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Top 10 Best Airbrush Makeup Guns in 2021 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

In these modern days, everyone wants to look for ways to save money. Therefore, an idea like doing your makeup is a top priority to make this dream come true. This is only made possible by purchasing the right tools. Airbrush makeup guns are substitutes for the normal sponge powdered technique of doing makeup. Another important thing to note is that airbrush makeup guns are safe to use as compared to their counterparts.

However, it is a piece of work to determine the right airbrush makeup gun. This is because the market is flooded with these products. But the good news is that with a detailed article like this, you are sure to pick the right tool for you. Moreover, below is a buyer’s guide to quickly direct you to the right pick. All the best as you make the right selection!

List of Best Airbrush Makeup Guns in 2021

#10. COSSCCI Multipurpose Airbrush Sprayer

COSSCCI Upgraded Airbrush Kit, Portable Mini Air Brush Spray Gun with Compressor Kit Single Action Air Brush Painting Kits for Cake Decorating Makeup Art Nail Model Painting Tattoo Manicure

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This craft is constructed to bring happiness and enjoyment to your table. It is a product that comes with multipurpose designs. With this piece, you can do many exercises that include coloring surfaces, decorating cakes, makeup, and painting among others. It is designed with user-friendly designs that include portability. This means that you can plunge it into a simple carrier and take it with you wherever you want.

On top of that, the airbrush makeup gun is simply designed for everyone to have an easy experience using it. This means that you do not have to go through training to know how to use the gun. Also, the product is easy to care for and maintain. All the components of the products are cleanable.

Highlighted Features
  • Rechargeable airbrush
  • USB charging design
  • Optimized circuit
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Versatile uses
Reason to Buy
  • Easy to use
  • Cleanable
  • Lightweight material design

#9. ROADTEC Cordless Airbrush Makeup Guns Kit

ROADTEC Upgraded Airbrush Kit with Air Compressor, Portable Cordless Mini Airbrush Gun Kit, Rechargeable Handheld Airbrush Set for Makeup, Cake Decor, Model Coloring, Nail Art, Tattoo, Art Craft

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One of the most important things to look into while purchasing the right product that matches your needs is user-friendly designs. Therefore, this piece is designed with this invention improvement in mind. The product comes with the perfect removable sprinkler design in the entire market. For this reason, you do not have to deal with an untidy airbrush makeup kit after using it.

Besides, the product is designed with perfect air pressure emission. Therefore, the piece is the most preferred in the whole market. Some of the airbrushes that are an improvement to this were designed with lesser air pressure emission. However, this one is offered 50% improved air pressure emission.

Highlighted Features
  • Best air pressure emission
  • Automated airbrush
  • Battery level indicator
  • Adjustment gear
  • Replaceable liquid cup
Reason to Buy
  • Replaceable components
  • Affordable
  • Satisfaction guarantee
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#8. YLINGSU Portable Airbrush Gun Kit

YLINGSU Airbrush Kit, Rechargeable Handheld Mini Air Compressor Airbrush Set, Portable Cordless Airbrush Gun with Low Noise for Makeup, Tattoo, Nail Art, Face Paint, Cake Decor

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Are you looking to glamourize your wall room with exquisite colors? Well, we got you covered. The best painting tool in the entire market in 2021 is not another than this equipment. It is designed with the USB cable that allows your painter brush to remain fully charged at all times. The product is not only meant for painting but also comes in handy to help complete other exercises as well. Some of these exercises include makeup, cake decors, drawing tattoos; the list is endless.

Furthermore, the airbrush makeup gun is the best energy saver since you can use it for more than half an hour when loaded with charge and when it is off the charger. On top of that, it has been approved to be safe for use. Also, it is affordable and available in the modern market. Last but not least, the tool provides you with an ergonomic and convenient experience due to its portability design.

Highlighted Features
  • Best energy saver
  • Portable airbrush
  • Affordable
  • Comes with an air pump
  • Compact design
Reason to Buy
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to clean
  • All components packaged

#7. KIBEE Airbrush Makeup Kit

Airbrush Kit, KIBEE Rechargeable Handheld Mini Air Compressor Airbrush, Portable Cordless Airbrush Gun for Makeup, Tattoo, Nail Art, Face Paint, Model Painting,Cake Decor

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Unlike most of these varieties, this product comes with a cordless design. This is the best-designed airbrush that exists in the modern market. With convenience design, you are assured for easy to operate functions. That means that as you are working the gun for whatever reason, you do not have to hassle about the cord twisting. This is simply because the product does not have any cord cables.

