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Top 10 Best Dash Dusters in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Anyone who has possession of a motor vehicle can agree that their car can get really dusty and dirty, really quick, both interior and exterior. Cars, like homes, need frequent cleaning. The worst is the dirt that accumulates on them. This dust and dirt cannot be easily wiped off using an ordinary cleaning cloth or disposable wipes. With the right dash duster, keeping your car super clean & looking brand new is much possible. In general terms, dash dusters eliminate layers of pollen, dust, and other foreign particles without tampering with car polish, paint, or any interior material.

Nevertheless, choosing the right model has become tedious since various dash duster models exist out there. But by considering the buyer’s guide and listed product below, selecting the right model which suit your specific need is possible. In all honesty, this list will definitely assist you in your decision making. Let’s look at dash dusters.

List of Best Dash Dusters in 2020

#10. Lorpect 3-Pack Microfiber Dash Duster

 Lorpect 3-Pack Microfiber Dash Duster

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This dash duster from Lorpect includes three retractable brushes in purple, pink, and Mei red. Besides, this dash duster can easily access hard to reach. The microfiber strands collect dust without leaving marks or scratches on surfaces.

On top of that, this dash duster is made of a durable, soft, and washable polyester. And the dash duster’s rod is constructed with unbreakable and stainless steel. What’s more, the 360° Rotation duster head is detachable and machine or hand washable.

Reasons to Buy
  • Its microfiber cleaning tool adopts anti-slippery yet soft plastic handle construction with non-scratchy and anti-static design.
Highlighted Features
  • An extendable feather duster
  • 360° rotation dash duster head
  • It is made of durable, soft, and washable polyester
  • Three retractable brushes included
  • Unbreakable comfort handle
  • Telescoping extension pole

#9. Wemaker [Upgrade] Multi-Functional Dash Duster

Wemaker [Upgrade] Multi-Functional Dash Duster

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Coming ninth in this compilation is the Wemaker dash duster that uses ultra-fine fiber material to make its waxing brush bristles.  Such material is perfectly used in wiping optical lenses. Along with that, it’s a multifunctional and high-grade duster for waxing, dusting, cleaning, and washing.  Another good thing with this dash duster is its ergonomic design. Luckily, it has a removable and super long life cotton brush head that allows for repeated cleaning and easy cleaning.

Moreover, the handle itself is made of tough and high-strength engineering plastics. It includes an engineering plastic handle, nano-fiber-line, and canvas package set that make the brush soft and firm.  Lastly, it is the best car accessory and a good choice for room, car, and home cleaning dust. It also helps clean glass windows and doors, computers, offices, cabinets, and mural.

Reasons to Buy
  • The ultra-fine fiber material is used to make its waxing brush bristles. This ultra-fine fiber material is perfectly used in wiping optical lenses.
Highlighted Features
  • Weighs 2.39 ounces
  • Come in ergonomic design
  • Multifunctional and high-grade tool
  • Waxing brush bristles are made of ultra-fine fiber material
  • High-strength engineering plastic handle

#8. IPELY 2-Pack Dash Duster

IPELY 2-Pack Dash Duster

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The dash duster from IPELY is compact and lightweight. It has a soft, comfortable, and non-slip grip handle that can be easily operated or comfortably fit in your palm. In addition to that, its fuller and bigger microfiber head make wiping dust and dirty fast, efficient and easy.

Equally important, its compact and lightweight microfiber string works well when it comes to trapping and lifting dust. These strings will not streak or scratch your computer, car, and household goods like shelves, ceiling fans, appliances, windows, boats, difficult-to-reach areas, and RVs.

Reasons to Buy
  • The car dash dusting tool is 30 cm long with microfiber string for trapping and lifting dust without scratching or streaking your car.
Highlighted Features
  • Compact and lightweight microfiber strings
  • Weighs 5.6 ounces
  • Comfortable, soft, non-slip comfortable grip handle
  • Fuller and bigger microfiber head for efficient cleaning
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#7. TAKAVU Interior Car Detail Dash Duster

TAKAVU Interior Car Detail Dash Duster

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Whether you’re driving a brand new car right off the display floor area, restored that classic car your elder left you, you need to maintain your car in its beautiful and clean looking. This can never be possible without the use of the TAKAVU premium dash duster. Unlike disposable wipes, this premium chenille duster will endlessly keep your car interior looking gorgeous.

