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Top 10 Best Crystal Chandeliers in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

For a classic and elegant lighting system in your space, you need to get the best crystal chandeliers. They don’t just illuminate the room but also add a touch of glamour to it. They are expensive-looking, making them stunningly beautiful. There are several designs that you can choose from. However, we have several factors you need to put into consideration. The quality of the crystals determines the durability of a chandelier.

Genuine crystals last longer than the acrylic ones. Secondly, these chandeliers come with an adjustable hanging chain that adapts to low, high, and sloping ceiling. Similarly, we love the versatile ambience that enables it to brighten a large area. Moreover, they are available in numerous designs and sizes allowing you to pick the model that meets your needs. Below is a list of some of the best models to consider while shopping for the best crystal chandelier for your home.

List of 10 Best Crystal Chandeliers in 2020

#10. KunMai Retro Rustic Sculpted Wood Chandelier

KunMai Retro Rustic Sculpted Wood Chandelier

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For any midcentury modern style lover, KunMai Retro Sculpted Wood chandelier will suit your home perfectly. The classic design will add a charm of elegance and sophistication wherever you place it. This make is a perfect pick for your kitchen, dining room, living room, hallway as well as your bedroom. You can also use it to adorn your stairway, balcony, as well as resto.

Another notable feature is the adjustable hanging chain. This will enable you to focus the light where you need it, making it ideal for both high and low ceilings. This six-light chandelier works with energy-saving incandescent bulbs for enhanced performance. For enhanced performance, this unit also comes with a corrosion-resistant metal frame with a nice glossy finish, making it stand out.

Highlighted Features
  • Six light chandelier with a retro design to bring a charming appearance to your room
  • All mounting instruction included making it super easy to install
  • The new updated design looks brilliant in any room
  • Comes with an adjustable pendant fixture

#9. Mirrea Vintage Crystal Chandeliers

Mirrea Vintage Crystal Chandeliers

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The mirrea Vintage Crystal Chandeliers brings a casual drama in your dining room or living room. It blends modern functionality and retro design to offer a stunning focal point wherever you install it. The model works with standard candelabra bulbs that add vintage characters to your interiors. We also love the premium metal frame that ensures optimal durability and reliability.

As expected, this unit also comes with an adjustable hanging chain that allows for a simple position. This also makes it a perfect pick for both high and low ceilings. Another excellent feature is that it installs easily in preexisting connection ports for normal light fixtures. This means you don’t have to worry about an extra wiring job. Moreover, this unit is super easy to install as it included a detailed guide as well as all the necessary tools.

Highlighted Features
  • Boasts of retro design with modern functionality
  • The installation complies with all US electric code
  • Versatile design makes it super easy to install
  • Features a powder-coated frame for enhanced performance

#8. Hykolity 17 inch Chandelier Ceiling Light

Hykolity 17 inch Chandelier Ceiling Light

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Hykolity Chandelier Ceiling Light adds elegance to your space, thanks to its top-grade multifaceted glass teardrops. Its classy design allows you to use it in any of your rooms, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. Therefore you can, use it to add décor to your space. You need not worry about your ceiling height, since it has an adjustable height. This chandelier also comes with a chain, through which you can hang it on your ceiling. You can fix up to 4E 12 base bulbs of 60 watts.

Its broad compatibility further allows you to use dimmable bulbs and switch with this chandelier. You require no special skills or too much time to fix it, as it is easy and fast to install. It also contains all the necessary set-up hardware in its package. Therefore, you get to save money that you would otherwise spend if you had to buy the hardware separately.

Highlighted Features
  • Multifaceted glass teardrop construction for elegance
  • Adjustable height for easy installation
  • Has a hanging chain
  • Compatible with various bulbs and switches

#7. Kira Home Briolette Modern Chic Chandelier

Kira Home Briolette Modern Chic Chandelier

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Kira chandelier features a contemporary design that goes well with any room décor. Its drum shade makes it to install, thereby eliminating set-up hassles. The chandelier will look good in any of your rooms since it has an intricate, versatile design. Faceted crystals on its lattice design give it a classy look that further improves your room décor. You can fix up to four bulbs of up to 60 watts to provide enough illumination on your space.

