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Top 10 Best Fingerprint Door Locks in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Carrying a bundle of keys can be annoying for most individuals. Even worse, you may arrive at your home only to realize that you left your keys somewhere else. The best thing that you can do to avoid such frustration is by installing fingerprint door locks. These units are used with verification methods by fingerprint, password, Bluetooth approval, and more to ensure the safety of your home.

If you are new to fingerprint locks and you have no clue where to begin. Luckily, we have tested several products and compiled a list of the top 10 best fingerprint door locks in 2020.

List of 10 Best Fingerprint Door Locks in 2020

#10. iMagic Electronic One-Touch Locking Fingerprint Door Lock, 1 Kit


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The iMagic fingerprint door lock is made from zinc and has an aged bronze finish. Furthermore, it has a three-in-one gatekeeper configuration. This allows you to combine pin entry, fingerprint access, and brass keys. Moreover, the lock can store about 240 fingerprint codes. In the same way, it has a large storage capacity to allow for 4 one time codes and 25 pin codes. Uniquely, it has an alarm system for making an alert when attempts to damage or interfere occur. It uses four AA batteries.

With digital design, they freeze automatically for 5 minutes if you make 5 pin code entries invalid. For additional protection, it features a security guiding code. Then again, it is easy to install on doors with a thickness of 1-1/2 inches to 2-inches. This lock is perfect for use in hotels, offices, and homes. Additionally, it features low voltage alarm and low battery indicator, backlit keypad, emergency power supply, and weather-resistant gasket.

Highlighted Features
  • Made from zinc and has an aged bronze finish
  • It has a three-in-one gatekeeper configuration
  • Can store about 240 fingerprint codes
  • Perfect for use in hotels, offices, and homes
  • It uses four AA batteries
  • It is easy to install on doors

#9. BARSKA EA12442 Biometric Digital Fingerprint Security Door Lock


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The BARSKA fingerprint door lock is suitable for residential, commercial, and indoor use. Furthermore, it offers more than one access method. It can store about 100 fingerprints, seven-digit pin codes, and three master users. It is easy for the master users to eliminate or enroll other user’s fingerprints for convenient access.

Then again, it has four AA batteries for powering the lock. The external 9V port for the battery offers emergency power. It is very easy to install this door lock. Similarly, you can reverse the handle to accommodate either right or left opening doors. Buy one today and be sure about the security of your office or home.

Highlighted Features
  • Allows Seven digit pin codes
  • Up to three master users and 100 fingerprints
  • Four AA batteries for powering the lock
  • Back-up emergency keys
  • Simple DIY installation

#8. Anviz L100 II RFID Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock


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The Anviz fingerprint door lock features a unique design. It is perfect for use in the office and home. It allows the door to open 1 second after correct identification. Having a simple design, you can do the enrollment within 5 seconds. Additionally, it features a unique card reader for convenient use by young and older family members and office staff members who have cards. It has a reversible handle meet DIY installation needs.

Further, it utilizes a TI chip to reduce power consumption. As a result, you can open the door 8000 times using 4 AA batteries. The front panel features zinc alloy for stability, reliability and to resist water. Also, it has a single latch to make installation easy. Most importantly, it has a backup mechanical key to allow for emergency opening. Last but not least, the dimensions measure 11 by 8 by 7 inches. Finally, it weighs 6 pounds.

Highlighted Features
  • Perfect for use in the office and home
  • Simple design for 5 seconds enrolment
  • Door opens in one second after correct identification
  • It utilizes a TI chip to reduce power consumption
  • 4 AA batteries to open the door 8,000 times
  • Has a single latch to make installation easy

#7. Rulart Fingerprint Electric Keyless Smart Door Lock (Silver)


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This fingerprint door lock by Rulart features advanced identification technology. Having a stylish and simple appearance matches your house décor styles. The biometric fingerprint identification kind of technology allows it to detect fingerprints within 0.25 seconds in 360 degrees. Therefore, it allows for one-touch unlock. Also, it is convenient and safe. Next, it has dual modes to ensure double security. These models include the channel mode and locking mode.

Additionally, it features a USB charging port. It has an adjustable deadbolt with a size of 60-70mm. As a result, it is ideal for doors between 35-55mm thick. It is also ideal for right-handed and left-handed doors. Most importantly, it is easy to install since no drilling is needed. You only require two screws. It includes detailed instructions for installation.

Highlighted Features
  • Has A stylish and simple appearance
  • It is convenient and safe to use
  • Dual modes to ensure double security
  • A USB charging port included
  • adjustable deadbolt with a size of 60-70mm
  • Ideal for doors between 35-55mm thick
  • It includes detailed instructions for installation

#6. SCYAN X7 Fingerprint Non-Handed Keypad Door Lock, Satin Nickel


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If you are searching for a Keypad Door Lock that can be mounted and operated easily, then purchase the SCYAN X7 Door Lock. It has three ways to unlock where you can use the key, user code, and fingerprint. It allows up to 100 user codes to be programmed in the system and up to 100 fingerprint users enrolled in the system. Other than that, this Door Lock has Self-learning ability where the fingerprint template can be updated after each entry.

This unit has 2 ways to login to the system that include administrator fingerprint or programming code. Moreover, this device has a double-shell construction that is waterproof, and it is not affected by water. Finally, this device has a low battery alert.

Highlighted Features
  • Has Three ways to unlock
  • You can enroll up to 100 user codes
  • Build-in touch active sensor
  • Double-shell heavy-duty construction
  • Two ways to login the system
  • Low battery alert

#5. DATO Fingerprint Smart Lock L-B400 Digital Door Lock


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DATO is a well recognized and highly qualified fingerprint door lock that provides you multiple ways to lock or unlock your door instantly. Moreover, you can remotely control this door lock through the application or tap of your mobile phone using a magnetic card, Bluetooth, a passcode, an IR reader, etc. Installing this door lock is very easy, and you just need to have a small screwdriver for secure and easy installation.

