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Top 10 Best Ultrasonic Animal Repellers in 2021 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

When you need to keep animals such as squirrels, cats, dogs, and rabbits, among others, from your backyard or garden, then you need to find the best animal repeller. These devices produce powerful flash LED light and high ultrasonic sound that helps in expelling away the animals. Ultrasonic Animal Repellers function without harmful or toxic chemicals, making them environmentally friendly. Besides that, they are elementary to set-up, making them an ideal selection for all users.

The challenge comes when choosing the best repeller. However, in this article, we have gathered a list of the top 10 best Ultrasonic Animal Repellers in 2021 to help you choose the most suitable one.

List of Best Ultrasonic Animal Repellers in 2021

#10. Fierre Shann Outdoor Solar Animal Repeller with Red Flashing Lights and Motion Sensor

Ultrasonic Animal Repellers

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Do you want to keep animals and rodents away from your garden or yard? This is a perfect animal repeller that will scare away any animal approaching your farm. It features an ultrasonic speaker that emits a tone that human beings cannot hear to chase outdoor animals such as raccoons, foxes, cats,  skunks, squirrels, and more. What’s more, this device has a Passive InfraRed sensor that detects moving objects and triggers 120 dB alarm ultrasonic sound and strong flashing LED to scare away animals.

Subsequently, this Animal Repeller has two charging options available with a solar panel to charge it or use three pieces of AA size rechargeable batteries. The waterproof design of this device makes it withstand wetting and thus protecting your farm all year round. Above all, this product is offered with 18 months warranty.

Highlighted Features
  • Has a passive infrared sensor that detects moving objects
  • Solar powered and works with 3 AA-size batteries
  • Eco-friendly and cost-effective animal repeller
  • Has ip44 waterproof designs great for outdoor
  • Comes with a user manual and USB cable

#9. ASPECTEK Yard Sentinel Ultrasonic Animal Repeller-2 Pack

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The working range of Ultrasonic Animal Repeller is a very important factor to consider before purchasing any device. The ASPECTEK Yard Animal Repeller works with a range of about 60 degrees vertical, 170 degrees horizontal, and up to 5,000 square feet. You can use it anywhere and works it 24 hours day and night. In fact, you can use it in your garden, warehouse, barn, farm, attic, shed, and cabin, or anywhere pest control is needed. Moreover, its unique design and seal lets you set it anywhere.

Its adjustable frequency dial enables you to get rid of birds, raccoons, skunks, rats, squirrels, mice, dogs, cats, mosquitoes, and more. Besides that, it is completely inaudible and quiet to humans. This product is offered with a one-year limited warranty.

Highlighted Features
  • Has coverage of up to 5,000 square feet
  • You can use it anywhere, offering 24-hour protection
  • Has powerful PIR infrared motion sensor
  • Provides chemical-free and humane pest control
  • It has a range of about 170 degrees horizontal

#8. Thanos Solar Ultrasonic Animal Repeller for Your Garden

Ultrasonic Animal Repellers

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Here is another classy looking Animal Repeller that comes with exciting features. First, it has a mixture of powerful and ultrasonic flashing strobe lights that effectively repel marten, boar, rodents, skunks, badgers, raccoons, and foxes, mice, cats, etc. Additionally, this device works when it detects a slow-moving object and returns to sleep mode at a normal time. This device has different sensitivity modes enabling you to set the mode depending on your needs.

This animal repeller has a solar panel on top of it, making it suitable to place it in areas where it is difficult to power, including orchards, manors, nurseries, lawns, gardens, farms, and more. Typically, this product is waterproof, so you do not have to worry that it cannot work during rainy days. Lastly, this product is easy to install.

