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Top 10 Best Mirror dash cams in 2021 Reviews | Guide

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Nowadays, accident reports are ubiquitous. We often come across accident reports while watching TV news, reading newspapers, or listening to radio news. To avoid car accidents, you need to install a Mirror dash cams on your vehicle. These cameras are designed to provide drivers clear front and back view while driving at high speed. This will help them avoid the crash that will lead to an accident or even car damage.

There are many Mirror dash cams flowing in the market, making it challenging to choose the best one for your car. Therefore, in this article, we present the top 10 best Mirror Dash Cams in 2021 that you may fall in love with.

List of Best Mirror dash cams in 2021

#10. VanTop H612T Waterproof 4K 12 inches Mirror Dash Cam

VanTop H612T 12” 4K Mirror Dash Cam for Cars, Voice Control Full Touch Screen Rear View Mirror Camera, GPS Tracking, Waterproof Backup Camera 2.5K Max

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By: VanTop

If you are looking for a functional and great Mirror dash camera, this VanTop H612T dash camera is one you should look to. It features a 4K Ultra HD front camera and 1080P rear camera that offers incredible visuals of footage. It also features GPS that records accurate location and speed data for your dash camera when driving. Therefore, you can check your driving speed and route by replaying the saved videos on the provided gxplayer.

This dash camera is going to meet your demands, including parking monitor, emergency recording, loop recording, time-lapse, etc. Moreover, you can use the voice commands to access the basic functions allowing hands-free access whenever you are driving. This offers a comfortable driving environment.

Highlighted Features
  • Have 4k ultra HD front recording
  • GPS that records accurate speed and location data
  • Hands-free control with voice commands
  • Designed for most types of cars models
  • Super night vision for sharp night time video
Reason to Buy

It is a 4K Ultra HD front camera that is designed for most types of cars. It has GPS for Tracking Speed and Route when driving. Finally, it has voice control paired with a dash to offer maximum convenience and hands-free access while driving.

#9. VTIN 10 inches Dual 1080P FHD Mirror Dash Cam with Enhanced Night Vision

VTIN 10" FHD Mirror Dash Cam with Full Touch Screen, Dual 1080P Water Resistant Backup Camera Car Rear View Mirror Reversing Camera

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The VTIN Mirror Dash Cam has a stunning and cook design while providing you all you need in a High Definition mirror camera. It will give you crystal clear and FHD videos, enabling you to see license plates from a distance. What’s more, it has a night vision camera that automatically adjusts depending on the surrounding environment. This makes it a guardian to drive during the night.

When you reverse your car, this mirror dash cam will automatically change to reverse mode to detect the car rear without turning around to confirm. Another thing, this frame-free mirror dash cam usually delivers supper detailed and large pictures.

Highlighted Features
  • Dual 1080p with enhanced night vision
  • Allows you to reverse and park with an ease
  • The camera is ip67 water-resistant and weatherproof
  • Has wild-angle lens that eliminates blind spots
  • Made of 10 inches IPS touchscreen
Reason to Buy

This Mirror dashcam is weatherproof and IP67 water-resistant for long-lasting use. Moreover, it has a wide-angle lens (140°+170°) that allows you to see what is in front of or behind the car and eliminate blind spots. Another thing, it has an emergency lock function and intelligent loop recording.

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#8. TOGUARD 2.5K Front and Rear Dash Camera Mirror Dash Cam

TOGUARD Mirror Dash Cam, Upgraded 10" Dual 1080P FHD Car Camera Dash Cam Front and Rear with Waterproof Backup Camera, IPS Full Touch Screen Video Streaming Rear View

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The TOGUARD Mirror Dash Cam is one of the simplest but useful Dash Camera that you can ever find in the market. It features 2.5K FHD front Camera and 1080P rearview camera that presents super night vision. Besides that, it has a backup camera display convenient and flexible for you to adjust the view angle by just sliding your finger on the screen when reversing or driving. The dashcam screen features Full HD sharp colors that synchronously display crisp video quality with quality resolution in night and day.

