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Top 10 Best Screwdriver Sets in 2021 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Screwdrivers are essential for all renovation and construction works. Whether you are a carpenter, a plumber, or an electrician, you need to have a complete screwdriver set. These toolkits are very helpful when it comes to repairing broken electronics, building pack furniture, among many other things. In fact, even homeowners can use Screwdrivers sets to do different types of small works when needed.

Now bearing in mind, not all sets have sufficient pieces of screwdrivers to help you out. However, in this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best Screwdriver Sets in 2021 for you. Have a look and select only the best.

List of Best Screwdriver Sets in 2021

#10. EZARC 57 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set with Aluminum Case

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EZARC is a highly popular company manufacturing high-quality tools for industrial and home use. This screwdriver set is very ergonomic and unique. It features a 57-screwdriver set that is ideal for repairing electronics, iPad, Macbook Air, iPhone, smartphones, eyeglasses, computers, laptops, game consoles, watches, PC, toys, and most handheld devices. The set bits include different sizes of Torx, Pentalobe, Hex, Security Torx, Slotted, Philips, Square, Fozidriv, Y tri-wing, and U-Type to cover wide.

Ideally, this Screwdriver Set comes with an Aluminum magnetic handle with a rotor able swivel top making its operation more comfortable, convenient, and efficient. Its Magnetic bits-holder won’t slip out of place. It includes a portable aluminum case with a compact design for easy carry from one place to another.

Highlighted Features
  • 57 in 1 precision screwdriver set
  • The set has an aluminum magnetic handle
  • Magnetic bits-holder that won’t slip out of place
  • 56 precision s2 bits
  • Comes with an exquisite aluminum portable case

#9. ORIA 76 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Kit for Tablet, Cellphone, and Other Devices, Blue

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This is another great option that you can get in the market right now. It is a 76 in 1 screwdriver set that includes a triangle plectrum, LCD suction cup, SIM card remover, tweezers, utility knife, stainless steel ruler, metal spudger, plastic spudgers, which are designed to be used to repair most devices. Generally, this screwdriver kit features CRV steel construction, making it durable and functional. Other than that, it comes with a nylon bag pack that organizes all the sets perfectly for easy storage and carry.

You can use this kit for repairing Watches, Smartphones, PC, Laptops, Tablets, iPhones, Cameras, Glasses, Watches, and other electronic devices. Moreover, the handles of this screwdriver set feature ergonomic design, which makes it holding more easily for a long time.

Highlighted Features
  • It includes 76 in 1 screwdriver set
  • Made of CRV steel for durability
  • Has an ergonomic design for comfortable holding
  • Designed for repairing most devices
  • Well organized nylon bag pack

#8. Kaisi 70 in 1 Precision Professional Screwdriver Set for Macbook, Tablet, Game Console, iPhone, etc.

Screwdriver Sets

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The Kaisi 70 in 1 Screwdriver Set is the perfect solution for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. The kit includes 56 screwdriver bits, a flexible extension shaft, extension bar, handlebar, fiber nylon, plastic spudgers, ultra-thin steel spudger, an anti-static wristband, tweezers, triangle plastic picks, plastic spudgers, and fiber nylon. Subsequently, it is completely re-engineered to offer all the tools that you need for your project.

This small screwdriver repair set is perfect for repairing tablets, laptops, computers, PC, MacBook, iPad, iPhone, Game Consoles, Camera, Smartphone, and other electronics. The magnetic bits are constructed from S2 stainless steel material for hardness making them stable and not easily stripped. Other than that, the ergonomically designed handle is comfortable to hold even when using it for a long time. Above all, the set comes with a small zipper bag that efficiently stores all the tools.

