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Top 10 Best Front Mounted Bicycle Seats in 2024 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

by Jony Kry

To most people, cycling remains their lifestyle given the many health benefits that come with it. All the same, having a little kid can limit how often you cycle your bike. To make sure that the kid never limits the fun of cycling, it is advisable to invest in the kids’ bike seat. With this, you will be able to bring your kid along wherever you wish to cycle. They have been designed to keep the kid very comfortable and safe as you cycle. Most parents will never feel secure when the kid is carried on the back seat of the bike. In this case, the front-mounted bicycle seats will help since you will be able to monitor the kid as you cycle.

Selecting the best bike seat for your kid will not be a simple task. The main reason behind that is that there are so many options available in the market. The bad thing is that every manufacturer out there claims to be the best but some of these claims will never hold. With that in mind, our research team did the research on the best front-mounted bike seats for kids and made the compilation below. Later in this review, you will find a list of the factors that you need to consider when buying these products. For now, have a look at the recommendations below;

List of 10 Best Front Mounted Bicycle Seats in 2024

#10. TOMSHOO Foldable Front Mount Bicycle Seat


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The TOMSHOO front mount bicycle seat allows you to watch your kid closely while on the road. It also features a thick cushion padding which ensures that your kid enjoys a comfortable ride. The good thing about the seat is that it comes with nonskid handrails to provide a better grip. It will as well ensure that your kid remains stable and safe during your adventures.

Another impressive feature about this front-mounted bicycle seat is that it is equipped with anti-skid pedals. For this reason, your child will have a safe place to rest the feet as you ride. Most importantly, this seat features a strong aluminum alloy tube construction. This, therefore, ensures that it is tough enough to withstand a maximum weight of 44lbs. What more, you can effortlessly fold this seat in a compact design for easy storage while not in use.

Highlighted Features
  • Comes with a thick padded cushion
  • Features nonslip handrails
  • Arrives with safety pedals
  • Features a sturdy aluminum material

#9. Together-life Front Mounted Bicycle Seat


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This front-mounted bicycle seat boasts a heavy-duty steel pipe and metal tube construction. For this reason, it will endure a weight capacity of up to 66lbs. Other than that, its armrests and pedals fold effortlessly by just pressing a button. You can also adjust the pedals’ height to provide your kid with a comfortable footrest position.

The quick-release mechanism allows you to effortlessly assemble and disassemble this front-mounted bicycle seat. Again, you can easily remove the handrail and guardrail as your kid grows. Even better, this seat is compatible with most bicycles including fitness bikes and mountain bikes.  Apart from that, it comes with a padded cushion and antiskid armrest providing superior comfort and safety to your child.

Highlighted Features
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Features a foldable design
  • Quick-release mechanism
  • Safe and comfortable design

#8. YSONG Front-Mounted Children’s Bicycle seat


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Here is yet another front-mounted bicycle seat that features an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy construction. This, therefore, makes it sturdy enough to endure the weight of your child. Besides, its front design allows the kid to explore and enjoy the beautiful sceneries. This is the perfect kids’ bicycle seat that will enable you to enjoy a safe ride with your family-linked bicycle.

You will also appreciate that you can easily install and remove this front-mounted bicycle seat without using any tool. It also works with most bikes including city-sharing bicycles, folding bicycles, cruiser bicycles among others. On top of that, it comes with a soft saddle and adjustable armrests. You can, therefore, rest assured that your kid will enjoy the superior comfort as you ride.

Highlighted Features
  • Promotes interactive and enjoyable ride
  • It has an easy installation
  • Safe and comfortable design
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction

#7. FORTOP Front Mount Bicycle Seat with Handrail


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The FORTOP front-mounted bicycle seat enables you to watch your child while riding. Again, the front mounting design provides a perfect view to your child making the experience enjoyable. Other than that, this eye-popping bicycle seat boasts an innovative design. Due to this, your kid will remain comfortable on the cushioned seat and rest the feet safely on the pedals.

Another impressive thing about this front-mounted bicycle seat is that it features a rugged aluminum alloy tube. This, therefore, allows it to accommodate a weight capacity of up to 20kg. Ideally, this portable bike seat is suitable for kids between the ages of 2 to 4 years. What’s more, installing and removing this seat is incredibly easy since you don’t require any tool.

Highlighted Features
  • Superior comfort and safety
  • High-quality and sturdy design
  • Quite easy to install
  • Suitable for kids aged 2-4 years

#6. DO LITTLE Front-Mounted Bicycle Seat


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This front-mounted bicycle seat allows you and the kid to have an interactive and engaging moment during your adventures. Again, the kid can enjoy a similar view as yours while sitting comfortably and safely between your arms.  Besides, the seat has undergone the rigorous test and proves to withstand a maximum weight of 66lbs. It also features durable rubber pads on each contact point to enhance grip and protect the frame of the bike.

You will also appreciate that these front-mounted bicycle seats arrive with two customizable adaptor fittings. This is the reason why the seat will work with most double tube bikes. On top of that, installation is quite easy and quick since it comes with all the tools you will need. Even better, this front-mounted bicycle seat is engineered with your kids’ safety in mind.

