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Top 10 Best Mesh Duffle Bags in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Diving is so much fun when you have the best diving bag which has all the diving features. To be precise, the diving bags have ample space to accommodate all your valuables. The best thing that you can do when buying the diving bags is choosing the mesh duffle bags owing to the fact that they dry very fast and are therefore ideal for submerging in water. Even though these bags come in a mesh design, you will appreciate that they come with strong zippers to ensure that your items remain intact and secure.

Given that the mesh duffle bags have gained so much popularity of late, there are so many of them in the market today. For that reason, shopping for these bags tends to be a little bit more challenging. To make the task easier for you, we came up with this review. It consists of the best mesh duffle bags and a brief guide of the features that you ought to consider when buying. Have a look at the selection below!

List of 10 Best Mesh Duffle Bags in 2020

#10. Oumers Mesh Travel Duffle Bag for Scuba Diving


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This heavy-duty XL mesh beach bag is everything you need to store all your scuba diving or snorkeling gear and equipment. It has a water-resistant exterior pocket which will save you the struggles of carrying an extra bag. Apart from that, the construction of this duffle bag uses 600D polyester and mesh to guarantee its durability.

The best thing that you will love about this snorkel bag is that it has been designed with open air mesh. This is the reason why it will easily dry and protect your towel or diving equipment from mold or mildew. You will also appreciate that it comes with a zipper for secure storage of your equipment. Furthermore, it should be noted that this is a risk-free purchase and you should therefore buy with confidence.

Highlighted Features
  • It has a huge storage space
  • Comes with a waterproof pocket
  • Features a super durable construction
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction

#9. NAWALKER XL Mesh Tote Duffel Bag


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The NAWALKER duffel bag boasts on a durable mesh and 600D polyester construction. This is the reason why the dive bag will ensure you years of reliable use. Again, the reinforced stitch and sturdy zipper will ensure that your items are held intact and safely inside this duffel bag. The high storage capacity of this bag will allow you to carry your entire family’s scuba diving and snorkel gear.

Another great feature about this duffel bag is its breathable mesh and the lightweight design which makes it quick to dry when wet. It also comes with a wrap handle that provides a comfortable grip when carrying it as a tote bag or over the shoulder. Besides, it is easy to identify your bag owing to its conspicuous green color that prevents you from misplacing your baggage.

Highlighted Features
  • Quite easy to carry
  • Features a lightweight and breathable mesh design
  • It has reinforced stitch and sturdy zipper
  • Extra-large storage space

#8. Champion Sports Multipurpose Mesh Duffle Bag  w/ Zipper & Adjustable Shoulder Strap


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If you are looking for a strong mesh tote that will keep all your sports stuff on the go, this Champion Sports duffle bag is your right pick. Its huge storage capacity will accommodate everything you need to carry when traveling, going for sports, diving among others. Furthermore, the shorter handles together with the adjustable shoulder strap make the duffle bag so comfortable and convenient to carry.

You will also appreciate that this mesh duffle bag features an open mesh and lightweight design. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about storing your sweaty jerseys or wet swimming gear as they can air-dry inside the bag. Again, the versatile design allows this bag to be used in rec centers to store yoga gear, carry sports gear, and workout clothes among other uses.

Highlighted Features
  • It is a versatile carrying bag
  • Features a lightweight and breathable design
  • Comes with an adjustable shoulder strap
  • Oversized bag for the accommodation of all your gear

#7. Bulex XXL Mesh Diving or Snorkel Gear Bags with a Zipper & Pockets


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The Bulex has made this duffle bag with quality mesh and polyester material to guarantee its durability. Its open air mesh and lightweight design ensure that the bag quick dry to protect your diving gear from mold or mildew. Again, the presence of extra exterior zipper pockets allows you to separately store your items. These pockets are the reason why you will be able to carry more items and also keep your valuables safe.

The best thing that you will love about this mesh dive gear bag is its huge storage space. That said, you will perfectly store your towels, snacks, sunscreen, scuba diving, and snorkeling gear among other items. Moreover, this duffle bag has a wide application since it can be used to carry all your scuba or snorkeling gear. Along with that, the bag is ideal for family travel use and also to store your gym items among others.

Highlighted Features
  • Made of super durable material
  • It has a lightweight and breathable design
  • Arrives with extra exterior pockets
  • It can be widely used

#6. Hiturbo Diving and Snorkeling Mesh Duffel Bag


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This is your ideal mesh bag for all water sport as well as planes or car travels. Its large capacity will enable you to carry every gear you need for scuba and snorkeling. The good thing about this duffel bag is that it is collapsible into a small size which will make it easy to carry and store when not in use. Moreover, the construction of this scuba gear bag features premium material with strong zippers to guarantee you years of reliable use.

The Hiturbo duffel bag prides itself on the mesh material which enables you to easily and quickly rinse it even with the gears in. The best thing about it is that the water will drain easily and dry quickly. Besides, it comes with a padded carry handle and a shoulder strap buckle which makes it easy and comfortable to carry.

Highlighted Features
  • It has a large size and it collapses easily
  • Features a high-quality construction
  • It has a wide range of applications
  • Quick and easy to clean

#5. Athletico XL Mesh Dive Travel Duffel Bag


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This mesh duffel bag prides itself on its quality polyester construction which proves to be durable even with repeated use. Apart from that, this pocket-friendly bag will fit all your scuba or snorkeling gear at ease owing to its huge storage capacity.  You can also rest assured to get great value for your money due to the versatile nature of this bag.