Highlighted Features
  • 70 in 1 electronics repair tool kit
  • Made using s2 stainless steel materials
  • Has ergonomic design handle for comfortable holding
  • Comes with gift small zipper bag that holds all tools
  • Professional repair tools kit with the wide application

#7. ORIA 60 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Kit Magnetic Driver Kit and 56 Bits Screwdriver Set, Blue

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The ORIA screwdriver set is really a special one, as it comes with 56 bits of different sizes and shapes. It is a multi-magnetic hand tool that you can use to repair all popular phones, game consoles, laptops, and other electronics. Subsequently, the bits have a chrome-vanadium steel construction for durability and will meet all your needs. It includes a flexible shaft perfect for large electronics and stereo work where the screws are not on the surface.

One great thing about this screwdriver set is that it comes with a portable box that has a compact and lightweight design. Therefore, you can easily carry it from one place to another with less effort.  Moreover, the handles have a slip-resistant texture that offers a comfortable hand feeling while it will provide optimal force-transmission.

Highlighted Features
  • 60 in 1 precision screwdriver set
  • Made of chrome-vanadium steel
  • A flexible shaft is included
  • Compact design for easy carry
  • Comes with a variety of specialty bits

#6. Apsung Screwdriver Set 110 in 1 Tool Kit with Phillips, Slotted, Torx & More Bits (Yellow)

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Are you looking for a professional screwdriver set perfect for all your repairing work? If yes, Apsung Screwdriver Set is an ideal choice for you. It is a multi-magnetic Screwdriver Set that comes with 110 interchangeable precise tools set for a wide variety of jobs.  Additionally, you can use it for repairing eyeglasses, wristwatches, mobile devices, laptops, and more. The screwdrivers’ Shafts have chrome vanadium construction that offers better resistance against rust and will endure a heavier load.

All the tools are packed on a 21 cm x 9 cm x 3 cm box that is compact and portable, allowing you to easily put it in the car, travel bag, or toolbox. The screwdriver heads are magnetized for improved performance, thus saving you more time and effort.

Highlighted Features
  • Professional 110-in-1 multi-functional toolset
  • Made with chrome vanadium for durability
  • Has healthy magnetic tips and anti-slip
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Has flexible shaft extension rod of up to 60mm

#5. TEKTON 2841 Electronic Repair Kit Every bit Ratchet Screwdriver Set

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Are you in search of a screwdriver set that has both improved performance and comfortable to use? TEKTON 2841 is what you need. This Screwdriver Set is perfect for repairing eyeglasses, wristwatches, computers, tablets, mobile phones, laptops, game systems, and other electronics. Ideally, this set has 22 precision bits and 105 screwdriver bits. The Ratcheting screwdriver has reverse, forward, and fixed drive positions while it has a nonslip rubber grip that is comfortable to hold.

The kit comes with a full range of security drive sizes and types for any fastener you want to run into. What’s more, it features heat-treated steel construction with a black-oxide finish to ensure that it inserts smoothly into the fastener head. This reduces its wear. Something else, the set has long arm wrenches that offer greater torque and extra reach.

Highlighted Features
  • Ratcheting screwdriver has a comfortable and nonslip rubber grip
  • The bits have high visibility size markings
  • Hinged storage case that opens flat
  • Made from heat-treated steel
  • Long arm wrenches that offer extra reach

#4. GEARWRENCH 20 Pc. Torx/ Slotted/ Phillips Screwdriver Set with Dual Material Handles

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When it comes to versatility, this GEARWRENCH Screwdriver Set carries the day. It is a 20 pieces Screwdriver Set tool that is designed to perform your tasks. They feature an Ergonomic tri-lobe handle that offers an optimal balance of efficiency and strength. In addition to that, it has a non-slip black oxide tip that ensures a secure fit in the fastener. The dual-material handle provides higher performance and a more comfortable grip.

Another thing, these set pieces have solvent and oil resistant handle to offer a long tool life. The screwdriver shaft features full polish alloy steel construction to prevent corrosion and rust. Lastly, this Screwdriver Set meets and exceeds ASME standards for quality and performance.

