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Top 10 Best Robotic Car Kit in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Nowadays, most kids love having their robot toys. The robotic car kit is modern, smart, and fast. It equips the kid with so many skills that are essential in life as they also have fun. These robotic car kits have remote controls, but you can also use your smartphone to control them. Furthermore, they are budget-friendly. Also, they are highly mobile.

In addition to that, they are easy to assemble and use. However, there are so many models of this robotic car kit, but finding the best one has never been easy. So, below are various factors that will guide you in the decision-making process! Ensure that you pick only the one that meets all your needs from this list below.

List of 10 Best Robotic Car Kit in 2020

#10. EF Elecfreaks Cutebot microbit Smart Robotic Car Kit


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The EF ELECFREAKS robotic car is a unique rear-drive smart car that is driven using double high-speed motors. The Cutebot features several onboard pieces of equipment, including distance sensor and ultrasonic sensor, clearance lamps, and 2RGB LED headlights on the bottom. Also, it has an active buzzer that functions as a horn. Having simple colors, cute appearance, and small size makes it convenient for kids to hold. With all honesty, they will love this car.

Uniquely, it features graphical programming blocks to allow kids to learn simple programming to complex programming. Additionally, it teaches kids obstacle avoidance, distance tracking, line-following, play music, light show, and wireless control. Moreover, it has a 3PIN port to allow kids to do more experiments.

Highlighted Features
  • HC-SR04 and I2C Connections
  • Rainbow LED and RGB Headlights
  • Distinct color lighting effects to make the car dazzle in the dark
  • Six Smaller Building Block Holes
  • Can install nuts and screws to fix all the blocks you need
  • Infrared Receiving Probe
  • Good for receiving signals from the infrared remote control

#9. LAFVIN Ibot Programmable Robotic Car Kit


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Next on this list, we have the LAFVIN robotic car kit. This robot car features various functions, for instance, obstacle avoidance, line tracking, Bluetooth and IR control, and more. Therefore, this is the best tech toy in case you would like to create your own robot and then explore different learning activities. It helps kids improve their hands-on ability, innovative minds, problem-solving ability, logical thinking, and scientific thinking.

The Ibot, all module and control board, has the RJ11 plug. Therefore, it is simple to connect different sensor modules using one cable. It is easy to assemble within 15 minutes. Finally, it weighs 1.65 pounds only.

Highlighted Features
  • It weighs 1.65 pounds
  • Simple to connect different sensor modules using one cable
  • Obstacle avoidance, line tracking, Bluetooth and IR control and more functions
  • Improves learning abilities and skills of kids
  • Easy to assemble within 15 minutes
  • RJ11 plug included

#8. LK COKOINO DIY Arduino Robotic Car Kit


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This robotic car kit by LK COKOINO features an obstacle to avoiding the design. This means that it senses the obstacle automatically and avoids it by turning towards the other direction. For proper sensing of obstacles, it has an ultrasonic sensor. It calculates the distance between the obstacle and the robot. Next, the wonderful RGB LED looks just like the robot’s eyes, and it makes the robot very interesting. It uses a white connector interface of XH2.54-4P.

On top of that, this robot works by detecting a black line on a surface and moving along the line. Most importantly, it is ideal for teaching the fundamentals of physics, electronic engineering, and basic programming. Equally important, it has an r3 microcontroller for processing information the sensor receives. Thereafter, the command actuators perform the task. The easy to unplug and plug XH-2.54 interface makes the wiring circuit simple. Finally, it has a warranty for 30 days.

Highlighted Features
  • Easy to unplug and plug XH-2.54 interface
  • Has an ultrasonic sensor for sensing obstacles
  • RGB LED to make the robot interesting
  • Blackline detection
  • Ideal for teaching kids important skills
  • Warranty for 30 days

#7. Freenove Arduino IDE Compatible 4WD Robotic Car Kit


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Coming seventh on this list, we have the Freenove robotic car kit. To begin with, this car has the ability to work in various unique modes. One good thing about it is that it does not require assembly. Nevertheless, it does not have a battery. On top of that, it features wireless control using an IR remote. Also, you can use your own iPhone and android device.

