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Top 10 Best Slackline Kits in 2021 Reviews | Guide

by David
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A slackline kits is a perfect gift option for the kids since they are meant for fun and health benefits. They are excellent for boosting balance, strength, and coordination. Besides this, these products are available in a wide range of lengths to find what will serve the kids. Also, they are packed in carrying bags for portability and storage needs. The slacklines are great for supporting the weight of most users and with the detailed instructions, they are simpler to assemble.

Additionally, these products are very safe and with durable materials built, they are ideal for years of use. These are the ultimate slackline kits in reviews to check out.

List of Best Slackline Kits in 2021

#10. Flybold Slackline Kit with Line Training Tree Protectors

flybold Slackline Kit with Training Line Tree Protectors Ratchet Protectors Arm Trainer 57 feet Easy Set up Instruction Booklet and Carry Bag Complete Set Outdoor Fun

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By: Flybold

For a perfect slackline that will aid in boosting the balance for beginners, this product is a top-rated unit you may consider. The slackline has a length of 57ft that offers a longer walking line. Besides this, the has a 5T break load and supports up to 300lbs for reliable services. This implies that it will serve most users including kids and adults. Moreover, the product is very safe, and with the detailed instructions, it allows for proper set-up in minutes.

It also offers you multiple ratchets that will protect you and ensure reliable uses. The kit is easy to carry and convenient to store since it comes in a carrying bag. The unit is a great gift for the kids and adults since it offers both fun and health benefits for the users. With the abrasion ratchet protector, it provides excellent feet protection when walking on the unit.

Highlighted Features
  • Abrasion ratchet protector system
  • 300lbs weight capacity
  • Lightweight portable design
  • 57ft long walking line
  • Sturdy twin gear ratchets
Reason to Buy
  • Provides a longer walking line
  • Easily portable and safe to store
  • Offers fun and health benefits

#9. ZenMonkey Overhead Training Line Slackline Kits

ZenMonkey Slackline Kit with Overhead Training Line, Arm Trainer, Tree Protectors, Cloth Carry Bag and Instructions, 60 Foot - Easy Setup

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By: ZenMonkey

The material that makes the slackline will determine longevity and stability. This slackline kit is very sturdy and safe thanks to the quality ratchets made from forged carbon steel material. They also have softer multi-weave webbing that will offer excellent stability for years of use. Because of the prolonged use and stability, this product supports the weight of both kids and adults. Also, they are packed in a cloth carrying bag, making them a breeze to store and carry for use whenever needed. Besides this, they are versatile products meant for improving balance, strength, and focus.

They can be used by rock climbers, surfers, yoga, and more. Additionally, the slackline kit has an overhead training line of 60ft to provide a longer walking distance. It also provides you with the main line plus ratchet for perfect training. With the setup instructions included, you will get a breeze to assemble.

Highlighted Features
  • Forged carbon steel ratchet built
  • Wide range of applications
  • 60ft overhead walking line
  • Tree protector sets and arm trainer
  • Lightweight handy cloth carry bag
Reason to Buy
  • Ideal for beginners and experts
  • Widely applicable and reliable
  • Easy and faster to set-up
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#8. Trailblaze Complete Slackline Kits 60 Ft Training Line

Complete Slackline Kit with Training Line - 60 ft Slack Line Longest Ever w:Tree Protectors Arm Trainer Ratchet Cover Ideal for Beginners Kids - Slack Lines for Backyard Ninja Tight Rope

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By: Trailblaze

Always consider the length of the walking line when need a perfect slackline. This product provides you with a 60ft slackline that will offer reliable and convenient operations. The versatile unit is recommended for both kids and adults plus comes with detailed instruction for elementary set-up. Crafted using the highest quality of material, this product is reliable and convenient to support up to 300lbs. Again, the slackline is highly versatile and reliable for yoga, mountain climbing, surfing, and improve balance.

It comes in a handy bag for portability and keeping the items in place. Moreover, they are fun to use and provides health benefits like improving coordination, strength, and balance. It comes at a relatively lower price to offer value for money.

