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Top 10 Best Slam Balls in 2023 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

by Addison
Slam Balls

Slam balls make excellent strength training equipment. They are a great way to build your stamina, power, and speed. Unlike the free weights, these balls are ideal for compound exercises and target multiple muscle groups. They also add fun to your workouts as they provide you with a dynamic exercise that you can enjoy with your partner. The best part is that they are perfect for beginners and advanced trainers. Unlike other free weights, you don’t need to master the form, making them easy to use.

As mentioned, you can use these balls in any form of workouts. From doing your regular squats, push-ups, sit-ups to planks, these balls come in handy. Better still, they are available in various weights, allowing you to pick the model that meets your needs. Unfortunately, picking the right model from a market that is filled with numerous models may be complicated. However, our detailed guide will make the process super easy for you. Below are the 10 best slam balls on the market.

List of 10 Best Slam Balls in 2023

#10. Bionic Body Soft Medicine Bal, Slam Balls

Bionic Body Soft Medicine Ball

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Explicitly designed to make your workouts intense, the Bionic body soft medicine balls will serve any fitness enthusiast well. Utilize it for various exercises including pushups, V-ups, squats, and more. Another best selling feature is that it doubles as a wall ball. Moreover, this is made possible by the ultra-durable construction and grippy exterior. Unlike other models, the balls boast of an evenly weighted design with a reduced bounce. This means you don’t have to worry about injuries that may arise from the powerful bounce back.

While we handpicked the 10-pound slam ball, we also have other models weighing 6, 14, and 20lbs. This enables you to select the models to meet your fitness levels. We also love the 13-inch diameter and grippy surface that allows for a firm grip. Additionally, the multi-stitched design ensures it doesn’t lose its shape even with repeated use.

Highlighted Features
  • Filled with premium material that absorbs impact
  • Heavy-duty construction that withstands force even when dropped on a hard surface
  • Exceptionally well-balanced
  • Easy to customize to meet your desired training

#9. Power Systems Elite Med Ball

Power Systems Elite Med Ball

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Durable, versatile, and easy to use, the power systems med ball sets the standard while retaining an affordable design. When compared to other models on the market, this unit has a really attractive and colorful design. It also comes with a decent weight that enables you to perform various exercises. As expected, you can also choose the different weights to fit your fitness level.

When it comes to construction, this unit boasts of high-quality materials that withstand extensive slamming without losing its shape. The surface is also textured to ensure that you get optimal exercise. Thanks to the versatile design, this medicine ball provides a fun and challenging vibration, making them ideal for various training programs.

Highlighted Features
  • Upgraded design with color-coded seams
  • Easy-grip design for enhanced performance
  • Available in 11 weights to suit your needs
  • Ultra-durable and weather-resistant

#8. Shogun Sports Soft Wall Ball

Shogun Sports Soft Wall Ball

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The Shogun sports softball makes a decent addition to your workout regime as it improves your core strength, coordination, and balance. Using premium materials and double stitched to comply with the highest standards make it the best slam ball for you. Besides, the textured surface will provide a superior grip making it great for various exercises.

Equally, this unit boasts of even weight distribution that ensures that it retains its shape even after repeated use. The company has tested the ball to ensure optimal weight distribution. Also important, this unit has a grippy faux leather exterior that offers a firm grip. The ball also includes two side loops that allow you to pick it easily.

Highlighted Features
  • Even weight distribution ensures optimal performance
  • Double stitched for enhanced durability
  • Features a grippy faux leather exterior
  • Highly versatile gym equipment for various exercises
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#7. Champion Sports Rhino Elite Medicine Ball

Champion Sports Rhino Elite Medicine Ball

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Not everyone would like using heavy, overinflated slam balls for their exercises. If you are looking for a soft yet evenly weighted toning ball then this unit will suit your needs. The model is specifically designed to help you build strength; improve your balance and coordination.

