mops and brooms in place. Some broom holder has up to six hooks and five ball slots to accommodate up to eleven tools.

Maximum Weight Capacity: After looking at the appropriate holder with more hooks and slots, you also need to look at the weight of an easy slot that can accommodate. Get the one that accommodates more than about 7.5 pounds of weight capacity on each slot. This makes it ideal for different items such as rakes, brooms, mobs, and more.

Set-Up: Get a broom holder that is easy to set-up, and the process of installing should take the least time possible. in addition, Ensure that the product comes with the screws and anchors needed for installation. Other than that, go for one that is highly versatile and highly versatile.


These are some of the best-selling and high-quality brooms holder that you can find on the market today. therefore, They are ideal for use in the workshop, kitchen, garage, among other places. They are great to hold a number of tools like mops and rakes, among others. In addition to that, they are simple to install as you get the screws and anchors needed for installation. Don’t wait for any more, order one today.

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