Highlighted Features
  • 300lbs weight capacity
  • Improve balance, strength, and focus
  • Premium high-grade material built
  • A handy lightweight carrying case
  • 3-year warranty
Reason to Buy
  • Provides value money
  • Ideal for both kids and adults
  • Easily portable and convenient

#7. Exposed Gear Slackline 60Ft with Tree Protectors

Slackline Kit 60ft with Tree Protectors, Ratchet Cover, Instructions and Carry Bag | OPTIONAL Training Line + Arm Trainer only included in GREEN Slack Line Set | Perfect Slackline

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By: Exposed Gear

Equipped with a 60ft slackline and 60ft overhead training line, this unit is very reliable for your training needs. With this, you will find it excellent for improving strength, balance, and coordination among others. More interestingly, these products are crafted using quality durable material for better stability and extended use. It supports a payload of 300lbs, making it a fine selection for the kids and adults. Additionally, the kits are neatly arranged in carrying case for portability and storage needs. It has high-quality ergo ratchets that are meant for the main line. The pack also comes in a wide range of colors to find the ideal pick.

The slackline kit has both tree protectors and arm trainers, making safe and convenient for daily needs. You can apply the product in the backyard for family fun plus provides amazing health benefits.

Highlighted Features
  • 300lbs maximum weight
  • Premium quality material built
  • Convenient carrying bag
  • Multi-weave webbing construction
  • 60ft slackline and overhead trainer
Reason to Buy
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Offers value for money
  • Easy and faster to set-up

#6. Zero Gravity Slackline Kits with Tree Protectors

Zero Gravity Slacklines Slackline Kit with Industry Leading Carry:Storage Bag, Upgraded Ratchet w:Molded Finger Grip & Smooth Operation + Tree Protectors; Great Set

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By: Zero Gravity

Here is a very safe and reliable slackline kit that you can set-up in the yard for family fun. It also provides a wide range of health benefits like improving balance, strength, and coordination. More interestingly, this product comes with the tree protectors for safe use. It has quality molded finger grips for reliable convenient use. They are neatly packed in a carrying case for portability and storage needs. What is more, it has a superior weight load, making it a perfect option for kids and adults.

Due to the premium quality construction, this slackline is highly durable and sturdy for years of use. It also offers smooth operations and with the installation instructions included, you can easily set-up in minutes. You will like the fact that the price of the product is relatively lower and affordable.

Highlighted Features
  • Quality tree protectors
  • Premium molded finger grip
  • Convenient carrying bag
  • Heavy-duty material construction
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions
Reason to Buy
  • A breeze to set-up
  • Perfect for beginners and experts
  • Provides value for money
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#5. Gentle Booms Sports Ninja Warrior 56ft Slackline with Hanging Obstacles

Gentle Booms Sports Ninja Warrior Line Obstacle Course Kit Monkey Bar Kit 56 Foot, Kids Slackline Hanging Obstacle Course Set, Extreme Training Equipment

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By: Gentle Booms Sports

Featuring quality hanging obstacles, this product makes it fun for the training needs of the kids. The product is carefully built using heavy-duty material to bring about prolonged use and great stability. Because of this, the product supports up to 440lbs, making it fit for kids and adults. More interestingly, it has a length of 56ft that provides a longer walking distance, which makes it fun plus aids in improving balance. It comes in a convenient carry bag for portability and storage needs.

The colors are variable to get the preferred color option. This unit also has a hanging ladder for elementary climbing and getting down the slackline. It supports the variable skills of users by adjusting to suit your level.

Highlighted Features
  • 440lbs weight capacity
  • Multiple skill levels
  • Rubber coated gymnastic ring
  • Heavy-duty material construction
  • Lightweight carrying bag
Reason to Buy
  • Available in most colors
  • Supports multiple levels of skills
  • Simple and faster to set-up

#4. B BRANTON 50Ft Ninja Warrior with 10 Accessories

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids - Ninja Slackline 50' with 10 Accessories for Kids, Includes Swing, Obstacle Net Plus Grip Tape - Have Fun

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When you need a perfect slackline that will suit your training needs, this product is a consideration to try out. It has a length of 50ft to provide a longer walking distance. Besides this, the product comes with every accessory that you may need for the training. These include monkey fist, monkey bar holds, and gymnastic rings. Apart from this, it has a handy carry bag for storing and portability of the slackline.

Built using quality durable material, the slackline is very sturdy and stable for the kids and adults. You will find it a perfect addition to the backyard for training and fun activities.

