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Top 10 Best Electric Spin Scrubbers in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

General cleaning has never been made this easier before the invention of electric spin scrubbers. This is because of their outstanding cleaning performance. In addition to that, these spin scrubbers feature flexible bristles for cleaning any surface like wall, sink, floor, tile, window, and tub. Amazing, they are also good at handling tough stains with its powerful spinning brush heads. What’s more, any package may include 3-4 replaceable brush heads together with an ergonomically designed handle. On top of that, these scrubbers also come with a powerful and reliable battery.

Nevertheless, choosing the right electric spin scrubber can be challenging since various models and brands are in the market. But with our buying guide and detailed review, you will rest assured that the electric spin scrubber you will get is what will help you exceed your expectations.

List of 10 Best Electric Spin Scrubbers in 2020

#10. Dcenta Electric Spin Scrubber

Dcenta Electric Spin Scrubber

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Are you still scrubbing with traditional tools and always laborious, time-consuming, and feel tired? This electric spin scrubber from Dcenta is extremely lightweight and cordless. You can use it anywhere to clean your sink, window, tile, tub, and wall without getting tired. On top of that, this Spin Scrubber from Dcenta can make your scrubbing tasks easy and efficient and reduces injury to the opponent’s shoulders and wrist.

What’s more, the scrubber makes scrubbing after effects convenient for children, and adults are environmentally friendly. It includes three brush heads that could help you meet your various cleaning needs.

Highlighted Features
  • Greatly sealed waterproof design
  • It weighs 2.33 pounds
  • Lightweight and cordless for convenience
  • Comes with three brush heads
  • Rotated 360 degrees for efficient cleaning

#9. Getace Electric spin Scrubber

Getace Electric spin Scrubber

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Coming 9th in this list is an electric spin scrubber by Getace. Getace’s cordless spin scrubber includes 21” adjustable stainless steel handle and three replaceable scrubbing brush head for different scrubbing needs. These brush heads have round bristle head that cleans toilet, sink, or bathtub; Flat but extra-wide brush head for cleaning the wall, hard floor, patio furniture; small flat one suitable for scrubbing smaller spots of the grill, stove, and soap scum.

What’s more, these brush heads are made for long-lasting performance. In addition to that, the brush head is also waterproof due to its highly sealed design. The Getace scrubber includes scrubbing brush heads for scrubbing wall, sink, floor, tile, window, and tub. In sum, this spin scrubber is also powered by 2000mAh.

Highlighted Features
  • It weighs 2.6 pounds
  • Waterproof scrubbing brush heads
  • Three packs of brush head replacements
  • Has 21” adjustable stainless steel handle
  • 2000mAh super-powered

#8. C-color Electric Spin Scrubber

C-color Electric Spin Scrubber

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The C-color Electric Spin Scrubber is a new spin scrubber that adopts PC plus ABS material. It is an innovative combination of 14W, 3.7V, 2000mAh, power storage capacity that makes it operational for one hour continuously. On top of that, it helps free homemakers from the tedious housework, making house chore fun.

What’s more, this spin scrubber also contains three different replaceable brush heads and extension arm, ideal for cleaning bathroom, tile, tub, and wall to scrub up stains. Lastly, it is also designed with safety in mind. The 5h is its charging time. Its waterproof design makes it the safest product ever.

Highlighted Features
  • It comes with one extension arm
  • Intimate waterproof design
  • It weighs 2.49 pounds
  • Has three replaceable brush heads for scrubbing
  • Charging time: 5h
  • Made of PC plus ABS material

#7. MECO Cordless Electric Spin Scrubber

MECO Cordless Electric Spin Scrubber

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MECO’s cordless electric spin scrubber is a better option for its ergonomically designed handle, making cleaning easier. This cordless power scrubber brings convenience and comfort when cleaning. Also, it features three replaceable scrubbing brush heads for scrubbing wall, sink, floor, tile, window, and tub.

Then again, its inbuilt rechargeable 2200MHA battery makes it rotate 360-degrees at a speed of 350 RPM for quick scrubbing and improved cleaning efficiency. This cordless scrubber can serve you for one hour after 5-hours of quick charging. And lastly, this MECO spin scrubber is indeed a suitable gift for beloved family and friends.