Every time you unlock the door, this device has an A.I. algorithm that learns to adjust the needs, and it is more accurate. The recognition rate is improved and optimized for the children, elderly, incomplete fingerprints, dry and wet hands, and other special cases.

Highlighted Features
  • Provides multiple secure ways to lock or unlock the door
  • Store up to 120 unique fingerprints
  • Takes about 10 minutes to install
  • fits standard-sized doors
  • 4-in-1 keyless entry

#4. WeJupit V8 Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smart Fingerprint Door Lock with Two-Factor Authentication


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This fingerprint Smart Door Lock from WeJupit is designed to be stylish, compact, sophisticated, and simple to give you the perfect experience. It features a 3-in-1 keyless entry that includes the backup key, code, and fingerprint. This Door Lock features a semiconductor finger sensor that is 1.5 to 2 times better than the normal sensor. Something else, it works perfectly with individuals who are 4 to 80 years old.

Ideally, the top shell is constructed from unique 304 stainless steel that is rustproof, waterproof, collision-proof. Subsequently, this unit has smart functions that include two people combination mode, temporary visitor mode, long-time-open passage mode, and auto-relock. Finally, this product is offered with a one-year manufacture warranty.

Highlighted Features
  • Has over 2000 fingerprint collection points
  • The shell is constructed from unique 304 stainless steel
  • Durable and easy DIY installation
  • Anti-peep password and safe
  • 3-in-1 keyless entry
  • One-year manufacturer warranty

#3. AIGURD Fingerprint Stainless Steel Keyless Door Lock (Right Handle)


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AIGURD is a reliable Keyless Door Lock for individuals who want complete protection to their house. It can be used by up to 200 IDs, 50 guests, 140 normal users, and 10 administrators. Guests can only enter at a certain period. Ideally, this door lock can read five years child to 80 years elders fingerprint. You can use passcode open, fingerprint open, key open, and admins can likewise set combination passcodes to open that include double passcodes, fingerprint & passcode, and double fingerprints.

Ideally, you can add quantity digits before and after the real passcode. Only blood flowing fingers can open the lock. You can set the lock to temporarily open, and this makes it perfect for offices, clubs, and shops.

Highlighted Features
  • Anti-fake fingerprint and data transfer
  • Anti-peep password and entry records
  • Irreversible right-handed handle
  • Offered with a 1-year warranty
  • Can read 5 yrs. Kids to 80 yrs. Elders fingerprints

#2. ARDWOLF Fingerprint 304 Stainless Steel Door Lock (Irreversible Left-Handle)


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The ARDWOLF Stainless Steel Door Lock is an efficient product equipped with a sophisticated and versatile system making it ideal for office and home security. The whole lock is constructed from Stainless steel 304 shell that is anti-prying, anti-drilling, anti-rust, and offers extra-long service life. Ideally, this door lock could be registered to up to 200 user IDs for both code and fingerprint unlock ways, which brings you security and convenience.

This product adopts 360-degree fingerprint recognition and life semiconductor sensor that allows it to read your fingerprint in just 0.5 seconds. Other than that, it works perfectly with 4 years and 80 years old people. With this smart door lock, you have ensured safety for your office and home, attributing to its anti-technical unlocking functions, anti-peep password, and anti-fake finger.

Highlighted Features
  • Can store up to 200 user ids
  • Strong and firm structure
  • It works well with 4 to 80 years old
  • 360-degree fingerprint recognition
  • High-security and surveillance biometrics
  • Brings you convenience and security

#1. Ultraloq UL3 BT Satin Nickel Smart Lever Lock


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This is a very convenient Smart Lever Lock produced by Ultraloq to make your home space secure. It is a 5-in-1 Keyless Smart Lock that include Knock to Open, Smartphone, Code, Fingerprint, and key opener. Ideally, this smart lever lock has fingerprint identification, view logs using mobile Application. Other than that, it has an Intuitive OLED Display that is user friendly, making it easy to use.

This lock has three locking modes that include Lockout, Passage, and Auto Relock. Installing this lever lock is very simple as it comes with all installation hardware and instruction manual. Finally, this product is offered with a lifetime mechanical and 18 Months Electronic warranty.

Highlighted Features
  • Weatherproof exterior assembly
  • Premium metal construction
  • Intuitive OLED screen
  • Three locking modes
  • Free smartphone app compatible with android and IOS
  • Match your home aesthetic
  • 18 months electronic and lifetime mechanical warranty

Fingerprint Door Locks Buying guide

Accessing Methods: A fingerprint door lock should not just have fingerprints for accessing rooms or homes. It must have another way of accessing it. Those ways include Bluetooth approval, mobile application, mechanical key, passcodes, and more.

Ease of use: Gaining access to an office, home, or room using a fingerprint door should be as easy as the other locks on the market. Do not purchase something too complicated to utilize for the sake of kids, elderly, and during an emergency.

Construction: Next, you need to look at the quality of the material used in construction. Get a door lock that is well built for it to serve you for a long time. It is recommended to get a unit that is constructed from 304 stainless steel material for durability. Other than that, it must be weatherproof for increased longevity.


Fingerprint door locks are becoming more popular as they ensure home security and add elegance to your different spaces. The fingerprint door locks listed above are durable and quality door locks that fits perfectly wide range of doors. In addition to that, they are constructed using premium quality materials, which makes them ideal for years of use. We hope that this article has helped you purchase a suitable fingerprint front door lock for your home.

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