Highlighted Features
  • Has powerful flashing led strobe lights
  • Uses solar energy to charge the battery
  • Eco-friendly and harmless to humans
  • Waterproof ipx65 and solid plastic construction
  • Has an effective range of 1600 SQ.FT

#7. Bagoro Electronic Ultrasonic Pest Repeller for Cockroaches, Roaches, Rats

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Every time you want to drive away all the pests from your garden, office, apartment, warehouse, halls, kitchen, bedroom, or wine cellars, you can use this Ultrasonic Pest Repeller by Bagoro. It usually emits 19 to 65 kHz high-frequency ultrasound that can disorientate the nervous and hearing system of cockroaches and mice; since they cannot withstand this sound, they will leave your home. Most importantly, this Pest Repeller is 100% safe for pets and humans as it has no chemicals and dangerous poisons.

This environmentally friendly pet repeller has an effective range of up to 120 square meters, and it will effectively repel squirrels, roaches, cockroaches, voles, mice, chipmunks, rats, along other rodents to prevent feeding and nesting. Finally, yet importantly, this device has 5 modes to select from depending on the actual environment and target pest.

Highlighted Features
  • Emit 19-65khz high-frequency ultrasound
  • 5 modes that can be selected depending on the actual environment
  • Human & pets safe and uses less power
  • Has an effective range of 120 square meters
  • Ultrasound 25khz-65khz

#6. Rostermank 6 Pack Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Pets and Human Safe

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Eliminate all the pests and bugs in every corner of your garden with the Rostermank Pest Repeller. It is a pet and child-friendly Animal Repeller that produces a sound that is only harmful to rats, snakes, ants, mosquitoes, spiders, mice, and more. Other than that, this device adopts the dual-chip that emits different ultrasonic frequencies to annoy the nervous system of the rats and insects, making them flee away gradually. Moreover, this device is portable and simple to install.

You can use this Pest Repeller in your office, warehouse, home, hotel, or garden. This product has an effective coverage of 1600 square feet, and it is recommended to be mounted horizontally 32 to 47 inches away from the ground. Overall, this animal Repeller works with low-frequency ultrasound waves; hence it cannot disturb your family and pets.

Highlighted Features
  • Completely safe for children and pets
  • Portable and simple to install
  • Has effective coverage of up to 1600 square feet
  • Gave you extremely silent pest control
  • Best for various kinds of pests

#5. Okutani 6 Packs Ultrasonic Pest Repeller for Mosquito, Mice, Rodent

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Are you looking forward to getting an ideal Pest Repeller that will suit your space and backyard? This is a powerful and fantastic animal repeller that offers top-notch services thanks to its high-quality motion sensor. It works by emitting a disorienting pulse that keeps away animals and pets from your office or home. Subsequently, this pest repeller is non-toxic, no chemicals, and 100% safe for pets and humans. Using this device is very simple as you just need to plug it in the power socket, and it will begin repelling the pests.

This product is equipped with a dual microchip system that allows it to cover an area of up to 120 square meters. Since this pest repeller works quietly with low-frequency ultrasound waves, it means that it will not disturb you and your pets.

Highlighted Features
  • Safe and environment friendly
  • Works by emitting a disorienting pulse
  • Suitable for the area of 80 to 120 square meters
  • Easy to use and has an excellent shape
  • 100% safe to human and pets

#4. GOTSEVEN Ultrasonic Animal Repellent with Flashing Lights and Motion Sensor

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When you want to keep your lawn safe from animals such as rats, raccoons, fox, rabbits, squirrels, and Dogs, among others, GOTSEVEN Ultrasonic Animal Repeller is a great pick to try out. Ideally, this device is user friendly and has no pesticides or chemicals used, making it safe for pets and humans. Generally, this animal repeller works through emitting ultrasonic waves to keep animals away from your zone, yard, garden, house, driveways, farms, boats, etc.

It has 5 different sensitivity modes that you can easily set depending on your needs. You can easily hang this Animal Repellent into the wall or push it into the ground. What’s more, it has 2 charging options available where it has a solar panel to charge 4 AA rechargeable batteries or recharge it via USB cable. Lastly, this product has a Waterproof design to protect it from wet.