Highlighted Features
  • Noise: 70dB
  • Includes 100-240V, 50/60Hz AC adapter
  • It weighs 0.98 pound
  • Inbuilt rechargeable 2200MHA battery
  • Has three brush heads for different cleaning needs
  • An ergonomically designed handle for efficient cleaning
  • Waterproof due to its highly sealed design
  • Has battery charging time of 4-5 hours
  • 350 RPM 360 degrees rotation speed

#6. Kikunum Cordless electric Spin Scrubber

Kikunum Cordless electric Spin Scrubber

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Say Goodbye to abrasive and harsh cleaners with this spin scrubber from Kikunum. This cleaning tool can be used as a cleaner and scrubber. The spin scrubber normally works through grime, mildew, and soap scum. Its flexible bristles penetrate crevices, shower tracks, corners, and cracks with maximum effectiveness! On top of that, this scrubber performs multiple cleaning tasks.

You can use it outdoor and indoors. Its automatic cleaning technique makes it perfect for bathtub, sink bowls, toilets, tiles, windows curves, door slots. Also, it cleans car mats and tires. Powerful and lightweight, this scrubber from Kikunum makes your task easy. Finally, the packages include an AC adapter, corner brush head, dome brush head, flat brush head, and electric scrubber itself.

Highlighted Features
  • Long extension handle included
  • Comes with flexible bristles
  • Lightweight and powerful
  • It offers automatic cleaning
  • Includes AC adapter
  • It weighs 2.59 pounds

#5. FRUITEAM Cordless Electric Spin Scrubber

FRUITEAM Cordless Electric Spin Scrubber

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FRUITEAM spin scrubber is durability made with safety in mind. It even provides three replaceable, safe brush heads design together with one extension arm, making your cleaning comfortable and delightful with its durable material and reliable craftsmanship. In addition to that, this spin scrubber is made of upgraded ABS+PC material, which made it durable and reliable. Also, its three detachable brush heads make it ideal for cleaning up stains.

What’s more, it runs on 14W 3.7V, 2000mAh power. This power can operate this scrubber for 1 hour. Again, its waterproof and safety design make it versatile. Lastly, it has a charging time of 5 hours.

Highlighted Features
  • Has one extension rod
  • Includes three detachable brush heads
  • 5 hours charging time
  • Has waterproof design

#4. YOUKADA Cordless Electric Spin Scrubber

YOUKADA Cordless Electric Spin Scrubber

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This electric spin scrubber from YOUKADA is durable, reliable, and safe. It adopts ergonomic design and traditional design method and classic and traditional appearance design to deliver the most effective cleaning appliance. Along with that, YOUKADA Cleaning Brush features a top-class waterproof design to provide you with the safest experience.

What’s more, it accepts the perfect combination for you. It also matches three varied brushes to tackle various tasks.  Lastly, this cordless scrubber also comes with a cleaning brush for the living room, bathroom, and kitchen.

Highlighted Features
  • 100% warranty for a year
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Adopts classic and traditional appearance design
  • Charging time: 5 hours
  • Come in ergonomic design
  • It is durable, reliable, and safe

#3. WiMiUS Upgraded Electric Spin Scrubber


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The WiMiUS electric spin scrubber is cost-effective with a 1-year warranty. Also, it comes in a highly sealed design, which makes it safe and waterproof. With its high-speed pressure-bearing design, it continuously rotates while cleaning stubborn stains.  On top of that, it runs on rechargeable batteries, which can run for 90 minutes after being fully charged. It can use a USB cable to charge it.

Unlike 2 kg electric spin scrubber out there, its extension handle weighs only 0.8kg, and its construction material is high-quality TPE and ABS. You can assemble or disassemble it easily. What’s more, it also comes with four brush heads for a rugged floor crack and smooth bathtub. These brushes are made of stainless steel & plastic material, which makes it hard to lose hair. In all honesty, this brush head can efficiently clean any stubborn stain such as grime, soap scum, and water spots.