This dashcam allows Loop recording to overwrite the old video when the memory is full automatically. Furthermore, this dashcam is G-sensor enabled where it will automatically lock and store the footage when it encounters sudden collision or shock.

Highlighted Features
  • Ultra-wide field of view and OEM looking
  • Present a clear and crisp video quality
  • Has loop recording and G-sensor
  • Has 2.5k FHD front camera and 1080p rearview camera
  • Easy to set up and perfectly integrate with existing mirror
Reason to Buy

It presents a clear and crisp video quality both day and night. Besides that, it features Loop Recording and a G-sensor, where it automatically locks and store the footage in case of collision. It is very easy to set up and will help you drive at ease.

#7. TOGUARD 1080P Front and Rear Backup Camera 7 inches Mirror Dash Cam

TOGUARD Backup Camera 7" Mirror Dash Cam Touch Screen 1080P Rearview Front and Rear Dual Lens with Waterproof Reversing Camera

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TOGUARD is a brilliant backup mirror dash camera that allows you to focus on the traffic behind and the road ahead. It will enable simultaneous recording in 480P waterproof rear cam and 1080P front view, ensuring that you get the best footage all night and day. In addition to that, it has a Parking Monitor and G-Sensor that will automatically record video when it detects a collision, which can be powerful evidence in case of a dispute.

This Dash Camera has a One-Key Switching Design, making you conveniently switch the 5 view modes from the picture-picture display or full-screen display of front/rearview. Ordinarily, its 7 inches touch screen offers you a wide visual angle that makes it clearer to view the video.

Highlighted Features
  • Allows simultaneous front view 1080p FHD recording
  • Parking monitor and g-sensor
  • 2.5d advanced anti-glare glass mirror
  • Wide and clear 7 inches touch screen
  • Reversing camera kit for safe parking
  • Very easy to install
Reason to Buy

This Mirror dash cam will give you the best HD footage all night and day. Moreover, it has a 7-inch sensitive touch screen that is easier to set up and is more concise.

#6. Cestovet 1080P Front and Rear Lens 12 Inch Mirror Dash Cam with Night Vision

Mirror Dash Cam 1080P Front and Rear Dual Lens Backup Camera,12 Inch IPS Full Touch Screen Mirror Camera,170° Wide Angle and Night Vision

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By: Cestovet

This is a powerful unit that every car owner should consider installing in their car. It features a dual 1080P HD Camera that delivers amazing HD videos and images. Besides. It has a 140° rear angle lens and 170° adjustable front angle lens that reduces the blind area while capturing more scenes on the road. Something else, this Mirror Dash Cam has 12 inches IPS Anti-glare touch screen that displays the real-time video traffic on the road without lagging.

What’s more, the Loop Recording enables continuous recording even when the SD card reaches its full capacity. This dash camera has G-sensor that usually detects sudden shake or collision and will lock the collision footage. Finally, this mirror dash cam is effortless to install.

Highlighted Features
  • 12 inches wider live mirror camera
  • It has a dual 1080P HD camera
  • 24h parking monitor and night vision
  • The dashcam is easy to install
  • 170° adjustable front angle lens
Reason to Buy

The dashcam has a Parking monitor and will start recording when an impact is detected. Besides that, it offers you video evidence if the vehicle is scratched and adopts a high-end sensor that ensures excellent visual experience during the night and day.

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#5. ThiEYE 1080P 10 inches IPS Backup Camera Mirror Dash Cam with G-Sensor and 170 Degrees Wide Angle

ThiEYE Backup Camera Mirror Dash Cam 1080P 10" IPS Full Touch Screen Front and Rear Dual Lens Waterproof Car Camera with Super Night Vision, 170° Wide Angle

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By: ThiEYE

The best Mirror dash cams is none other than this one here for you.  It has a 1080P Cam Len and 10 inches IPS Touch Screen that provides supper bright and clear real-time traffic conditions without any delay. The back and front 170 degrees wide-angle cameras will monitor the road conditions without blind spots for you to achieve safe driving. Something else, it comes with a 26 feet Rear Camera Cable for easy installation and 32GB Micro SD memory card.

