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Top 10 Best Dent Pullers in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Unwanted dents can completely ruin your car appearance and reduce its value. You cannot prevent your car from getting dings and dents as long as it is in use. Owing Dent Puller will help you remove car dents when you are at home rather than taking it to an auto body repair shop. These tools are easy to use and are designed to remove dents from your vehicle effectively. Besides that, they will save you more time and money.

With the myriads of dent pullers accessible in the market, it can be quite tricky to find the right one. That why we have done some extensive research and listed the top 10 best dent pullers in 2020 for you.

List of Top 10 Best Dent Pullers in 2020

#10. Manelord Auto Minor dents Body Repair Tool Kit, Glue Puller Tabs

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Are you searching for the best auto dent repair tool kit? If yes, then this is what to buy. It is suitable for any auto dent, hail damage, repair door dings, etc. It comes with different size tabs that allows you to repair the various size of the dent. In addition to that, the package includes 2pcs glue shovels, 5pcs black puller tab, 1pc empty bottle, clean black cloth, and double pole bridge dent puller for leveling the dents.

This Dent puller is also perfect to repair auto dents and offers efficient action on the washing machine, vehicle, refrigerator, and home appliance. Another thing, this product is very easy to use, including women. The bridge puller has an arched bridge that permits you to adjust the spacing to fit the dents better.

Highlighted Features
  • Suit for dent size within 14cm
  • Does not damage the original paint
  • Comes with 5 pcs different size glue tabs
  • Handle has a polygon design for better vehicle repair
  • Easy to use and everyone can use it

#9. ARISD Auto Body 32Pcs Paintless Dent, Car Hail Removal Tools Kit

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Having to transport your vehicle to a mechanic for a petty issue is very time consuming and expensive. This Dent Puller by ARISD is going to save you hundreds of money in body shops. This tool will assist you in repairing your vehicle by yourself. Ideally, this Paintless Dent remover comes with a repair steps introduction making it easy to use. Moreover, it has 32 pieces, including all the popular and classic tools.

This tool is safe and efficient to pop outdoor ding, dents, and hail damages on the metal surface, such as washing machines, motorcycles, refrigerators, and vehicles. Besides, this tool kit does not damage the original paint for the car. Above all, it is ideal for family individuals DIY paintless dent repair.

Highlighted Features
  • So easy to operate
  • Has 32 pcs with all classic and popular tools
  • Save a lot of money and time as you repair your cars by yourself
  • Offers efficient and safe to pop out dents
  • No chemicals and toxic material used

#8. AGPTEK Car Body Dent Puller Kit with Pulling Tabs and T-bar Head Dent Puller

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The AGPTEK Car Body Dent Puller is another wonderful kit for car dents but can likewise use to eliminate dings in appliances. It has a small T-bar dent puller that allows quick and simple pulling of small dents and a long puller that allows effortless and efficiency pulling large dent. Subsequently, the kit comes with a transparent hot melted glue stick that contains fewer pigments and impurities to make it have strong stickiness.

The package includes a clear plastic spray bottle, 10, clean cloth, hot melted glue sticks, a hot glue gun, puller pads, a plastic shovel, and T-bar Puller, making it perfect for anyone to operate. Furthermore, this Dent repair kit can be used for refrigerators, washing machines, motorcycle bodies, and hail damage. Above all, this kit will help you to save you a lot of money and time.

Highlighted Features
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Comes with transparent hot melted glue sticks
  • Suitable for dent greater than 1.97-inch diameter
  • Save you a lot of money and time
  • Perfect for anyone to operate

#7. GLISTON Dent Repair Remover Car Dent Puller Kit for Automobile Body

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GLISTON Dent Repair Puller Kit is durable and convenient. It is 100 percent eco-friendly and takes no chemicals to operate. This kit features 2 in 1 slide hammer with a Long T dent puller that is labor-saving and can repair dents of all sizes with high efficiency and perfect effect. The short T tool is a strenuous pulling mode that allows you to repair the dents by your own strength; the effect is quick and simple. Ideally, this dent puller features high-quality carbon stainless steel construction for durability while the glue tabs are all made using high-reliability plastic, and they are widened and thickened.

This tool works perfectly for sheet metal processing of refrigerators, automobiles, trucks, washing machines, motorcycle bodies, and more. Moreover, it is perfect for hail damage, car dent removal, and door dings removal. This tool is excellent for any person to operate.

Highlighted Features
  • Comes with 16pcs thickened black tabs
  • Can repair dents of all sizes
  • Hammer dent puller is made of quality stainless steels
  • Great for any person to operate
  • Does not have chemicals or toxic material

#6. Fly5D 74 Pcs Paintless Car Body Repair Automotive Dent Door Ding Removal Tools

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Fly5D Automotive Dent Removal Tool is just what you need to start your PDR works. This professional paintless dent tool has a unique arched bridge design that minimizes the chances of additional damage. It comes with different glue sticks where yellow glue sticks have tough viscosity ideal for harder parts on the vehicle; the white glue sticks have stickiness sticks perfect for not hard parts on the vehicle, and the Black Glue Sticks is ideal for relatively soft parts on Car.

The tools are made from standard and tempered high carbon stainless steel depending on a particular tool’s design. This tool is very easy to use, and you can remove the car dent for yourself. The kit includes 1pcs bridge puller, 1pcs dent board¸1pcs tool bag, 18pcs blue puller tabs, 5pcs yellow glue sticks, and an instruction guide.