The materials are also double stitched to ensure the highest durability. Notably, this is also one of the few slam balls that have been tested and approved by personal trainers and health experts. Speaking of its performance, this unit is made from Rhino skin that is built to withstand intense workout without losing its weight, shape, and bounce.

Highlighted Features
  • Synthetic rubber construction
  • Flexible to use for various exercises
  • Available in various weights and colors
  • Has a textured surface that ensures a firm grip

#6. ProsourceFit Soft Medicine Balls

ProsourceFit Soft Medicine Balls

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The ProsourceFit soft medicine ball helps improve your flexibility and boost your range of motion. This allows you to tone your muscles much faster. Increase your core strength by throwing them on the floors, to your partner, or against the wall. It is versatile for various workouts including core exercises, CrossFit workout. Functional fitness as well as power and agility training.

You’ll love the PU leather exterior that is tough yet soft to the touch. The ball is filled with shock-absorbing materials that ensure minimal bounce. Also important, the materials are double-stitched together to ensures long-lasting service. Similarly, we love the consistent size that maintains a balanced weight and standard 14-inch diameter.

Highlighted Features
  • Versatile design for CrossFit workouts. Agility training and power training
  • Has a PU leather interior and with a grippy feel
  • Filled with impact-absorbing materials
  • Comes in a balanced weight and 14-inch diameter
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#5. Day 1 Fitness Medicine Exercise Ball

Day 1 Fitness Medicine Exercise Ball

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Doing the same exercises may make your workout feel monotonous. Add fun and do more in the gym with this cleverly designed exercise ball. With it, you can add more versatility to your usual squats. Push-ups, sit-ups, and lunges. It boasts even weight distribution that makes it easy to use for various exercises. Having been made using high-end materials, this unit is comfortable and secure to hold. Different from other models, this unit is crafted from a premium rubber that doesn’t puncture.

It’s time to replace your free weights with this multipurpose exercise ball. Unlike the latter, these balls provide optimal heaviness for increased muscle strength, coordination, and endurance. The rubber shell is grippy and tough. This allows it to take an absolute beating on all surface types without any damage. More importantly, the impact-absorbing filling provides a true dead bounce.

Highlighted Features
  • Made from durable rubber with a textured exterior
  • A safer alternative to free weights
  • Proudly designed in the USA
  • Evenly distributed weight for enhanced performance

#4. AmazonBasics Training Exercise Ball, Slam Balls

AmazonBasics Training Exercise Ball

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The weighted AmazonBasics training ball is one of the simplest, affordable, and versatile models available on the market. For starters, this unit is designed by a brand that prioritizes the user needs. Therefore, you should expect reliable performance for years. It comes with tough construction so that you can bounce it on the wall, ground, and other hard surfaces. The tough construction materials ensure optimal performance without losing its shape or weight.

It also features a textured exterior that offers a reliable grip. Similar to other high-end models, this unit comes with color-coded options ranging from 4lbs to 20 pounds. This versatile gym equipment will enable you to develop core strength, balance, and coordination. Moreover, it includes a loop on either side that ensures a secure grip.

Highlighted Features
  • Made from premium PP material, Leather and PVC
  • The double stitched design ensures a contained design
  • Helps build endurance and strength
  • Softer than standard medicine balls
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#3. TRX Training Slam Ball

TRX Training Slam Ball

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Enhance your daily workouts with the help of TRX training slam ball. Designed to deliver exceptional versatility, this ball comes in handy for various exercises. It enables you to target different muscle groups, including your abs, glutes, and arms. Thanks to the versatile design, this unit is perfect to use for general workouts such as squats, CrossFit drills, pushups, and wall ball tosses.

As mentioned, this exercise ball will enable you to build your strength and cardio endurance. For optimal performance, this unit also comes in a rugged, textured surface that ensures an easy and secure grip. The shatter-resistant rubber shell will also absorb impact to ensure a dead bounce. Additionally, the weight is evenly balanced and more importantly comes in various weights to meet your needs.