Highlighted Features
  • Oil and solvent resistant handle
  • Black oxide non-slip tip on screwdrivers
  • Blades laser etched with size for quick identification
  • Ergonomic tri-lobe dual material handle
  • Meets or exceeds ASME standards

#3. Wera Kraftform Plus 6-Pieces 334/6 Screwdriver Set with Lasertip and Rack

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This multi-purpose Screwdriver Set by Wera allows you to repair every appliance at your home. It comes with 6 pieces of Screwdriver Set that feature Phillips Slotted and Lasertip drive tips and rack. The drive tip usually bites into the fastener to reduce the cam-out effect and ensure a perfect fit. In addition to that, the screwdrivers allow the higher transfer of force with minimal effort even with intensive use. The Handle markings include the size of the tip and screw symbol to find the right tool quickly.

The screwdrivers have magnetic tips that enable the user to loosen or tighten any screw without having trouble. The set is also suitable for repairing gaming consoles, laptops, tablets, phones, and other delicate electronic devices. The manufacture offers a limited lifetime warranty.

Highlighted Features
  • The set comes with 6 pieces
  • The kraftform handle fits the shape of your hand
  • Handle markings include screw symbol
  • Comes at fair and affordable prices
  • Limited lifetime warranty

#2. CRAFTSMAN CMHT65075 8-Piece Screwdriver Set, Assorted

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This CRAFTSMAN CMHT65075 is a unique Screwdriver Set that you will definitely fall in love with immediately after you start using it. It features a Black oxide tip that offers improved grip and durability without compromising tip fitment. Besides that, it is an eight-piece screwdriver set with ergonomic shape handles that offer better twisting force in different applications. Another thing, it has a precision tactile zone that offers rotation control for precision tasks.

This set can be used at home, carpentry shops, and even at factories. It is going to meet all your needs without disappointment. The handles feature an anti-slip design to prevent any possible accidents when using them, and you can use it for a long time without getting tired or fatigued.

Highlighted Features
  • 8 pc screwdriver set
  • Black oxide tip for improved durability
  • Torque zone provides added grip texture
  • Has ergonomically shaped handles that offer twisting force
  • Offered with a full lifetime warranty

#1. Klein Tools All-Purpose 8 Piece 85078 Screwdriver Set with 4 Flat Head Tips and 4 Phillips, Cushion Grip

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The Klein Tools Screwdriver Set stands out among many out there due to its sturdy construction. The set includes 8 cushion grip screwdrivers with a color-coded handle for easy and quick identification. Other than that, it contains five tip sizes that have T30, T27, T25, T20, and T15. These tips drive cut slippage, transmit more torque, and save fasteners. Shafts are made of chrome-plated materials that resist corrosion and offer a smooth feel.

These set tools are very easy to use and require minimum manual effort and no need for professional skills. Additionally, these screwdrivers offer excellent performance and precision and help you deal with any kind of work. To conclude, the ergonomic structure of the handles provides a better grip.

Highlighted Features
  • Chrome-plated shafts resist corrosion
  • Cushion-grip handles for greater comfort
  • Color-coded handle end for quick identification
  • Precision-machined tip for an exact fit
  • Includes 8 cushion grip screwdrivers

Screwdriver Sets Buying Guide

Material: You need to look for a Screwdriver Set made of durable materials for it to last for a long time. You can get the one made of stainless steel or aluminum materials, as they are known to be durable. The handles can be of different materials such as wood, metal, plastic, and rubber.

Head Type: Get a screwdriver set that comes with a variety of heads. This enables you to have better convenience. Always look whether the set has all the necessary heads such as hexagon heads, star heads, and Philips’s heads.

The number of Pieces and Storage: Ideally, Screwdriver sets usually come with a different number of pieces ranging from 6 to 100. If you are looking for one for professional use, get the one that comes with more number of pieces. Besides that, ensure that it comes with a durable storage case for good protection.


A toolbox is incomplete without having a screwdriver set. These sets have great versatility and will assist you in various activities while at work or at home. The screwdrivers listed above comes with the necessary pieces and features an ergonomic handle making them easy to use. Therefore, go through the above review, and select a set that will serve you best.

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