Highlighted Features
  • Has five different sensitivity modes
  • Solar powered and waterproof
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Can also be recharged via USB
  • Has an infrared sensor angle of 110 degrees

#3. Ever Pest Store Ultrasonic Plug-in Pest Repeller Insect Control Defender

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The Ever Pest Store Pest Repeller is made out of durable and high-quality materials. It features a waterproof design to withstand rain and wet condition. This insect control defender is both PET and human safety, as it does not contains poison or chemicals. It can cover an area of up to 1800 sq ft. You can also use a device to control cockroaches, rats, mosquitoes, ants, mice, and so on.

Installing this Insect Control Defender is very simple, and it comes with a metal stake that you can easily install it on the ground. You can use this Repeller in different rooms for severe controls, and you will see all your pests and rodents running away in weeks.

Highlighted Features
  • Human and pet safe
  • Dual electromagnetic and ultrasonic pest repeller
  • Has up to 1800 SQ FT coverage
  • Nontoxic and non-killer
  • Very easy to use

#2. Palmandpond Ultrasonic Plug-in Pest Repeller for Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders

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The Palmandpond Ultrasonic Pest Repeller boasts a waterproof and solid construction, making it ideal for outdoor use.  In addition to that, it is resistant to heat, dust, rust, and other adverse elements. Ideally, this pest controller features an ultrasonic frequency that is inaudible to pests and humans. Unlike poisons, mousetraps, glue traps, and roach motels, this Pest Repeller does not cause any harm or leave nasty dead rodents and insects behind for you to deal with.

Using this pest repeller is very easy, and you just need to mount it vertically 10 to 40 inches away from the floor. Subsequently, it covers a large area up to 1200 sq.ft in total. Within 2-3 weeks, you can say goodbye to mice and pests.

Highlighted Features
  • Has no harmful chemicals or poisons
  • Covers an area up to 1200 SQ.FT total
  • Ecofriendly as it won`t cause harm to insects or rodents
  • Has 22-65khz ultrasonic repellent frequency
  • Very easy to install and use

#1. GOTSEVEN Ultrasonic Waterproof Repellent Animal Repeller for Cats and Dogs

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Do not wait until uninvited hungry night pests and rodents invade your small flourishing plant beds. This Animal Repeller by GOTSEVEN will keep off all the unwanted animals. It features an Intense ultrasonic signal that scares the wild boars, cats, dogs, birds, mouse, and more other animals away from your yard, garden, house, and any other place. Subsequently, this unit has five different sensitivity modes, which you can set depending on your needs, and it will work correctly on different animals.

This device has two charging options where it has a solar panel to charge the batteries, or you can use a USB to recharge this Animal Repeller. This device has a waterproof function; thus, it cannot be affected by rain, ice, or snow.

Highlighted Features
  • Has multi-frequency and sensitivity mode
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Solar powered and waterproof
  • Keeps the pests and animals away inhumane way
  • Has no harmful chemicals or pesticides

Ultrasonic Animal Repellers Buying Guide

Construction: A good animal repeller is one that is constructed using weatherproof, dust resistant and durable materials. Other than that, it also needs to be rugged to ensure long-term services. Get the one that you can use anywhere during all seasons.

Working Range: This is another important factor you need to put into consideration.  Some repellers work within a range of 10 meters while others are up to 30 meters long. Some cover up to 18-degrees while others up to 110-degrees.  Get the one that has a longer and wider working area.

Sound and Light Systems: Since animal repellers use flashing lights and sound to expel the animals, it is essential to get the ideal one with an enhanced sound system. Get the one with powerful flashing LED lights and produce an ultrasonic sound system to scare away the animals. Other factors you need to look at include price, ease of installation, size, power consumption, among others.


These are some of the top-rated animal repellers that you can find in the market. They are a rugged, durable, and waterproof unit that you can use during all seasons. Moreover, they are perfect for expelling different animals and are great for outdoor use. Select one and buy it today.

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