Highlighted Features
  • Textured surface provides easy gripping
  • Has a thick, durable and impact absorbing rubber
  • Available in multiple weight options
  • Designed to survive tough workouts

#2. J/fit Dead Weight Slam Ball

J/fit Dead Weight Slam Ball

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Unleash your power and build your endurance with the J/fit dead weight slam ball. With a functional, simple design, the ball will engage your whole body in high-intensity workouts that build muscles, burn calories, and build strength. This exercise ball comes with rugged construction with patented treads to ensure an easy and secure grip.

The ultra-durable shell absorbs impact to ensure optimal performance. The materials are also about 25 percent thicker in the areas around the valve to prevent any vulnerability. Notably, this unit also has a softer outer core and right texture to ensure optimal execution and control. More importantly, this unit has gorgeous colors that you’ll love.

Highlighted Features
  • Crafted from premium rhino leather skin
  • Color-coded depending on weight
  • Retains its shape after years of use
  • Soft textured design to ensure a superior grip

#1. Champion Sports Rhino Promax Slam Balls

Champion Sports Rhino Promax Slam Balls

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While the most slam balls are made of rubber, still plenty of enthusiast athletes who love the leather slam balls. If you prefer these traditional slam balls, then you will absolutely love this model. This unit is made using rhino skin leather, which is smooth while still providing superior grip. This allows you to have better control. We also love the ergonomic and large design that makes it easy to throw, slam, and catch even when your hands become sweaty.

Another main selling point is the unparalleled performance and strength. Unlike other cheaply designed units, this unit provides more bounce. The materials also ensure optimal wear resistance, allowing you to use them on all hard surfaces. Additionally, the unit will enable you to target various muscle groups. Its versatile design makes it perfect to add to your weight training, aerobic activities, and CrossFit. Besides, the balls come in various colors and variety, allowing you to continually mix to get the most from your workouts.

Highlighted Features
  • 20 percent thicker materials for heightened durability
  • Maintains a soft and easy Grip
  • The surface features patented heavy-duty treads
  • Available in multiple weights and colors

Slam Balls Buying Guide

Adding the best slam balls to your workout programs will not only add fun but also enables you to get the desired results faster. However, with a large number on the market, you might find yourself confused about the best model to pick. In the following buying guide, we are going to discuss some crucial pointers that will assist you in making an informed choice.

Size and Weight: Slam balls come in different weights and sizes. The best pick will depend on the type of exercise, your fitness level, as well as your strength. If you are a beginner, then you’ll need to start small and work your way up. Here we recommend going for light slam balls that weigh as low as 4 pounds. Thereafter increase the weights gradually. Luckily, there is a decent range of exercise balls weighing from 4 pounds to 70 pounds.

Shell Thickness and Durability: Just as the name suggests, these balls help you build your strength, coordination, and balance by throwing them to your partner, or slamming them to the wall. The shell thickness will often determine how durable the ball is. The thicker the construction materials the durable it is. We recommend going to models that withstand repeated uses for years.

Texture and Construction Materials: The balls are mainly made from Rubber, PVC or leather. The type of construction material usually determines the level of textures on the surface. The rubber materials tend to offer the best texture. Therefore, if your hands are always sweaty, we recommend going for models that are made of rubber. On the other hand, the leather materials offer a softer and firm grip. Besides the exterior materials, also consider the filling materials. Generally, the balls are filled with infusion gel or air. For the best performance, we recommend the gel-filled materials, as it doesn’t require you to worry about punctures.


The best slam balls are cleverly designed workout equipment that spices up your training sessions and works on your body muscles to achieve your dream body shape. These versatile exercise equipment are ideal for your home workouts, gym, as well as outdoor exercises. If you are looking to tone your body faster, then you need to choose any of the above-reviewed models. The best thing with these exercise balls is that they can be integrated into any form of workout. All the best!




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