In addition to that, it features colorful lights. It has ten RGB LEDs and 16 million colors. Nevertheless, you can control the colors independently in the car. Not to forget, it weighs 1.97 pounds. Therefore, it is easier for kids to lift it.

Highlighted Features
  • It weighs 1.97 pounds
  • Able to work in various modes
  • Ten RGB LEDs and 16 million colors controlled independently
  • Assembly not needed
  • Wireless control using an IR remote
  • It connects to iPhone and android device

#6. Adeept Raspberry Pi 4WD Smart Robotic Car Kit


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This robotic car by Adeept is 4 wheeled. It is designed for newbie and experts to learn robotics, Al, electronics, and programming. It comes with an illustrated manual for easy assembly. Uniquely, it has four geared motors to produce strong power. Most importantly, it features motion detection, tracking, and object recognition. You can control it remotely using APP; WS2812 RGB LEDs. Also, you can change its colors.

Being scalable, it is easy to attach to the robotic arm or the motion camera so that it becomes a mobile camera. Amazingly, it can also recognize objects, track them, and detect motion. Having the line tracking feature it can walk along any route that you set. Besides, this robotic car has a camera that you can tilt to have a wider view. The differential steering design ensures flexibility. With the Pi USB Port, it is easier to connect to a USB device. Finally, it weighs 1.8 pounds only.

Highlighted Features
  • It has 4 wheels
  • A manual included for easy assembly
  • It has a camera that you can tilt to have a wider view
  • Designed for both professionals and beginners
  • Ideal for learning robotics, Al, electronics, and programming
  • Motion detection, tracking and object recognition
  • Pi USB Port for connecting to USB devices
  • Remote control using APP; WS2812 RGB LEDs
  • Line tracking feature for walking along the set route
  • Differential steering design for flexibility
  • It weighs 1.8 pounds

#5. UCTRONICS Raspberry Pi Robotic Car Kit


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The UCTRONICS robotic car kit has a unique design. It is good for entertaining, competition, and educating kids. Most importantly, you can use a remote or your smartphone to control it. It comes with a complete set of components and modules. These include a battery charger, batteries, and an SD card. Further, it has an ultrasonic sensor, 5MP camera, servos, line follower, and motors.

In addition to that, it has multiple modes. These modes include line tracking, obstacle avoidance, mobile app control, and IR remote control. With this robotic car, you can connect the smartphone to its WIFI. Also, you can challenge yourself in electronic components assembling and robotics. Finally, it weighs 1.98 pounds.

Highlighted Features
  • It connects with mobile phones and remote controls
  • Weighs 1.98 pounds
  • Designed for entertainment, competition, and education
  • Connects to smartphones via WIFI
  • An ultrasonic sensor, 5MP camera, servos, line follower, and motors
  • Line tracking, obstacle avoidance, mobile app control, and IR remote control modes

#4. ELEGOO Tumbller Arduino Compatible Self-Balancing Robotic Car Kit


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The ELEGOO robotic car kit has a self-balancing design with multiple functions. First and foremost, it has a DIY kit to foster kids’ creativity and to inspire their imagination. Moreover, it has six light effects, which you can change depending on your preferences. Most importantly, it has an obstacle avoidance feature. Therefore, it avoids obstacles automatically to prevent the car from a collision.

When you press its command key, it tilts forwards, and then when you press it again, it stands up instantly and retains the balance. Equally important, it has a tutorial with illustrations to guide you on how to assemble the kit. This robotic car is important for teaching kids basic programming. To finish, it has a warranty for one year.