Highlighted Features
  • Yellow glue sticks have a strong viscosity
  • Easy to control and you can operate by yourself
  • Suitable for the sheet metal processing
  • Does not ruin your paintwork
  • Has wide application

#5. BBKANG Paintless 60pcs Car Dent Repair Remover

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BBKANG Paintless Dent Repair Remover is a very simple kit that enables you to tap away car dents with ease. It also works property on the washing machine, refrigerator, door ding, hail damage, refrigerator, and more. The materials used to construct these dent removal tools are of high quality and won’t break when taking a normal range of pressure. No toxic chemicals are included, and it will never harm your car pains.

This paintless dent repair kit has a design that is very easy to manipulate and understand. It does the job very smoothly and fast. The kit is included with a tool bag to carry all the small pieces to ensure that they do not get lost. Above all, this dent removal tool is time-saving and money-saving.

Highlighted Features
  • Never harm your car paint
  • Very easy to understand and manipulate
  • No toxic chemicals are included
  • Perform the job fast and smoothly
  • Saves time and money

#4. GLISTON 45pcs Paintless Dent Puller Kit Automobile Dent Repair Tool

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Do you have an ugly ding on your vehicle that is disturbing you? Relax; GLISTON Dent Puller Kit has got you covered. It is an easy to use kit that is suitable for any person; even girls can easily repair the car. This dent puller is perfect for dings removal, hail damage, car dent removal, and can work for sheet metal processing of refrigerators, automobiles, trucks, washing machines, motorcycle bodies, etc. The dent pullers have padded rubber feet that won’t damage the original paint.

This kit accessory is very durable and strong, and all of them have been inspected and certified for Rockwell Hardness. it only takes about half an hour to remove dents can be removed in about half an hour, thus saving you much time and money. The unique arched bridge design of this dent remover eradicates the chance for additional damage.

Highlighted Features
  • Suitable for any person to operate
  • Comes with 5 various size tabs for dents
  • Includes 10pcs strong stickiness glue sticks
  • Work for most sheet metal processing
  • Has no chemicals or toxic material

#3. Manelord Dent Repair Kit Auto Body Golden Dent Puller

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First, this tool is designed to make it very convenient and easy for you to use. The handles feature a polygon design to allow you to repair your car dent without any problem. It is perfect for any hail damage, repair door dings, auto dents, and other dents. Ideally, this golden dent puller is made of standard and tempered high-carbon stainless steel materials, and it is effective for thin metal surfaces not exceeding 1 mm.

This golden dent lifter has an ergonomic and unique design, and you can adjust the level to fit deep dents efficiently. You can also use it to remove dents on the refrigerator, vehicle, washing machine, and other metal surface dents.

Highlighted Features
  • Protect damage to the original paint
  • Extensive used in repair auto dents and door dings
  • Adjustable golden dent lifter to fit deep dent
  • The dent puller is made of high-carbon stainless steel
  • Very easy to use and saves time

#2. YOOHE 22PCS Paintless Auto Body Dent Removal Tools Kit with Glue Sticks

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YOOHE is a reputable company that is known for producing high-quality products in the market. The YOOHE Paintless Dent Removal Tools Kit is a high-quality and reputable product released by this company. It will efficiently and safely repair door ding, pop out dents, and hail damages on the surfaces of metals such as washing machine, refrigerator, motorcycle, auto, etc. subsequently, it will not damage the original paint.

This tool comes with a detailed repair steps introduction guide that makes the removal process so easy. This helps you repair your auto by yourself many times, thus saving you hundreds of money and time spent attending car body shops. In addition to that, this kit has all the popular and classic tools suitable for DIY paintless dent repair.

Highlighted Features
  • Efficient and safe to pop out dents
  • Coming with a detailed repair introduction guide
  • Includes all the classic and popular tools
  • Saves you more time and money
  • Suitable for family DIY paintless dent repair

#1. Anyyion Paintless 69pcs Dent Repair Kits Auto Dent Puller Kit

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Instead of wasting money and time in body shops, the Anyyion Paintless Dent Puller Kit offers you an opportunity to repair your vehicle dents on your own and at your convenience. You can use it to repair dent sizes of sizes of 0.1 to 10 inches caused by strike and hail damage. It is not only perfect to remove dent in cars but also you can use it for dent repair in Refrigerators and Motorcycle. Subsequently, it comes with a detailed repair steps introduction making it very easy to use.

This portable dent tool remover includes 15 pcs glue sticks, 9 metal tap down heads, a gold dent lifter, t bar tool, clean cloths, a rubber hammer, and more. This professional equipment can be used by professional car repair people and family people. Lastly, it does not damage the original paint.

Highlighted Features
  • Save your money and time
  • Repair the dent sizes from 0.1 to 10 inches
  • So easy to operate
  • Suitable for any auto dents
  • Has a total of 34 pcs glue tabs

Dent Pullers Buying Guide

Size of Dents: What kind of dent do you want to remove? Some dent pullers work perfectly only for small dents, while others can be used to pull even large dents. Following this, choose the best dent puller tool depending on the type of dent you want to fix.

Durability: You don’t want a tool that you use one and thought away. Ensure that the dent puller you are about to purchase is constructed from durable materials for it to be reusable. Besides, high-quality product is effective and reliable when it comes to functionality.

Ease of Use: Look for a dent puller that comes with at least a manual to show you how to use it. Ensure that it is something that you can figure out easily. Remember that you are purchasing the tool to avoid taking your vehicle to car body shops. Therefore, get a kit that that is not complicated to use.


Dent puller will help you to keep your vehicle dent-free and smooth for life. They are a great alternative to taking your car to a body repair shop. The list above includes the leading models that has high-quality materials construction for durability. They are multipurpose tools to remove dents on your car, boats, motorcycles, and home appliances such as washing machines and stainless steel refrigerator. Select one kit that you find perfect for you.

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