The compatible bulbs include incandescent, LED, and CFL, providing you with various options. The metal material construction will not wear out quickly, thereby giving the chandelier a long service life. A UL certification assures you that the chandelier is of high quality, giving you quality control. It uses a hardwired power source and produces a maximum of 60 watts and 120 volts. You will achieve maximum illumination of your vertical space, thanks to its downlight direction.

Highlighted Features
  • Drum shade for easy installation
  • Intricate versatile design
  • Metal material construction
  • Compatible with Incandescent, LED and CFL bulbs

#6. Bestier Modern Pendant Chandelier

Bestier Modern Pendant Chandelier

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If you are looking for a chandelier with long-lasting beauty, consider the Bestier chandelier. It features a crystal glass design that never, chips nor fades. It also does not tarnish even after extended use. A shiny crystal tube gives it a beautiful appearance that will also add decor to your room. The adjustable chain allows you to use it on any ceiling of any height. This chain makes it easy to install, as all you need is hanging it on your ceiling.

The chain has a canopy with a chrome finish for added glamour and durability. You will require purchasing three E12 bulbs to use on the chandelier since they are not included in the package. The chandelier is compatible with various bulbs, including dimmable, energy-saving, LED, and Halogen. Additionally, you can install it in any room, thanks to its versatile, attractive design.

Highlighted Features
  • Fade and chip-free crystal glass design
  • Crystal tube for added elegance
  • Adjustable hanging chain
  • Instant power-on feature

#5. Saint Mossi Modern K9 Crystal Chandelier

Saint Mossi Modern K9 Crystal Chandelier

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This Saint Mossi chandelier uses genuine crystals that guarantee high-end as well as durable quality. You can test if the crystals are real by burning it.TheK9 crystal droplets alongside ACRYLIC star decoration provide splendid sparkles. The seven GU10 Bulbs provide quality lighting and are compatible with an LED bulb saving you shopping time and energy. This great ceiling fixture has a solid superior material construction increasing its durability. The clear crystal raindrops and stainless steel guarantee their quality. This is lighting you can always depend on.

If you have a high ceiling, then these 71 inches in height chandelier is the way to go. It is relatively easy to install; however, full assembly is required, taking time and effort. The chrome surface of the ceiling has a layer of PE film to prevent scratching. You will have to unwrap it to reveal the actual surface. A pair of gloves is provided to protect you from cutting your hands while installing.

Highlighted Features
  • Its height makes it suitable for high ceilings
  • Genuine crystals are used in the construction
  • Has an elegant raindrop design
  • Gives bright light from 7 GU10 Bulbs

#4. 7 PM Modern Linear Crystal Chandelier

7 PM Modern Linear Crystal Chandelier

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This 7 PM Modern Linear Crystal Chandelier is something that you don’t want to miss. This high-quality rectangular chandelier measures 80cm by 20cm, providing lighting to large rooms. This light is durable thanks to the top K9 clear crystal that has been used to make it. The canopy and frame have a polished chrome stainless steel construction that is durable serving you for years. One of this chandelier’s best features is that it is compatible with most of the E12 bulb. It works well with LED dimmable bulbs that are adjustable to suit your taste in brightness.

It is further ideal for commercial and household spaces thanks to the seven-40W bulbs used. However, you will have to purchase the bulbs separately as they are omitted. While mounting it, you get to choose how low it hangs because the pendant wire is adjustable. If you are looking for a sparkly chandelier even when the lights are not on, this one is just it.

