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Top 10 Best Dumbbell Racks in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Exercising is part of life as it helps you to attain a healthy and fit body. Organizing your dumbbells is undoubtedly crucial at it allows you to keep your training area organized, giving you more room to train while ensuring your personal safety. Dumbbell Racks are handy equipment’s that will help you to keep all your weights tidy and clean. In addition to that, they will prevent the damage of the dumbbells.

If you want to get one for your commercial or home space, here we have reviewed the top 10 best Dumbbell Racks in 2020 with excellent capacity and durability. Have a look at the list and select the one that suits your requirements.

List of 10 Best Dumbbell Racks in 2020

#10. Lorchwise 3-Layer Dumbbell Rack Rugged Anti-Wear Dumbbells Storage


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This is a simple dumbbell rack that is perfect for smaller garage and home gyms. It is ideal for placing simple dumbbell that are less than 3 kilograms, and it has a maximum load of about 25kg. Ideally, this Dumbbell Rack is constructed from high-quality materials making it durable, wear-resistant and rugged. When it is not in use, you can easily screw it in and out and then fold it for easy storage. This Dumbbell Rack has foldable three-dimensional tripod making it more stable.

This multifunctional Dumbbells Storage rack is small and exquisite making it easy to take and carry. Moreover, its high-quality construction makes it to have enough strength and have supreme durability. The layer ensures that it stays corrosion and rust-free while maintaining it look for many years.

Highlighted Features
  • Crafted from high-quality materials
  • Small and exquisite for easy carry
  • The maximum load is about 25kg
  • 3-layer dumbbell rack stand
  • Can be folded for easy storage
Reason to Buy

This rack has a maximum load capacity of 25kg, and it is crafted from high-quality materials making it durable and wear-resistant. Above all, this holder takes small space in your home gym room.

#9. Angelhood Household Multifunctional 3/5 Tier Dumbbell Holder for Home Use


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If you are looking for a durable and highly-sturdy Dumbbell Holder for your home gym, this one from Angelhood is an excellent pick for you. It features a foldable 3/5 layer tripod to ensure consistent function. Additionally, it is compact and small in size and takes less space in your tabletops or floors. With that, it keeps your work area clutter-free and neat. The holder is exquisite and small, making it easy to transport from one place to another.

This Dumbbell Holder is ideal for placing single dumbbell that are less than 3kg. Moreover, it has a maximum weight capacity of 25kg.

Highlighted Features
  • Small/compact size for tabletops and floors
  • The maximum load is 25kg
  • Has a foldable 3/5 layer tripod
  • Durable and suitable for household use
  • Small and exquisite for easy carry
Reason to Buy

It is a small and compact Dumbbell Holder that helps to keep your workout areas clutter-free and neat. Subsequently, this unit comes with a stylish and fashionable design making sports more enjoyable.

#8. HAI+ Solid Steel Dumbbell Rack 3 Tier A-Frame Dumbbell Storage Racks for Home Gym Exercise


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The HAI+ Dumbbell Rack is another 3-tier dumbbell rack that will conveniently store your Dumbbells. The rack is constructed from high-quality steel, making it durable, and it can hold a maximum weight of 120 pounds. Typically, this rack has ABS plastic card slot that minimizes the dumbbell handle from contacting the steel frame. This not only helps to facilitate the placement of dumbbells but also protecting the dumbbell-plating handle.

This rack adopts I-shaped base making it more safe and stable. Furthermore, it features thickened steel plate, and the base includes defensive spreads that prevent the floor from being harmed. Its compact and small design saves more of your gym space and can be placed on the, fixed dumbbells, painted dumbbells and other specifications of dumbbells.

Highlighted Features
  • Its design is small and compact
  • Made of high-quality steel for durability
  • Can hold up to 120 pounds of dumbbell
  • I-shaped base for more safety and stability
  • 3 tier dumbbell storage racks
Reason to Buy

It is a high-quality steel Dumbbell Rack that can hold up to 120 pounds of weight. Moreover, it has I-shaped base making it stable and safe. Lastly, this product has a compact and space-saving design.