This one also is made with portability features hence you can take it with you wherever you want. The airbrush is rechargeable and one handheld designed. This means that you do not have to get any help as you are working the gun down. Also, the curved airbrush design offers comfort as you are painting or making coloring.

Highlighted Features
  • Curved airbrush design
  • Stores energy for a long time
  • Upgraded atomization design
  • Automated product
  • Customer service available
Reason to Buy
  • Easy to use
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Lightweight material makes

#6. QUEVINA Painting and Versatile Kit

QUEVINA Airbrush Painting Kit Upgrade Spray Handheld Cordless Airbrush Gun With Compressor For Makeup Tattoo Nails Art Drawing Cake Decoration Model Coloring Gold

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Are you worried about getting a perfect makeup that will take you through the day without disappointments? You are in the right place. It is hard to find that perfect shade for your skin without knowing the secret hidden in using this perfect makeup tool. The good thing is that am willing to spill it all for you so that you can make the right decisions. Therefore, the good news is that this airbrush makeup gun is the perfect tool that offers you a perfect makeup experience of all times.

Ideally, the product is designed with a simple strategy for use. This means that you do not have to worry about incurring extra cost getting professional training on how to use the components. It comes with a booster technology that improves atomization. Also, it is a long-lasting product that is designed to serve you for a long time.

Highlighted Features
  • Booster technology
  • Multi-functional piece
  • Handheld kit
  • Comes with switch button
  • 1-hour use when fully charged
Reason to Buy
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Sincere service
  • Easy to operate
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#5. DEWIN Lightweight Airbrush Set

Multi-purpose Airbrush Set - Mini Air Compressor Spray Gun, Dual Action 0.3mm Airbrush Gun, 7CC Capacity Set for Paint Art Tattoo Nail Design

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It is important to purchase a product that his easy to use. This piece is a prototype of simplicity since it offers easy refills and cleanable designs. You will agree with me that it is hard to buy a hard to use the product. This is because it gives you additional baggage’s to train how it is used. However, this is avoidable while you purchase the right tool for you. This airbrush makeup gun is made to simplify your hard work at mixing colors and buying painting brushes. All you need to do is to press the sprayer and get down to painting.

The product is widely used for different purposes. It is designed for use in different fields such as painting, food coloring, and beauty purposes among others. Also, the incredible piece is designed from improved material quality and upgraded scientific design. Hence, you are sure to get the right professional tool for your home.

Highlighted Features
  • Improved material quality
  • Scientific safe design
  • Time saver
  • Energy saver
  • Satisfaction guarantee
Reason to Buy
  • Widely used
  • Easy to clean
  • Makes work easier

#4. Qimedo set For Cake Coloring

Qimedo Handheld Mini Airbrush Kit, USB Rechargeable Portable Airbrush Makeup Kit Professional Cordless Airbrush Set with Quiet Air Compressor for Art Nail Painting Tattoo

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By: Qimedo

The most important aspect that should get you to purchase this piece is its portability design. It is so overwhelming to buy a product that you cannot have at all times. Sometimes you need to draw on street walls and maybe you do have the airbrush painter with you. For this reason, we have decided to bring you comfort at making the right tool that you need for all your favorite exercises in your pocket. It is designed to fit in the wallet hence so easy to access when needed.

With this product, you can do your nails and makeup without visiting a beautician. Ideally, the product comes to offer you a perfect relaxation to get things done at the comfort of your couch. Moreover, the airbrush makeup gun is a perfect money saver since you can do your services when you need it.

Highlighted Features
  • Single-action design
  • Adjustable screw design
  • Ergonomic and comfortable
  • USB cable
  • Optimized circuit
Reason to Buy
  • Easy to spray
  • Comfortable to use
  • Easy to use switch buttons

#3. FATUXZ Upgraded Airbrush Set; White

FATUXZ Rechargeable handheld wireless Airbrush Set with Portable Mini Air Compressor Ink Cup Spray Pen for MakeupTattoo Nail Art Face Paint Cake Deraction Coloring Model with 3 Capacity Cup

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For the love of all of us who love temporary tattoos, there is a simple way of getting perfect pictures. It is easy to take off temporary tattoos than having permanents ones which are hard to maintain and remove. For this reason, you can decide to get perfect decorations on your skin by purchasing the right tattoo airbrush. Therefore, this is the perfect one that will summarize the need of having beautiful pictures all over your skin.