Highlighted Features
  • Polished chrome stainless steel canopy and frame
  • Uses seven bright E12 bulbs
  • Fully dimmable with deem bulbs
  • Bright enough to light large rooms

#3. CRYSTOP Rectangle Crystal Chandeliers

CRYSTOP Rectangle Crystal Chandeliers

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CRYSTOP Rectangle Crystal Chandeliers is made of glittering clear crystals. Unlike some of the other brands, this chandelier is made of real and genuine crystals. If you have, any doubts about its quality burn it over a candle. It is the only way to distinguish it from acrylics. It works five light bulbs with 40W max wattage per bulb. The best thing is that it is compatible with most E12 bulbs.

This showstopper chandelier is easy to mount. It only takes an hour tops, as its mounting is straightforward, thanks to the package’s manual. However, the bulbs are not included; you will, have to purchase them separately. Add a touch of class to your rooms by getting yourself this elegant and expensive-looking chandelier.

Highlighted Features
  • The mounting plate has a stainless steel construction
  • The crystal is genuine
  • Has a beautiful and elegant design
  • The bulbs provide bright lighting in big houses

#2. OSAIRUOS Vintage Crystal Chandeliers

OSAIRUOS Vintage Crystal Chandelier

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Forget complicated installation, the OSAIROUS vintage crystal chandelier pushes bars to new heights thanks to the simple yet functional design that is easy to install. As expected, this unit comes with a sturdy frame and six clear crystal lights that evoke a timeless feeling in your living room, kitchen, dining room as well as the bedroom.

This model will add the right amount of texture and allure to your room instantly. The clear crystals allow for even light distribution that enables you to create a warm and romantic ambiance. Some of the other features that make this model stand out to include dimmable halogen bulbs, adjustable hanging chain, as well as the glossy black coated metal frame.

Highlighted Features
  • The exquisite design evokes a timeless look
  • Works with energy-saving halogen bulbs
  • Perfect for low, high and sloped ceiling
  • Looks great in your living room, kitchen, bedroom among other spaces

#1. Generic Island Lights Crystals Chandelier

Generic Island Lights Crystals Chandelier

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If you are tired of replacing your bulbs now and then and you would like something that gives your home a modern look, then this is it. This LED crystal chandelier is a classic choice that you can use in any room. It looks great in your living room, dining room, and kitchen as well as on your hallway. Besides giving your home a luxurious feel, this unit is energy efficient.

This means you will never have to worry about expensive energy bills at the end of the month. Equally, we love the budget-friendly price, making it affordable for most users. More importantly, this unit is made from pure glass and crystal materials that give it a pristine and glossy look for many years. Additionally, this unit comes with all the necessary installation tools making it super easy to install.

Highlighted Features
  • The adjustable hanging chain is adjustable to suit both high and low ceilings
  • Comes in high-quality construction while remaining affordable
  • It doesn’t consume a lot of power
  • It provides bright light anywhere in your home

Crystal Chandeliers Buying Guide

We have numerous chandeliers on the market that comes in different designs, sizes, and construction materials. Therefore, it is crucial to find a model that suits your needs. Below are some of the features to consider when going for the best crystal chandeliers.

Chandelier Size: As with any other items, crystal chandelier also comes in a different size. Before making your choice, it is important to consider the size of the room. This will enable you to pick a model that is proportional to the room’s size. By so doing, you will also get sufficient ambiance from your chandelier.

The Style: Next, it is crucial to consider the style of the chandeliers. We have modern styles that feature only hanging crystals with no visible frame except the hanging chain. We also have the retro-styled chandelier that comes with a metal frame that supports the crystal light. Here it will depend on your budget and the look that you want to achieve.

Power Consumption: Additionally, you also need to consider the power consumption. Obviously, you should go for a model that is energy efficient. This will enable you to lower the energy bill at the end of the month. While this is so, it is still important to ensure that the chandelier provides enough light for your rooms.


The best crystal chandelier will bring an instant transition to your interior. Combining modern charm and excellent performance, these chandeliers will enable you to achieve exactly what you need. They are elegant, contemporary, and easy to hang regardless of your ceiling. Take your time to go through the various models on the market and pick the model that suits you. Best of luck!



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