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Top 10 Best Retractable Baby Gates in 2021 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

If you love your kid or a pet, then you need to keep them safe always. This can be achieved by isolating them from insecure places. To achieve this, you should get a retractable baby gate. These gates are durable and robust. Also, they have a lock feature for the safety of the pet and kids. You can comfortably operate these retractable baby gates with a single hand. Furthermore, they are constructed from strong and lightweight materials.

In addition to that, they have the mounting brackets and installation instructions. As a result, it is effortless to install. However, there are various models of this retractable baby gate, but finding the best one may not be easy. So, here are multiple factors that will guide you as you make your best choice. Pick the one that meets all your requirements from the list below.

List of Best Retractable Baby Gates in 2021

#10. Smart Retract 52″ Retract-A-Gate Safety gate

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The smart retract baby gate features premium quality and has a size of 52 inches. Also, it has a low profile make and easy to store when you’re not using it. In the same manner, it is easier to operate it even using one hand. This retractable baby gate can cover a 132cm gap to make. You can install it easily and quickly at many angles. Being flexible, you can use it to cover two adjacent openings. Having the quick to release and snap-on gate bracket, you can easily move the gate from one location to another.

Moreover, it features a tough and washable see-through mesh barrier. Also, it is resistant to mildew, scratch, and UV. Amazingly, it can withstand a push out force of 90kg push out. Its design allows for both indoor and outdoor use. Additionally, it has the childproof lock for preventing it from opening. Finally, it weighs 4.1 pounds.

Highlighted Features
  • 52 Inches in size
  • JPMA Certified for use at the bottom and top stairs
  • It weighs 4.1 pounds
  • Childproof lock situated on top to prevent it from opening
  • See-through, tough and washable fabric
  • Quiet single hand operation when closing or opening
  • Easy to install and use
  • Resistant to mildew and UV

#9. BABYSEATER Retractable Safety Baby Gate

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Next on the list, we have the BABYSEATER retractable baby gate. First and foremost, it is safe for babies and pets. This gate is latch operated, and you can operate using one hand only. Further, it is convenient when you are carrying your cup of coffee, phone, or groceries. Secondly, it features a sleek design to fit into your home.

Thirdly, it is effortless to install. This is because it has all the hardware needed and the instructions. It fits in most spaces within the range of 1-48 inches. Also, it has the mounting brackets to ensure simple installation. Last but not least, it works both outdoors and indoors. Finally, it has a money-back guarantee for thirty days.

Highlighted Features
  • Safe for babies and pets
  • Operated with a single hand
  • Sleek design to fit any home
  • Easy to install
  • It fits in 1inch to 48-inch spaces
  • Works best outdoors and indoors
  • A money-back guarantee for thirty days

#8. The Stair Barrier retractable baby gate

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This retractable baby gate has a portable design. This makes it perfect for travel and home use. It has the banister to banister design for easy set up without drilling. Furthermore, it is secure and robust. When it is installed correctly, you cannot lift it or pull it down. Therefore, it is safe for both pets and kids.

Besides, it has an attractive appearance and neatly rolls to one side for safe storage. Both banisters are measured from the innermost edge to ensure they are of the right size. This baby gate is designed purposefully for the stairs that have banisters. To conclude, it weighs 5.5 pounds.

Highlighted Features
  • A portable design
  • Banister to banister design for easy setup
  • Secure and strong
  • It features an attractive look and neatly rolls for storage
  • It weighs 5.5 pounds
  • Designed for banister stairs only

#7. Momcozy Retractable Baby Gate

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The Momcozy retractable baby gate can extend to 33.7 feet tall and 59 inches wide. Therefore, it adjusts to any stair or door with a width of about 59 inches. After use, you can retract away the mesh to save space. Moreover, the lock feature ensures the safety of the kids. It comes with dual installation hardware sets. Therefore, you can install it in various spaces, either outdoors or indoors.

Amazingly, you can operate it using a single hand. This makes it convenient for use when you want to carry diapers, toys, or kids. Uniquely, it has a handle mouth to make closing and opening easy. Finally, it features two years of quality assurance.

Highlighted Features
  • Extendable height of 33.7 feet and width of 59 inches
  • Retractable for easy storage
  • Single hand operation
  • Two years of quality assurance
  • Used indoors and outdoors
  • Installation hardware set included
  • Lock feature for safety
  • A handle mouth for easy closing and opening

#6. Babepai Extra Wide Retractable Baby Gate

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This retractable baby gate by Babepai is wide and extendable to a width of 54 inches and a height of 34 inches. It is constructed from soft mesh for durability. Furthermore, it features a retractable and lockable design. The dual locking mechanism ensures safety. You can quickly roll it up and store it when you are not using it. Uniquely, it has a versatile design to save space.

Additionally, it is easy to use. This is because it has a convenient latch for easy closing and opening. In the same way, you can operate it using a single hand. Being safe, it works best for pets and kids. Also, it perfectly works indoors and outdoors. You can use it in different spaces. These include doorways, room openings, and the bottom of stairways, hallways, and patios.

Highlighted Features
  • Extendable width of 54 inches and height of 34 inches
  • Easy roll-up storage
  • Retractable and lockable design for safety
  • Constructed from soft mesh for durability
  • Easy to use
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Childproof locking mechanism for the safety of kids and pets
  • Single hand operation

#5. EasyBaby Retractable Baby Gate

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The EasyBaby retractable baby gate fits in openings measuring up to 33 inches tall and 55 inches wide. Further, you can store it at the bottom and top of the hallways, doorways, and stairways. This baby gate perfectly works outdoors and indoors. Most importantly, it is easy to install. This is because it comes with components like wall spacers, catches mounts, and stainless steel screws. Nevertheless, it should be fitted between surfaces that are rigid.

