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Top 10 Best DJ Controllers in 2024 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

by Daniel Jo

Both professional and amateur DJs can agree that you require the best entertainment tools to connect with your audience at another level. One such tool is a DJ controller. It provides quality music mixing as well as amazing sound effects. Thus, it brings life to the party by ensuring everyone is entertained by good music.

Purchasing a DJ controller can be a hard task. This is because there are numerous brands available in the market. We did extensive research and came up with a product review of the Top 10 Best DJ controllers in 2024 to help you the next time you are out shopping.

List of Best DJ controllers in 2024

#10. Pyle 6 Channel Digital DJ Controller

Pyle 6 Channel Digital DJ Controller

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The first product on our list is this DJ controller by Pyle. It is Bluetooth compatible. As a result, the controller allows you to play music from various devices including smartphones, iPad, or Android phones wirelessly. The controller will allow for voice upgrading. This means that you can manipulate the voice with various controls including bass, pitch, and mid. It also features a kill switch. The switch is convenient for canceling specific frequencies from the two microphone inputs. This adds special audio effects to the voice.

It has an easy and simple remixing meaning that you don’t need to be a professional DJ to use this controller. Typically, this controller allows for convenient changing from one source, channel, or multiple channels making it very practical. Get full audio control with this six-channel mixer. It features a ten-band equalizer, delay, echo, digital audio effects, and repeat modes. The construction materials used to make the controller are of high quality ensuring its durability.

Highlighted Features
  • It is Bluetooth compatible
  • Bass mic and mid controls
  • Has a kill switch
  • Provides full sound manipulation
  • Hugh quality audio

#9. Ps Inpulse Hercules Compact DJ Controller

Ps Inpulse Hercules Compact DJ Controller

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This DJ controller is designed for both professional and practicing DJs. It is available in a compact design making it very portable. Again, it comes with DJ software making it worth every cent you spend. Its dual-deck is touch-sensitive making it easy to navigate. The high-capacity jog wheels facilitate vinyl-style cueing and easy mixing. At the same time, they offer simple track browsing without much hustle. It has pitch-bend functions providing high-quality sound functions.

The intelligent music assistant function provides suggestions for suitable music to play matching the events energy capacity. Its eight multicolored light pads make it look awesome. Also, they illuminate the control modes, sampler, and hot cues. It has a beat aligner that serves to show the best direction to turn the jog wheel when mixing.

Highlighted Features
  • Comes in a compact design
  • Has a dual-deck layout
  • Intelligent music assistant
  • Multicolored control modes
  • Has a beat align

#8. Pyle Bluetooth Compatible Wireless DJ Mixer

Pyle Bluetooth Compatible Wireless DJ Mixer

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If you are looking for a convenient means to mix audio, then this DJ controller is your best pick. It is a high-quality 3 channel mixer with perfect sound quality. All the channels come with independent crossfader and volume modifications.  The controller comes in a Bluetooth-compatible design. Therefore, connecting it to your devices won’t be a problem. It comes with Aux input that is switchable between phono and line-level inputs. Ideally, the phono inputs are designed for turntable connections while the line input is made for connecting to CD, tape decks, and media players.

It is Bluetooth compatible meaning that you can comfortably play music from your various devices including phones, pcs, tablets, and iPads. The DJ controller features five input modes. The studio mixer has a microphone one and two gain that provides high-quality sound control and manipulation.

Highlighted Features
  • Has 3 channels
  • Independent volume alterations
  • It is Bluetooth compatible
  • Comes with five inputs
  • o.75-inch headphone jack
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#7. Roland Two-Channel Four-Deck DJ Controller

Roland Two-Channel Four-Deck DJ Controller

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The Rolland DJ controller is another amazing product on our list. It is a two-channel mixer with a four-deck controller. The platters are large ensuring that scratching is optimized during mixing. Its inbuilt drum kits provide an advanced function while mixing audio. It features eight sounds including open hat, clap, rim, tom, closed hat, bass drum, ride, and snare drum sounds. The controller has an onboard sequencer for controlling Serato DJ’s sampler. It is however ideal for creating the on-the-fly beat.

The controller has grab handles making it very easy to carry. Again, it is lightweight and compact making it your ideal mixing companion at any party. It comes with Bluetooth compatibility making it easy to pair with various devices and stream music directly. Lastly, it has an energy consumption rate of 500 mA.

Highlighted Features
  • USB compatibility for connectivity
  • Has 2 channels
  • Inbuilt drum kits
  • Eight sound function
  • It is compact and durable

#6. Ltgem Portable 2-Channel DJ Controller

Ltgem Portable 2-Channel DJ Controller

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Here we have this amazing DJ controller case by Ltgem. It is of high quality. All the construction materials used to make it are durable. Ideally, the EVA material making it shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof. With this case, you can be sure that your DJ controller is safe and sound from impacts in case it falls. It is highly convenient. This is because apart from protecting your controller, it has a hand strap making it very easy to carry. Also, it is compact and lightweight for carrying convenience.

It features dense foam. The foam acts as a buffer to protect the controller from impact. It has a smooth zipper. However, the zipper is strong to provide a better user experience by offering quality protection and access. Not to mention, it is stylish with a velvet accent.

Highlighted Features
  • Strong and durable zippers
  • It is fashionable
  • Shockproof EVA materials
  • Hands strap for easy portability
  • Dense foam for buffer function

#5. Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol DJ Controller

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol DJ Controller

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One feature that makes this DJ controller stand out from the rest is the jog mode function. It provides a classic spinning action as well as improving the scratch capacity. The controller also features a beat grid mode. The mode can be achieved by manually turning the jog wheel. It is a two-channel mixer with an identical deck mode. This is a club-standard DJ controller with high-quality sound mixing. The key Traktor features have fast and easy control.