Highlighted Features
  • Heavy-duty material construction
  • 50Ft slackline length
  • Lightweight portable design
  • 10 accessories kit
  • An adjustable slackline
Reason to Buy
  • Easy and quick to set-p
  • Provides great fun for kids and adults
  • Easily adjustable for reliable uses

#3. VENTURETREK 50ft Ninja Warrior Slackline with Monkey Bars

VENTURETREK Challenge 50FT Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids and Adults - Ninja Slackline for Backyard with Adjustable Obstacles Including Monkey Bars

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VENTURETREK 50ft Ninja Warrior Slackline is a special unit is a slackline you will find great for the kids. This product is fitted with two monkey bars that have up to 2 safety delta rings and buckle straps. Besides this, the product is easy and faster to set-up since it comes with step-by-step instructions. Moreover, the product is neatly packed in a carrying bag for portability and storage.

Besides this, the slackline has a length of 50ft that will offer a longer distance for the training needs. You can use the product at the beach, yard, camping site, and playground among others.

Highlighted Features
  • Heavy-duty material built
  • Two monkey bars with buckle straps
  • Two quality gymnastic rings
  • Scope of application
  • Convenient carrying storage bag
Reason to Buy
  • Simple and faster to set-up
  • Perfect for kids and youths
  • Easily portable and convenient to store
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#2. Fofana Ninja Warrior Obstacle 50ft Slackline

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids - 50' Ninja Slackline Obstacle Course | 8 Obstacles | Ninja Line Jungle Gym with Freestyle Rings Slack Line Jungle Gym Outdoor Play Equipment

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By: Fofana

For folks looking for the ideal slacklines for the kids, this product is an exceptional selection you never want to miss. The product is easily adjustable to accommodate most kids for fun and health benefits. Besides this, it has a total length of 50ft that most kids will find fun to move from one end to the next. That said, the unit is built using quality sturdy material to serve for years. This also ensures that it supports the weight of most kids.

This ninja warrior slackline is a breeze to set-up and the carabiners easily attach to the webbing to support over 1000lbs. Kids can enjoy playing at the beach, campsite, and yard among others.

Highlighted Features
  • Handy lightweight carry bag
  • 50ft long adjustable slackline
  • Premium durable material built
  • Two monkey bars
  • Wide range of applications
Reason to Buy
  • Very safe and reliable
  • Easier and faster to set-up
  • Portable and convenient to store

#1. Hyponix Sporting Ninja Warrior 60Ft Slack Line with 12 Obstacles

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids - 60 ft Slack Line 12 Obstacles – Ninja Slackline Obstacle Course for Kids Backyard – Ninja Warrior Training Equipment

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By: Hyponix Sporting

Hyponix Sporting Ninja Warrior slackline is another perfect selection of a slackline kit that will provide great fun for the kids. Built using premium quality material, these units are very safe and sturdy to support the weight of kids and youths. They are also simple and faster to assemble and comes with a total of 12 obstacles to allow kids to move from one end to the next.

It not only provides fun but also strengthens the muscles and improves coordination. This product is easily portable and reliable for use at the backyard, beach, and campsite among others. It also has a carry bag for the safe storage and portability of the items.

Highlighted Features
  • Heavy-duty material construction
  • A total of 12 obstacles
  • Convenient carry bag
  • Scope of applications
  • 110% money-back guarantee
Reason to Buy
  • Simple and easy to set-up
  • Ideal gift for kids
  • Provides great fun and portable

Slackline Kits Buying Guide

  • Length of Slackline: The slacklines are available in various lengths to find what will serve the users accordingly. You may get the shorter units of 50Ft or extra-long slacklines with 60Ft. For great fun, consider a slackline that has a longer length and adjustable to suit most users.
  • Weight Capacity: More interestingly, find a perfect product that has a proper payload that will accommodate the weight of most users. For instance, you may go for products with 300lbs or 440lb to suit the kids and adults. Such a product will offer fun for the whole family.
  • Material: To ensure the safety of the users, find a product that is built using premium quality material. You may get a product made using heavy-duty material with multi-weave built. It should also provide you with a carry bag to keep and transport the items.


These are the products that sum up the 10 ultimate slackline kits you may consider. These products are built using quality durable materials to serve longer and withstands the weight of most users. Apart from this, the kits are great for fun plus health benefits, making them exceptional picks to try out.

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