Additionally, car dash duster traps & locks away debris and dirt in just one pass to make sure your bike or vehicle looks great. With electrostatic microfiber chenille, you will rest assured that the dust is eliminated.

Reasons to Buy
  • A Money-back guarantee is allowed if the TAKAVU microfiber dash duster does not last longer or fails to meet your expectations.
Highlighted Features
  • Electrostatic microfiber chenille for perfect dust removal
  • 100% risk-free purchase
  • 360° Microfiber Fingers
  • It’s the ideal addition to your kit of detailing tools
  • It has a 10-inches dusting head
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Has unbreakable Comfort Handle

#6. O-Cedar Dual-Action Dash Duster Set

O-Cedar Dual-Action Dash Duster Set

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Coming at position six is a dual-action car dash duster set from O-Cedar. This set includes dust drying fluffy duster, flexible chenille, and deep cleaning microfiber duster. Another nice thing about this dusting set is that it uses thousands of microscopic fiber grab and hold dust and dirt and moisture. Apart from that, the fluffy duster also removes dirt and dirt particles.

Additionally, you can use a machine to wash both microfiber duster and chenille. A telescopic handle is also an added feature of this dash duster. This handle extends from 24” to 49”.

Reasons to Buy
  • It has an adjustable handle to help the user access hard-to-reach places. This dash duster adopts microscopic fibers technology to grab moisture, dirt, and dust.
Highlighted Features
  • Machine washable microfiber duster and bendable chenille for deep cleaning
  • Adjustable handle range: 24” to 49”
  • Uses microscopic fibers technology
  • Fluffy duster for removing dirt and dust particles

#5. The Original California 62447-8B Mini Dash Duster

 The Original California 62447-8B Mini Dash Duster

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Grab this dash dusters from The Original California Car Duster and wipe your car clean! And to start with, this mini dash duster effectively and quickly cleans various household surfaces like mini blinds, wood, shutters, and appliances. The dash duster is non-toxic and safe, useful for automotive and home, and designed for years of application.

What’s more, it has special treated paraffin wax cotton strands for lifting dust off easily. Apart from that, its wax-treated fibers can easily collect dirt and dust without scratching. Lastly, its mop and handle measures 12-inches long.

Reasons to Buy
  • Unlike ordinary dusters, this mini dash duster has strands that collect dust instead of flying in the air.
Highlighted Features
  • Special paraffin wax-treated fiber strands
  • Wipe dusty surfaces effectively and quickly
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Wax-treated fibers perfectly collect dust without scratching
  • Use on appliances, shutters, mini blinds, and more
  • Useful for both automotive and home
  • Mop and handle measure 12-inches long

#4. Carrand AutoSpa 97372AS Car Detail Duster Duster

Carrand AutoSpa 97372AS Car Detail Duster Duster

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This dash duster by Carrand understands the need for functionality, innovation, design, and quality required in cleaning and dusting. It is a detailed duster for cleaning the car’s interior. Also, it removes road grime and brake dust while keeping your tires brighter for longer. AutoSpa’s soft-tools flexibility and wash wheel unit allows you to access the car wheels’ inner part having a dual-sided design for deep clean scrubbing and super suds washing.

To sum up, this duster has a comfortable molded handle and long chenille microfiber. It is lightweight, weighing 1.6 ounces only.

Reasons to Buy
  • The dash duster is made of professional-grade and super quality that makes it deliver superior results.
Highlighted Features
  • Comfortable molded handle
  • Weighs 1.6 ounces
  • Grabs dust from any side
  • Long chenille microfiber
  • Ideal for pockets and cup holders
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#3. Relentless Drive Dash Duster

 Relentless Drive Dash Duster

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Say no to a dusty dashboard with ultimate dash duster from the relentless drive. This is a multipurpose dash duster for home and vehicle interior use. Apart from that, it has a 10-inches dusting head that is large enough to remove dust easily. Equally important, it is a professional detailing tool with an unbreakable comfort handle for better application.