It comes with sixteen RGB pads ideal for triggering loops, samples, and hot cues. A headphone output is included for increased convenience during mixing. The frequency response for the controller is 20Hz-20kHz. It also features three-band equalizers making it an industry-level standard DJ controller.

Highlighted Features
  • Comes with jog mode
  • Convenient scratch capacity
  • Has 2 channels
  • 20Hz-20kHz frequency response
  • 45 mW output level

#4. Mackie Passive 2×2 Big Knob Monitor Controller

Mackie Passive 2×2 Big Knob Monitor Controller

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Moving on to the next product, we have this DJ controller by Mackie. It features a simple two by two monitor controller. It allows you to choose between two monitors and two sources. You will do this depending on your preference or sound mixing needs. It provides high quality and advanced sound and audio quality. Thus, it is a must-have if you are deep into the entertainment industry or an upcoming DJ.

In addition to that, it has a tank-like design making it look elegant. Apart from the eye-catching look, it is also durable.  The materials used to make it are of high quality making it rough and sturdy. This way, it will not break down easily or wear out even with continuous use. The control knob is large for simplified operation.

Highlighted Features
  • Has 2 monitors
  • Comes with an option of 2 sources
  • High-quality audio
  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Big knob volume adjustments

#3. Pioneer DJ Black DJ Controller

 Pioneer DJ Black DJ Controller

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The Pioneer DJ controller is another high-quality product on our product listing. All the deejaying features on this controller are placed right where you want and need them to be at any time. As a result, it is excruciatingly practical and easy to use.  The padded scratch of the controller provides exceptional scratching when you are mixing. It does this by adding scratching effects to currently playing and cued music. All this is achieved without the need for a turntable. Therefore, it is an efficient and reliable DJ mixer that you can rely on since it will deliver.

The FX fade feature makes mixing a seamless activity. Also, it comes with a five-inch jog wheel. It is made from aluminum ensuring its durability even with continuous or strenuous use. The DJ controller is made from high-quality materials. Finally, the jog wheel has low latency to give you an awesome scratch response.

Highlighted Features
  • Scratch effect function
  • Durable jog wheel
  • It weighs 4.6 pounds
  • High quality and premium make
  • FX fade functionality
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#2. Akai Professional 25 Key Controller With 8 Knobs

Akai Professional 25 Key Controller With 8 Knobs

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Are you into music production or beat making?  If yes, then here is the controller for you. It comes with twenty-five MIDI keyboards with velocity-sensitive functions that are ideal for music and studio production. The controller offers total control during production with its innovative four-way thumbstick. It offers a dynamic pitch and moderation function. Besides that, it comes with an inbuilt arpeggiate that has adjustable range, resolution, and modes.

The controller includes Bluetooth compatibility that provides wireless connectivity with devices including smartphones, pcs, and iPads. It has a three-sixty-degree rotating knob for convenient music tweaking, mixing synth controls, and so on. It is inclusive of a total of six virtual instruments. To conclude, it comes with more than 1500 sounds which is a fraction of the total 2GB content.

Highlighted Features
  • It is USB compatible
  • Virtual synthesizer control
  • Four-way thumbstick
  • Comes with an inbuilt arpeggiator
  • 360-degree adjustable knob

#1. Numark DJ Controller with 2 Decks

Numark DJ Controller with 2 Decks

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Get the party rolling with this DJ controller. It is compatible with PC and Mac computers. The controller is a full DJ system that includes deejaying lights with 3 LED lights. Ideally, the lights auto-adjust to the music. You will love this DJ controller! Further connectivity to the controller is through the 1/8-inch headphone jack. It will come in handy for DJ mixers, personal address systems, and DJ speakers. Not to mention, its sound output is exceptional and fit for any entertainment occasion or party.

Its decks have a jog wheel and a crossfader allowing you to easily access the critical and essential tools to give out high-quality mixing. It places everything you need to bring that party to life at your fingertips. Add flair to the controller performance with the four pad modes. This is because they provide total control over the cue, playback, and looping.

Highlighted Features
  • It is equipped with inbuilt lights
  • 2 channel mixing system
  • 1/8-inch headphone jack
  • Has 2 decks
  • Jog wheel mixing function

Factors to consider when purchasing the Best DJ controller

  • Connectivity: The kind of output you require should be satisfied by the DJ controller. It should be able to provide easy and convenient access. Consider one with Bluetooth connectivity to allow you to stream your music directly. Cross-check all the ports of the controller to ensure that it is exactly what you’re looking for.
  • The use: The application of the DJ controller is another important factor you need to consider. If you are a professional, it is advisable to invest in high quality and durable controller that you can trust to deliver to the maximum. Focus on the crossfader to ensure it is responsive. Also, the jog wheel should provide a top-notch scratching function. A controller for training, on the other hand, should be compact and lightweight.
  • Portability: The size of the DJ controller you purchase will entirely rest on how you want to use it. If you are looking for a professional controller, it will be larger than one which could be used for learning. As such, it would be better to get one that is rugged to ensure durability. Also, you could get a high-quality protective case for the DJ controller to be on the safe side.


A DJ mixer will allow you to manipulate and improve the quality of your music and audio. Whether you need to play your music, entertain audiences, or train for career advancement, a DJ controller has got you covered. Don t break your bank purchasing one. The above products are of high quality and we guarantee superb performance. Get one today from our product listing and experience what it has to offer.  Happy shopping!

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