The bag also comes with carrying handles that allow you to comfortably carry it as a tote bag or over your shoulders. Most importantly, the bag features a lightweight and breathable design which proves to dry quickly even with the wet gear inside. You will also appreciate that this is a risk-free purchase since it comes with a full money refund if you are not satisfied with the product.

Highlighted Features
  • It is easy to carry
  • All-in-one storage capacity
  • Features a lightweight and breathable design
  • Built for rigors of travel

#4. Skog Å Kust Collapsible Mesh Duffle Bag – Exterior Waterproof Pocket


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This is yet another mesh duffle bag that is uniquely designed for your diving or any other on-the-go sports gears. It also prides itself on a lightweight and sturdy design that makes it portable and long-lasting as well. The construction of this duffle bag is done from premium quality materials with rust-proof zippers and nylon webbing handles. You can, therefore, rest assured that it will stand its test of time.

Another great feature to appreciate about this diving bag is its exterior waterproof pocket. You, therefore, don’t have to worry that your valuables might get wet or be scattered inside the main compartment. Again, it will save you the hassles of carrying an extra bag. For easy and convenient portability, you can use the removable and adjustable shoulder strap or the side handles.

Highlighted Features
  • A trusted quality
  • Features a compact and portable design
  • Comes with a waterproof pocket
  • Easy carrying design

#3. Meister Mesh Dive Duffel Backpack Bag with a Dry Pocket


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The Meister duffel backpack bag features a sturdy chain mesh that ensures that water and air flow freely. Additionally, the large pocket on its exterior will ensure that your personal items stay dry due to its water-resistant nature. The good thing about this duffel bag is its versatility and a lightweight design meaning that you can effortlessly carry it for different purposes.

You will also appreciate that the bag is equipped with backpack straps for a comfortable carrying experience. Apart from that, the duffel bag has a spacious storage capacity that will hold all your necessary gear and equipment. Besides, there is a small mesh pocket on the inside of the bag that allows you to store your wet accessories like diving defogger and watches.

Highlighted Features
  • Incredibly light & versatile design
  • Comfortable backpack straps
  • Sturdy chain mesh material
  • Large waterproof side pocket

#2. Aqua Lung Mesh Duffel Bag


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This explorer duffel bag can be collapsed when empty and compressed to 3” x 9.5” x 14.5” for easy packing. Besides, its construction features padded air mesh material will quickly dry easily without compromising its quality. You will also appreciate the bag comes with some wrap-around webbing straps and a padded handle. It is for this reason that you will enjoy carrying it with ease and comfort.

Another great feature that you will love about this mesh duffel bag is its locking zippers that have extended pullers. Along with that, the zippers are corrosion resistant to guarantee that all your items are secure inside the bag. The diver’s nameplate will also provide a quick way of identifying your baggage. Even better, the tarpaulin sleeve pocket positioned on the side offers a dry place to rest the bag while carrying it.

Highlighted Features
  • It is collapsible for easy packing
  • Features a padded air mesh construction
  • Comes with padded webbing straps
  • It features corrosion-resistant zippers

#1. Kraken Aquatics Duffle Mesh Bag


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This high-quality mesh bag will allow you to fit almost all sports equipment and gear in it due to its roomy storage space. The good thing about it is the presence of a mesh side pocket which enables you to separately store different items for easy access. What’s more, the durable mesh material offers a quick way of rinsing saltwater or dirt while the gear is still in.

The adjustable shoulder strap on this duffle bag allows easy carrying even when it is loaded with bulky items. Alternatively, you can use the hand straps when carrying for your convenience. Most importantly, this scuba diving or snorkeling bag folds up quickly for transporting or for long-term storage. The good thing about the bag is that it comes at a relatively affordable price.

Highlighted Features
  • Enables quick rinsing of your gears
  • It has a zippered mesh pocket on the side
  • Comes with an adjustable shoulder strap
  • It has a large capacity

Mesh Duffle Bags Buying Guide

Weight: This is among the key considerations that you should make when shopping for the mesh duffle bags. Depending on this, you will easily tell whether you will be able to carry all your diving gear. In this regard, you need to go for a bag that is spacious enough to carry all your essentials but never weight you down. This will be the case especially when you will be traveling for long distances.

Zippers: A zippered mesh duffle bag will make sure that all your essentials and gear remain intact even when you are under the water. As you all know, the mesh duffle bags will be used in water which means that the construction of the zippers should be at its best. What this therefore means is choosing bags whose zippers will be resistant to corrosion that comes along with diving in saltwater.

Comfort: Last but not least, you need to make sure that the duffle bag will be very comfortable for you to carry. With that in mind, make sure that the shoulder straps are well-padded to keep you comfortable. Good mesh duffle bags also offer different carrying methods like over the shoulder or with the hands. If you are to carry it with your hands, make sure that the straps offer a very comfortable grip.


These are the leading mesh duffle bags that you will get in the market today. If you are therefore looking to go diving, any of the above-reviewed bags will be worth buying. The good thing about the bags is that they have been made in a quality design which makes them very ideal for use in the water. Since we have already highlighted key features that you should consider when buying these bags, knowing your ideal bag should be easy. All the same, doing a comparison of all the products will remain very important.

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