Furthermore, it saves you time and makes your dashboard shine. This dash duster replaces any sprays and wipes as well. The right size for virtually any spot that needs dusting! And ultimately, this dash duster is perfect for exterior or interior use! You can use it to wipe Home, automobile, RV, or Motorcycle! Also, its electrostatic microfiber chenille ensures that dust is eliminated.

Reasons to Buy
  • Has electrostatic microfiber chenille, which ensures that all dash dust is completely eliminated.
Highlighted Features
  • Great for exterior or interior use
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Has 10-inches dusting head
  • It has an unbreakable comfort handle

#2. OXO Good Grips Microfiber Hand Duster

. OXO Good Grips Microfiber Hand Duster

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Next in this compilation is OXO good grips dash dusters. Firstly, no cleaning chemicals are required since this microfiber hand duster traps and easily holds dirt and dust. On top of that, this double-sided dash duster has an elastic head with fluffy, long fibers, which get into crannies and nooks and can get rid of dust from substances with the light touch.

Further, the dust duster’s slim profile will always fit in tight areas, and its head covers a wide surface area with every swipe. Equally important, to clean its microfiber head, you need to unsnap it slowly from the duster. And for better results, use cold water to wash without bleach or fabric softener and don’t dry it using heat. The dash duster is machine-washable.

Reasons to Buy
  • Its slim profile allows easy maneuvering around or in tight spaces. Also, it has a comfortable, soft, and non-slip grip.
Highlighted Features
  • Weighs 4.41 Ounces
  • Replacement head available
  • Dry without using heat
  • The microfiber head wipes a wide surface area with every swipe
  • Comfortable, soft, non-slip grip
  • Traps and holds dirt

#1. Swiffer 360 Dash Dusters

Swiffer 360 Dash Dusters

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The 360 dash duster by Swiffer is uniquely designed to trap and lock dust from any direction. It is specially coated with fibers that grab onto dust firmly. Additionally, this dash duster is compatible with any Swiffer dash dusters extendable handle and Swiffer dash duster short handle.

What’s more, it is suitable for knick-knacks in the office or home, dusting furniture, dusting electronics, blinds, and ceiling fans. It also helps in cleaning the car interior.  Uniquely, it has a feather duster for removing the inanimate allergen from dust mite matter and dog and cat dander.

Reasons to Buy
  • The 360 degrees of expressly coated fibers trap allergens and dust.
Highlighted Features
  • Uniquely designed for trapping plus locking dust
  • Weighs 5.44 Ounces
  • Feather duster for removing inanimate allergens
  • Comes in 11 count

Best Dash Duster Buying Guide

Material: The material used in making a dash duster plays a major role in how functional it can be. For instance, a cotton dash duster head is more effective and does not cause scratches, unlike a plastic bristle head. Consequently, look keenly at the quality of material for both the handle and the duster head.

Interior vs. exterior surface: If you’re in search of an interior dash duster, consider car air vent mini dash duster for would possibly make sense for you. On the other hand, if you’re in pursuit of something specifically for cleaning the exterior, the microfiber dash duster is an ideal choice. In all honesty, the products listed below are best suited for both exterior and interior, so make a choice based on your personal needs.

Shape: The dash duster’s shape can differ from flat to round. It’s advisable considering, based on your need.

Duster Size: Dash dusters differ in size from compact to extra-large. Compact dash dusters are suitable for interior detailing. Though, vehicle owners must have at least a single large duster for dusting off the exterior surface. So consider the dimensions without speculating about it.


When cleaning your car, you need to buy a dash duster from the list above. These dusters will help to keep your car’s dash clean. Also, a well-cleaned car will make you proud of driving it. Any of the dash dusters above will help you maintain your vehicle clean all the time. Depending on the dust’s quantity you want to wipe, you can certainly opt for any of these dusters.

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