#7. IMFUN Compact Dumbbell Rack for Home Gym


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Fitness enthusiasts who are looking for a good Dumbbell Rack for their home gym, this Compact Dumbbell Rack by IMFUN will never disappoint you. This unit has a three-dimensional tripod design making it to be more stable and safe to use. It is perfect for pairs of dumbbells that weight up to 10-pounds and it can support a maximum weight of up to 30-pounds. Typically, this durable rack stand allows you to conveniently access and store your dumbbell weights.

Measuring 12 x11 x 3.5 inches, this Dumbbell Rack has a tree-shaped design, which adds a sense of elegance to your home gym. On top of that, it features high-quality construction, making it durable, wear-resistant and strong.

Highlighted Features
  • Ideal for pairs of dumbbells weighing up to 10-pounds
  • Has a total weight capacity of 30-pounds
  • Small and exquisite for easy carry
  • Tree-shaped design that adds the sense of fashion
  • Wear-resistant and durable dumbbell rack
Reason to Buy

It is a great Home Gym equipment that creates a convenient way to store your weights while making them easily accessible neatly. In addition to that, it is Small and exquisite making it easy to carry.

#6. Akyen A-frame 5 Tier Dumbbell Rack Stand with 570 Pounds Weight Capacity


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Whether it is your workout space or home gym, it is very essential to keep it mess-free. Akyen A-frame Rack Stand will help you keep your Dumbbell well organized and neat. This unit measures 25.2 inches x16.1×34.4 inches and has slot length of 4.64 inches to 5.71 inches. Subsequently, it is constructed from heavy-gauge steel tubing and features a black powder coating to ensure long-lasting performance.

This product has a weight capacity of 570 lbs. and it can hold up to FIVE pairs of dumbbells that range from 0 to 100 pounds in weight. This is because it is made from heavy-gauge steel tubing and features durable black powder coating. Moreover, the rubber inserts stop damage to your dumbbells while the rubber end caps prevent your floor from being damaged.

Highlighted Features
  • Has 570lbs weight capacity
  • A-frame design and saves space
  • Built with heavy-gauge steel tubing
  • Very sturdy and stable
  • Offered with a 1-year warranty
Reason to Buy

It is an “A” frame designed Dumbbell rack that maximizes the floor space, thus turning your workout area tidy and neat. It allows you easily, and access dumbbells are making it ideal for home, gym and office.

#5. Cap Barbell Dumbbell Rack 2-Tier


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The Cap Barbell Rack is another solid and sturdy dumbbell rack that we are certain it will satisfy your needs. When assembled this 2-Tier Dumbbell Rack measures 29 inches x16 inches x23 inches with 24 inches of storage per self. It is constructed from industrial grade steel; thus; it can withstand heavy loads and will resist damage after extensive use over time. That is not all; this 2-Tier Dumbbell Rack has matted powder coat finish that resists scuffs and chips even by the most massive gear.

This rack holds pairs of dumbbell ranging from 10 lbs. to 25 lbs. Moreover, it has a precision angled lower rack and a flat top rack that allows easy access to the dumbbells.

Highlighted Features
  • Measures 29x16x23 inches when assembled
  • Has a compact two-tier storage space
  • Made from industrial grade steel
  • Holds dumbbell pairs weighing 10 to 25 lbs.
  • Has powder coat finish that resists chips
Reason to Buy

It is a compact 2-tier Dumbbell rack storage that features high-quality industrial-grade steel construction to withstand heavy loads. In addition to that, it is a sturdy and stable rack.

#4. Fitness Alley Steel Weight Racks Dumbbell Rack Holder Dumbbell Stand


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If you have a simplistic home gym and you want to keep weights off the floor, here is a premium dumbbell rack that you can utilize. It is a highly functional rack ideal for stackable weights such as rubber, vinyl and neoprene dumbbells. This unit is portable making it super mobile and occupies less space when it is assembled.

The rack is constructed from solid steel and features well-balanced mechanism and sleek exterior, which prevent and protect damage to dumbbell coating. Subsequently, it is accessible in 2 sizes; 5 tier and 3 tier dumbbell holder so you can select the desirable and the one that matches our personal gym.