It is also designed with a curved handheld design. This provides users with a comfortable experience while using the gun. On top of that, the airbrush makeup gun is portable and lightweight. Therefore, it is simple to use and maneuver with one hand. The product is rechargeable using a USB cable.

Highlighted Features
  • Power USB cable
  • It comes with a switch button
  • Air pump
  • Optimized circuit
  • Replaceable cup design
Reason to Buy
  • Spacious fluid cup
  • Comes with a compact design
  • Chargeable product
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#2. Lvylov with Needle 0. 3mm Airbrush Multipurpose Kit

Airbrush Kit, Lvylov Portable Airbrush Kit with Dual-Action Airbrush, Mini USB Rechargeable Air Compressor, 6 CC Cup, 0.3mm Needle, Low Noise for Art Hobby,Makeup,Nail Art,Cake Decoration

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By: Lvylov with Needle

Are you looking for a fast charging airbrush makeup gun to no avail? Well, look no further. This piece comes with the best charging functions that allow your gun to be loaded with energy. It is provided with a 7.4V battery design. For this reason, you are sure to get the best gun that charges very fast and using a limited amount of time. Moreover, the battery is designed with easy to track battery levels using the indicator.

Additionally, the product is offered a fluid cup that is removable and cleanable. For this reason, you do not have to hassle about spoiling your paintings with old colors. The fluid cup is easy to remove and simple to clean with much ease. The fluid cup is made from a 6CC metallic material hence durable to use.

Highlighted Features
  • 6CC Fluid cup
  • 600mAh Battery design
  • 1.5 Charging hours
  • Double action spray
  • Gear adjustment design
Reason to Buy
  • It is a cordless product
  • Portable
  • Easy to clean components

#1. FATUXZ Coloring Kit; Black

FATUXZ Double Action Airbrush Kit,Rechargeable Wireless Mini Airbrush Set,Cordless Portable Airbrush Compressor for Makeup,Cake Decor,Model Coloring,Nail Art,Tattoo,Barbershop

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One important thing that should attract your attention with this airbrush is the safety of using them. It could be pointless to purchase a product if it does not offer you safe while using it. This piece is tested over time and approved so safe for its multifunctional uses. Most importantly, it is also designed safely to use for makeup and nail painting.

Besides, the product is affordable and readily available in the modern market. Therefore you do not have to worry about running out of budget. This means that you can still afford the piece even at a low budget. Another thing is that you are sure to get it in the modern market with much ease.

Highlighted Features
  • Double-action design
  • Cordless design
  • Removable fluid cup
  • All components packaged
  • Quiet to use
Reason to Buy
  • Produce less noise
  • Versatile fluid cup
  • Multipurpose design

Airbrush Makeup Guns Buyer’s Guide

It is so important to consider some of the important factors before buying these airbrush makeup guns. Many factors should be looked into that direct us to the right selection. However, some of these factors are more important than others. For this reason, this guide only records the top factors that are perfect for any type of need. These factors include:

  • Lightweight design: This is the greatest factor that should point you to a perfect airbrush makeup gun. One of the reasons to opt for this tool is to simplify your makeup experience. For this reason, you need a tool that you can bear with your hands. Therefore, getting a lightweight kit is the best decision you can ever make.
  • Skin type: Secondly, it is worthwhile to ensure that you pick a tool that is designed to offer you a range of skin types of makeup. This means that the tool is capable of satisfying you to the shade that you want. Therefore, the best product to get is one that comes with your skin type shade.


All these products in the lists are designed for you to enjoy. They are all packaged with all the components needed for you to get started. The tools are made with an easy to use design; hence you do not need any trainer to help you with the makeup guns. On top of that, they are lightweight thus easy to bear with one hand. The good news is that the products are offered an easy to clean design therefore easy to keep tidy. The airbrush makeup guns are constructed for all skin types hence anyone can comfortably get the right tool that fits their skin.

Most importantly, the products are hygienic to use. This means that they do not cause any rashes to the skin. Unlike their counterparts that use the same sponges, hands over and over again. With all the information provided am sure you will make an informed decision and purchase from the list above. Happy buying!

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