This Backup Camera Mirror Dash Cam has multiple powerful functions that include Adjustable View Scope, G-sensor, WDR, Reversing aid system, 170° wide-angle, night mode, dual recording, loop recording, streaming media, and one day parking monitor. All these functions ensure the simplified operation and high recognition performance.

Highlighted Features
  • 170° wide-angle front and back camera
  • Full range of accessories and easy installation
  • Ip68 waterproof rearview camera
  • Comes with 26 feet rear camera cable
  • Provides crystal clear footages during nighttime
Reason to Buy

It is an Ultra HD streaming media Mirror dash cams that offer bright and clear traffic conditions without any delay. Moreover, it is very easy to install and features Loop Recording and G-sensor to lockout recording in case of sudden corrosion.

#4. VVCAR 12 inches 1296P Backup Mirror Dash Cam for Cars/Trucks

VVCAR 12" Mirror Dash Cam 1296P Backup Camera with GPS Touch Screen Front and Rear View Dual Lens Full HD WDR Night Vision, G-Sensor for Cars:Trucks

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VVCAR comes with full HD1296P front, and HD1080P rear camera as the quality matters the most to them. In addition to that, it has 12 Inch Full HD Touch Screen with GPS Tracking that is easy to navigate menus and view the recordings. This Mirror Dash Cam also comes with a GPS tracking system that assists this Dash Cam to record the vehicle’s driving route, direction, and speed. It has a 140° wide rearview angle and 170° wide front view angle to ensure that there are no blind spots.

This Mirror Dash Cam features Loop recording, where it is going to overwrite the earliest video segment whenever the memory is full. Other than that, the build-in sensor allows this dash cam to automatically detect collision/sudden shake and lock the footage, thus preventing the video from being overwritten.

Highlighted Features
  • 12-inch FHD touch screen
  • Has loop recording and g-sensor
  • Super night vision and LDWS
  • VVCAR backup camera that can detect a sudden collision
  • Very easy to install
  • It has a wide front view angle of 170°
Reason to Buy

It has a combination of F1.8 large aperture, HDR, WDR that ensures clarity of images at night. Installing this mirror dash cam is very easy, and it is offered with three years limited warranty.

#3. WOLFBOX 12 inches Front and Rear Backup Camera Mirror Dash Cam

WOLFBOX 12“ Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera,1296P Full HD Smart Rearview Mirror for Cars, Sony Sensor,Front and Rear View Dual Lens, Night Vision, LDWS, Parking Assistance

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For safe driving during nighttime and daytime driving, you certainly require extra innovation and technology. This Mirror dash cams by WOLFBOX features superior night vision technology, where it delivers supper HD recording even during the night. Additionally, it is integrated with wiring harness design to ensure that the signals and current transmission is more stable. The interior layout is more reasonable and beautiful. Something else, this dash cam has a 1080P rear camera and 1296P front camera that usually displays real-time road conditions on the provided 11.66 inches touch screen.

The WOLFBOX driving recorder has more unique functions that include reversing line calibration, night vision function, loop recording function, and you can adjust the brightness manually/ automatically. Finally, this product comes with a full year warranty.

Highlighted Features
  • Equipped with 1080p rear camera and 1296p front camera
  • 12” touch screen and high-resolution lens
  • Come with Sony starvis sensor and free GPS
  • Wide-angle 170° front lens and 150° rear lens
  • Comes with a full-year warranty
Reason to Buy

This product has a wide-angle, providing 150° for the rear lens and 170° for the front lens to reduce blind spots. Moreover, it has a GPS accessory that observes the car’s driving speed and direction while you can obtain information such as longitude and latitude and driving track.