Highlighted Features
  • The handle made of top-grade TPE and ABS material
  • Brush made of stainless steel and plastic
  • Upgraded rechargeable batteries with 90 minutes run time
  • Its highly sealed design makes it safe and waterproof
  • One year warranty
  • Support a USB cable charging

#2. Tilswall Cordless Electric Spin Scrubber

Tilswall Cordless Electric Spin Scrubber

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It is so strenuous to keep brushing to clean your floor, tub, or tile, especially to the curve surface. Actually, a better electric spin scrubber from Tilswall could assist you in doing the work effectively. Tilswall electric spin scrubber can change traditional manual cleaning and care about women! Advance in multiple functions. The extended arm is made with stainless upgrade steel.

Apart from that, it comes with an extra hook up consist of easy storage. Uniquely, it has four multi-purpose brush heads. The first one is an extra-wide flat brush that works on a window, wall, hand floor, tile, glass, and patio furniture. The other type of brush is a small flat in shape and can help you clean grill, grease, stove, and shower. The next one is a corner round brush that works on baseboard, sink, curved surface, or toilet.

Highlighted Features
  • Powerful 4000mah 3.7V rechargeable battery
  • Spinning speeds: 300RPM
  • Torque: 35.4
  • Operating volume is not more than 70dB
  • Has over-discharge & over-charge protection
  • Tool-free extendable handle

#1. Homitt Cordless Electric Spin Scrubber

Homitt Cordless Electric Spin Scrubber

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Take care of the family, and don’t let them get tired from cleaning while making your home cleaner. This can be made possible by buying a Homitt spin scrubber. The scrubber is a suitable gift for your friends, family, and parents. Unlike other electric scrubbers, this electric spin scrubber comes with an upgraded brush head angle and 21” extendable stainless-steel handle. Its long extension handle will help you clean and scrub hard to access areas without bending, making it healthy for people with arthritis and back pain.

Apart from that, it also comes with four-pack replacement brush heads for cleaning. These include round bristle head that cleans toilet, sink, or bathtub; Flat but extra-wide brush head for cleaning the wall, hard floor, patio furniture; corner brush head scrubber for tight places, corners, edges, and tile grout; small flat one suitable for scrubbing smaller spots of the grill, stove and soap scum. The brush heads of this spin scrubber are built for durable performance. This is because they are highly sealed, making it Waterproof and splashing water-resistant. And lastly, this cordless spin scrubber runs two 2150 Mah LG batteries, rechargeable 3.6-volt battery for great performance.

Highlighted Features
  • Runs on rechargeable 3.6-volt battery
  • Money-back guarantee within 60 days after purchase
  • Comes with 21” adjustable stainless-steel handle
  • Four brush head replacements
  • Waterproof brush heads for long-lasting performance
  • Has High spin speed of 300 RPM
  • Noiseless Cleaner with less than 80db
  • Certified by PSE/GS/ETL/BS
  • Has a one-year warranty

Electric Spin Scrubbers Buying Guide

Runtime: This aspect is very important, especially when it comes to determining electric spin scrubbers’ working time. In other words, the runtime is defined as the maximum operation time at which the scrubber can work with one battery charge.  On top of that, you should need to consider its inbuilt- battery too. The best scrubber should run at 90 minutes with one battery charge. Therefore, you can do cleaning uninterruptedly.

Power and speed: If you opt to acquire an electric spin scrubber, you need to check its speed and power. An effective model will ensure that you can do your task with minimal effort and little time. Likewise, it is also good to consider its spinning speed too. The average spinning rate of the best scrubber should lie between 600-300 RPM.  Ideally, a powerful electric spin scrubber will help you in various ways. That’s cleaning all types of surfaces with ease.

Brush heads: The power spin scrubber with more brush heads should always be your better option. So, it’s advisable to pick an electric spin scrubber with 4-5 brush heads. That means, with many replaceable brush heads, you can change it depending on the scrubbing and cleaning chore you tackling. For instance, if you want to have an easy cleaning experience, choose a spin scrubber with adjustable heads.

Handle design: Also, ensure that the electric spin scrubbers of your choice have an ergonomically designed handle, which makes cleaning easier. Most of have 21” adjustable stainless steel handle. Its handle should be long help clean with ease.


The aforementioned electric spin scrubbers are reliable and most convenient that you might choose to purchase. They are also waterproof and versatile for your safety. The above products include the ergonomic handle-length, spinning speed, swivel head, and long-lasting battery alongside other things. All these features make all of them exceed your cleaning expectations. Order one today!

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