Equally important, it is constructed from a durable and strong mesh barrier. When not in use, this baby gate retracts to save space. It is ideal for kids aged 6 to 24 months and medium to small pets. Moreover, it meets the EN or ASTM standards.

Highlighted Features
  • Fits in openings measuring about 33 inches tall and 55 inches wide
  • Easy to install.
  • It meets the EN or ASTM standards.
  • Perfectly works outdoors and indoors
  • Durable and strong mesh barrier construction
  • Retractable to save space
  • Ideal for kids aged 6 to 24 months, medium to small pets

#4. Babepai 54-inch Retractable Baby Gate

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The Babepai retractable baby gate is very safe. With this baby gate, there is no need to worry about your kid or pet’s safety and comfort. It can extend up to about 34 inches tall and 54 inches wide. Between the gate and the wall, there is a 1.18 inches gap. Moreover, its parts are non-toxic and easy to recycle. It is constructed from the see-through woven mesh. This material makes it scratch-resistant, durable, and lightweight.

In addition to that, the mesh panel matches your décor. The dual locking mechanism ensures safety. When not in use, you can easily roll it up to save storage space. Then again, it is easy to use since you can operate it using a single hand. The dog gate features 59 inches adjustable length. Uniquely, it comes with dual installation sets. Finally, it weighs 3.31 pounds.

Highlighted Features
  • Quick and easy roll-up storage
  • It weighs 3.31 pounds
  • Extends to 34 inches tall and 54 inches wide
  • 18 inches gap between the gate and wall
  • Dual locking mechanism for safety
  • 59 inches adjustable dog gate length
  • Single hand operation

#3. Perma Child Safety Retractable Baby Gate

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The Perma retractable baby gate is wide, but it can extend to a width of 71 inches and a height of 33 inches. Further, it comes with all installation components to make the installation process easy. Remarkably, it is highly versatile. It is easy to use in areas with high traffic. Amazingly, you can operate it using a single hand.

On the other hand, it is easy to disassemble. It is safe for use by pets and children. The pets using it should weigh between 10 and 40 pounds. Not to mention, it is ideal for infants aged 6-24 months. Most importantly, it is EN and ASTM approved for safety. Last but not least, it weighs 3.3 pounds. Finally, it has a warranty for one year.

Highlighted Features
  • Extendable width of 71 inches and height of 33 inches
  • Installation components included
  • It weighs 3.3 pounds
  • EN and ASTM approved for safety
  • Single hand operation
  • Ideal for infants aged 6-24 months
  • Warranty for one year

#2. Little Llama Retractable Baby Gate

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This retractable baby gate by Little Llama is fit for the stairway or hallway up to about 54 inches. It is retractable to save space, especially when you are not using it. Along with that, it is easy to move from one place to another. Having the mounting brackets, it is effortless to install. Similarly, it is easy to use. Just twist its dial, and the lock will be released.

Apart from the mounting hardware, the installation instructions are also included. Equally important, it is built from a quality see-through woven mesh. This makes it durable and able to stand abuse from the kid or pet. The gate has a height of 34 inches. To finish, it is ASTM approved for safety.

Highlighted Features
  • Height of 34 inches
  • ASTM approved for safety
  • Built from quality see-through woven mesh
  • Fit for stairway or hallway up to about 54 inches
  • It is portable
  • Mounting brackets for easy installation

#1. Dreambaby Retractable Baby Gate

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The Dreambaby retractable baby gate is very safe. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The Clip off/clip-on feature makes it easy to reposition and remove the baby gate. Most importantly, it is very simple to operate this retractable gate using a single hand.

It has installation instructions for easy installation and use. In the same way, it includes the mounting brackets. It fits perfectly in hallways and doorframes with a width of up to 55 inches. Being resistant to UV, it withstands long hours in the sun. Also, it retains its color. Equally important, it is made of plastic and metal.

Highlighted Features
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Made from plastic and metal for durability
  • Simple one-hand operation
  • Easy disassembly and assembly
  • Installation instructions included
  • Maximum width of 55 inches
  • Resistant to UV
  • Durable, strong and lightweight

Retractable Baby Gates Buying Guide

Adjustability: Most spaces and household doors have different dimensions. Therefore, you need to buy a retractable baby gate that has an adjustable size. This makes it convenient for anyone to adjust it to the size of your space or door.

Durability and Strength: The best retractable baby gates are durable and robust to stand the push of a kid. It should not fall easily. Since the ones made from mesh are portable and lightweight, it is better to buy a metallic one. Metallic retractable baby gates are much more substantial.

Lock: Sometimes it is notable that kids can open gates. If the baby can open a gate, then that gate is useless. So, choose a gate that has a latch system to prevent the kids from accessing it.

JPMA Approved: For safety, you need to choose a JPMA certified retractable baby gate. Any gate that has undergone JPMA certification can meet the kids’ safety and structural integrity.

Height: When buying a retractable baby gate, you need to choose a taller one so that it does not climb. In most instances, the baby gates have a height of at least 30 inches. Nevertheless, some are taller. Typically, it should reach the shoulder of the kid.


In sum, most children are curious and love to explore. Nevertheless, they are not required to explore other areas. To restrict them from accessing such areas, you need to have a retractable baby gate. This restricts kids and pets, but older people can access the places well. Ensure you pick one from the list above today.

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