Highlighted Features
  • Made of solid steel for durability
  • Hold a maximum weight of 200 lbs.
  • Available in 3 tier and 5 tier sizes
  • Occupies less amount of space when assembled
  • Offered with a full year warranty
Reason to Buy

This is a super portable dumbbells stand and takes less space when it is assembled. Moreover, it is perfect for stackable weights such as rubber, vinyl and neoprene dumbbells. This product is offered with a 12-month warranty.

#3. BalanceFrom Easy-Grab 2-Tier 600-Pound Capacity Dumbbell Rack Yellow/Black


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This is a truly practical and great rack that you can get for your home gym. It is a 2-tier Dumbbell Rack with a more practical angle of shelves that will never scratch your hands whenever you are taking or removing the dumbbells. Ideally, this Dumbbell Rack is constructed from commercial-grade heavy-duty steel for durability and has spacious shelves that offer sufficient space between dumbbells.

When assembled this Dumbbell Rack measures 35 x 20 x 31.5 inches and has a weight capacity of up to 600 Pounds while the product itself only weight 50 pounds. You can use it to organize all sizes dumbbells, and it is compact in size to save you more gym area space.

Highlighted Features
  • Measures 35 x 20 x 31. 5 inches when assembled
  • Compact straight design for space saving
  • Has a weight capacity of 600 pounds
  • Made of cast iron for durability
  • The product only weighs 50 pounds
Reason to Buy

This Dumbbell Rack has a compact straight design to save more space. In addition to that, it comes with spacious shelves that offer enough space between dumbbells. This unit has a weight capacity of 600 Pounds.

#2. Marcy Metal Steel 3 Tier Home Gym Dumbbell Storage Stand Rack


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Marcy Store manufacturing company is well known for producing excellent products. Things are not different when it comes to this dumbbell racks. The unit is made from commercial-grade steel frame materials; thus, it will withstand heavy loads and resists damage even when used for an extended period. Other than that, it will keep all your weights secure all the time. It is reinforced with strong powder coating that cannot be easily tarnished even when storing heaviest gear.

This rack boasts an ergonomically designed structure with angled design and compact three-tier storage space allowing you to place the rack in any place for easy equipment accessibility.

Highlighted Features
  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Multi-level storage for free weights
  • Heavy-duty welded construction
  • 3-tiered storage space
  • Has durable powder-coated finish
Reason to Buy

This multilevel rack stand has rubberized feet that will protect your floor from scratches. In addition to that, this unit has a durable powder-coated finish that won’t be easily tarnished.

#1. Bowflex SelectTech Media Rack Dumbbell Stand


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This is by far the best home gym Stand that enables you to have safe storage of your dumbbells sets. It is compatible with all Dumbbell s including ST560, ST1090, and ST552. In addition to that, this unit is ergonomically designed assisting to protect your lower back by minimizing the need for bending down when picking up the Dumbbell.

Assembling this Dumbbell Stand is very simple and has a compact size to it will not take too much of your home gym area. The virgin rubber encasing on the feet assists in minimizing the noise and protecting the floor from scratches.

Highlighted Features
  • Compatible with all ST dumbbells
  • Large media rack allowing your device stays in place
  • Comes with SelectTech app helps you in workouts
  • Ergonomically for easy picking up of heavyweights
  • Easy assembly needed
Reason to Buy

It is a large media rack that is compatible with all ST Dumbbell. In addition to that, it is built using high-quality materials for durability, and it is going to withstand heavyweights.

Dumbbell Rack Buying Guide

Number of dumbbells: The first thing you need to look in is the dumbbell rack size. If you have a wide range of different weights, then you need to look for a large dumbbell rack that fits all your sets. In addition to that, you need to measure the length and diameter of the weight handles and select the one that supports your dumbbell.

Compactness of your rack: Most home gym owners have limited space. Therefore, it is essential to look for a rack that is compact and small in size that does not take a lot of exercise space. Nevertheless, make sure that it has enough space between tiers

Price: Different dumbbell rack models usually come at different price range depending on the features. Choose the one that suits your needs at the same time has the preferred price range.


dumbbell storage rack are great home gym pieces that will help you to arrange your weights in an organized manner and assist in keeping your toes safe when you are walking around your home gym. The above-listed dumbbell racks are made of deluxe quality materials, making them long-lasting and are going to withstand heavyweights. Therefore, do not hesitate to buy one.

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