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#2. KooBaCar 12 inches 1296P Full Touch Screen Mirror Dash Cam with G-Sensor

12” 1296P Mirror Dash Cam for Cars with GPS:Rear Cam, Full Touch Screen Rear View Mirror Camera, Waterproof Rear Dash Camera, Mirror Camera Enhanced Night Vision

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By: KooBaCar

When you are driving amongst uncontrollable and busy traffic, this Mirror Dash Cam will keep up with its prime function of keeping you safe all the time. It has 12 inches IPS touch screen with 2.5D Glass that usually displays better color videos and pics of the real-time traffic on the road. Furthermore, this dash cam has GPS that records your car’s accurate location and speed data when driving. Another thing, this Mirror Dash Cam has E-HDR technology that brightens the low light and suppresses the stronger light to give clear images during the day and night.

This device has G-Sensor and Looping Recording, where it allows seamless loop recording where the recording overwrites the old footage if the memory card is full. Its Gravity-sensor will automatically detect in case there is a sudden emergency and collision and will lock the footage.

Highlighted Features
  • GPS for tracking route and speed
  • Looping recording and g-sensor
  • Responsive 12 inches IPS touch screen
  • Enhancing starlight night vision
  • Sensitivity gravity-sensor that detects sudden emergency and collision
Reason to Buy

This Mirror dashcam has an enhanced starlight night vision, where it automatically adjusts the effect of balance light to record clear footage even in a weak light environment. Besides that, it has GPS for Tracking Speed and Route.

#1. AKEEYO Front and Rear Mirror Dash Cam with Night Vision 12″ IPS Screen and 140° Wide Angle

Mirror Dash Cam Front and Rear,AKEEYO Dash Camera for Cars with Sony Sensor 1080P 140° Wide Angle Dual Cam Parking Monitor

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Topping the list is this Mirror Dash Cam by AKEEYO that is well designed and promises always to deliver superior performance. It is equipped with Front & Rear cameras and 12 inch IPS screen that is fully touchable to be controlled by your fingers. Ideally, both cameras are vivid, sharp, and deliver an exquisite image compared to other cameras. This dashcam model supports Night Vision and HDR to record night and day without any auxiliary lights needed.

Moreover, the image is improved and optimized by the sensor, but the clarity or brightness will not decline. The display will automatically switch to the rear camera if you start driving reverse. This device allows loop recording and has a gravity sensor to lockout recording in case of an accident or sudden shake.

Highlighted Features
  • Has front and rear that provide a sharp and vivid image
  • The camera supports HDR and night vision
  • Can record at day and night without lights needed
  • 12″ IPS screen for emergency lock and continuously recording
  • Comes with 1-year lifetime service
Reason to Buy

It comes with 12 inches IPS screen that it fully touchable and can be easily be controlled by fingers. In addition to that, it has a parking monitor where your car will stay monitored 24 hours and record footage. This product is offered with 1-Year lifetime service.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Mirror Dash Cams

  • Resolution: Mirror dash cams that have higher resolution deliver clearer videos. So if you are interested in crystal clear videos, then look for a dashcam with at least 1080p resolutions of the front camera and 480p resolutions for the rear camera.
  • Large Display Size: Dashcams that has large display size are extremely easy to use. Mainly, large screens tend to have user-friendly icons and large buttons to ensure that you have an easy time using the dash camera.
  • Waterproof Rear Camera: Since these cameras will be exposed to rain and dust particles, it is important to ensure that the rear camera is weatherproof. This allows it to record crystal clear images even when it is raining.


A Mirror dashcam is no longer optional. It helps you to captures everything that is happening while you are driving. Moreover, they are very essential as they can bail you out in case of an accident or emergency. Please feel-free and choose a dash-cam from the list that matches your expectations.

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