Highlighted Features
  • DIY kit to foster the creativity of kids
  • A self-balancing design with multiple functions
  • Obstacle avoidance feature to avoid the collision
  • Six light effects which you can change depending on your preferences
  • It has a tutorial with illustrations for easy assembly
  • Warranty for one year

#3. Yahboom Raspberry Pi 4WD Robotic Kit


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This robotic car kit by Yahboom has a special design for students and educators. Furthermore, most of its components are connected using copper pillar, screw, and anti-reverse sockets. Most importantly, it features HD video transmission. It matches with keyboards and mouse. Also, it has various sensor modules plus communication modules. Therefore, it can create many possibilities.

Equally important, its expansion board is compatible with various controllers. With the DIY feature, it supports learning and entertainment. Through this robot, you can learn Python and C programming. Both beginners and professionals can use it. Uniquely, it has a strong battery and strong motor brackets. It has the four-wheel drive feature.

Highlighted Features
  • A strong battery and strong motor brackets
  • Special design for students, and educators
  • DIY feature to facilitate education and entertainment
  • Copper pillar, screw and anti-reverse sockets for connecting components
  • Ideal for professionals and beginners
  • Four-wheel drive feature

#2. SunFounder Smart Video Raspberry Pi PiCar-V Robotic Cat Kit


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The SunFounder robotic car kit is a good learning kit. It has a wide-angle USB webcam. Therefore, it is very powerful and takes good images. It has three new circuit boards plus simpler wiring. On top of that, it is compatible with RPi 4B/3B/3B+/2B/2B+. Then again, it has a complete code that makes it ideal for most platforms to control the robotic car.

Further, the car has a python code. It is very easy for you to control the robot car remotely. You can use the PC app or remote control. In the same way, it is easy and fast to code it.

Highlighted Features
  • Compatible with RPi 3B/4B/3B+/2B/2B+.
  • A wide-angle USB webcam
  • Easy and fast coding
  • 3 new circuit boards plus simpler wiring
  • A good learning kit

#1. XiaoR Geek Arduino Robotic Car Kit


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This robotic car kit by XiaoR Geek has an HD adjustable camera on its platform and WIFI. So, you can easily view the video taken and the image on your PC or smartphone. Having the two-axis pan alongside tilt servos, the camera can take the videos at many angles minus moving the car. The resolution and focus of this HD camera can be adjusted manually.

The expansion board has several pins to allow you to add more sensors. With the sensor, you will enjoy various functions like line tracking, obstacle avoidance, and ultrasonic distance detection. Additionally, it has a 2DBi External WiFi antenna with long transmission distance and high signal intensity. This robotic car is ideal for learning. It is easy to assemble it since it comes with a detailed video tutorial.

Highlighted Features
  • 2DBi External WiFi antenna with long transmission distance and high signal intensity
  • Easy to assemble
  • HD adjustable camera and WIFI included
  • 2-axis pan alongside tilt servos
  • Line tracking, obstacle avoidance, and ultrasonic distance detecting
  • Ideal for learning

Robotic Car Kits Buying Guide

Power source: All robotic car kits rely on some source of power. Others use removable while others use inbuilt batteries. The ones using batteries are compact and safe for the kids to handle. Additionally, these power sources can be charged using USB cables, solar panels, and standard adapters. Finally, you should also look at the power consumption before buying one.

Budget-friendly: Before you buy a robotic car kit, make sure that you consider the price. The price determines the features and requirements you need. Therefore, be keen on the price so that you buy the one that has improved features.

Remote control: Before you buy a robotic car kit, you should make sure that it has a remote control. Nowadays, it is easier to control robots using remotes or applications on Smartphones.

Mobility: Mobility is the ability to maneuver easily and freely. The best robotic toy should be mobile and able to move or stand in a certain position. Also, they should be able to walk or jump or fly using blade rotors and wings.

Ease of Assembling: Some robots come when fully assembled while others require assembly. If you love assembling, then you can do that within the shortest time possible. Ensure that it has an instruction manual so that it guides you on how to install it.


In brief, it has become an interesting activity to build robots for kids. But it is more interesting to watch the kids as they build the robots by themselves. Through that, they learn critical thinking skills, which are important for them to be successful in life. The listed robotic car kids are cute, beautiful, and programmable and have a warranty for one year.

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