Highlighted Features
  • Promotes an interactive ride
  • Features a strongest and stable design
  • Engineered for safety
  • Comes in a universal design

#5. CyclingDeal Kids’ Bicycle Seat


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This baby bike seat is very safe to use which makes it ideal for most parents. You will appreciate that it comes with a special safety belt that will never be detached by the kid accidentally. The other feature that you will appreciate about this bike seat is that it has universal compatibility. This, therefore, means that it will work with most bike frames.

The other feature that you will appreciate about this bike seat is that it is very easy to use. It has been designed and also tested for kids aged from 9 months to 3 years. You will be happy to learn that it accommodates a maximum weight capacity of 33lbs. given that this product has been backed with a lifetime warranty, you should have all the confidence to purchase.

Highlighted Features
  • It is very safe to use
  • Compatible with most bike frames
  • It can accommodate up to 33lbs.
  • Backed with a lifetime warranty

#4. UrRider Kid Bike Seat, Foldable and Ultra-light


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This kids’ bike seat is very easy to install and remove when not in use with no need for tools. You will appreciate that the bike seat is applicable to mountain bikes, fitness bikes, and hybrid bikes as well. Apart from that, you will appreciate that the seat comes in a comfortable, safe, and innovative design as well. To guarantee that it will be safe, you will appreciate that it comes with the USA safety certification.

With the aircraft-grade aluminum alloy construction, this bike seat for kids will support the weight of your kid very comfortably. You will also appreciate that the bike seat comes in a foldable design and an ultra-lightweight design allowing you to carry it everywhere you go. Even though it comes at a bit high price, you will basically get value for your money.

Highlighted Features
  • It is interactive and fun
  • Made in a safe and comfortable design
  • Simple and very easy to install
  • Comes in a foldable design

#3. Peg Perego Front Mount Kid Seat


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This is an innovative bracket system that will allow for the seat to be easily fixed to the head tube of the bike. The good thing about this system is that it has been made to fit on different bike frames which makes it better than other options in the market. With its innovative installation system, you will have an easy time with the seat.

Another feature that you will appreciate about this front-mounted bike seat is that it comes with an in-built suspension system. This way, your kid will basically enjoy the ride as well regardless of the terrain. You will also appreciate that the safety straps have been included on their adjustable footrests. Additionally, the thermoformed padding is waterproof for the best comfort. The maximum weight capacity for this bike seat is 33 lbs.

Highlighted Features
  • Innovative installation system
  • Safety straps with adjustable footrests
  • It accommodates up to 33lbs.
  • Comes with adjustable footrests

#2. WeeRide LTD Kangaroo Kid Bike Seat


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This is yet another kid’s bike seat that has been made with an ultra-thick seat and a back padding to make sure that your kid remains comfortable. It will easily install at the front part of your bike to make sure that you completely monitor your kid all the time. The manufacturer has made the kids’ bike seat in different color options to make sure that you select your preferred color.

For maximum safety, you will appreciate that the bike seat has been made with a safety harness and a buckle system. Another amazing feature about this bike seat is that it distributes the weight evenly. In this regard, the kid will be very stable for the best comfort. The maximum weight capacity for this bike seat is 33 lbs. which makes it ideal for the job.

Highlighted Features
  • The mounting bar has been included
  • Adjustable foot holders
  • It installs easily on different bikes
  • Arrives in 2 color options

#1. SHOTGUN Kids’ Bike Seat | Easy to Install


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This kids’ bike seat will allow you to share the biking passion with your kid. You will appreciate that it has been in a strong design to make sure that it serves you for the longest period possible. With its design, it will comfortably accommodate kids aged between 2 and 5 years. In short, its estimated weight capacity is 48 pounds. The good thing about this bike seat is that it fits almost any bike frame.

Another feature that you will appreciate about this bike seat for kids is that it comes in an adjustable design. Other than that, it prides itself on its simple installation and detachment while not in use. Even better, the installation tools and hardware have been included in the package. With its rubber fittings, you will appreciate that it offers the best protection to your bike’s frame.

Highlighted Features
  • Fits on all mountain bikes
  • Easy to install and remove
  • It will never damage your frame
  • Quality standards for comfort and safety

Front Mounted Bicycle Seats Buying Guide

Weight capacity: Before anything else, you will want to question the maximum weight capacity that the bike seat will be able to accommodate. You need to buy a seat that will hold a bit higher weight than that of your kid. The weight capacity of these bike seats will basically depend on individual needs. Before you can therefore make your order, make sure that you know the needs of your kid in the first place.

Installation: You will want a front-mounted bike seat that will only take a very few minutes to get installed. In short, it should have an uncomplicated installation process. To make sure that this is possible, you need to ascertain that the package comes with the installation tools and instructions. This way, you will not need help from a third party.

Construction materials: The material used for the bike sea for your kid also has a very important role to play. You will definitely want to get a comfortable and durable seat in that regard. In most instances, you will need a combination of some soft fiber, plastic, and steel. This way, you can rest assured that the bike seat will basically stand the test of time. Other than being durable, you will appreciate that these materials will keep the little one very comfortable.


We are aware that you are looking to enjoy cycling. All the same, your kid can interfere with that schedule especially if you want to go with the kid everywhere. With a good bicycle seat for kids, you will be able to safely cycle with your kid without worrying about their security. The good thing about these bike seats for kids is that they have a very simple installation which will definitely save you time. Additionally, they are made using the best quality materials to make sure that they execute their functionality in the best manner. In the above buying guide section, we listed the tips that you ought to consider when buying. These will help you get to the best pick from the above compilation.

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