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Top 10 Best Rifle Bipods in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

For any hunter or shooter or shooter, a bipod is an essential tool to invest in. It allows you to have maximum confidence and stability when making your shots. Besides, a bipod reduces tension and strain on your hands while shooting. Most shooters enjoy making long-distance shots with a heavy rifle, but getting a perfect aim is never simple.

Luckily, with a rifle bipod, you can make shots for long distances with more stability and accuracy. Before you invest in a riffle bipod, you have to know what you need and how you will use the bipod. Below is our review with the 10 best rifle bipods that will give a great shooting and hunting experience.

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List of 10 Best Rifle Bipods in 2020

#10. Allen Bozeman Bipod

Allen Bozeman Bipod

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By: Allen Company Store

Our riffle bipod is equipped with locking legs that are designed to fold down for simple storage and carrying. It has a small size that adjusts from 6 to 9 inches to give you maximum flexibility. Assembling the bipod is hassle-free, where no unique tools or skills are required.

It features a padded rest surface that helps to protect your gun from scratches and your gun will somehow have a good hold. The bipod has a sling swivel mount that attaches well to a sling or riffle.

Highlighted Features
  • It has a padded rest surface
  • Features a sling swivel mount
  • Simple to assemble without tools
  • Has a small size that adjusts from 6 to 9 inches
  • Equipped with locking legs that fold down with ease
Bottom Line

You can move the tripod and adjust to the perfect position that will match your shooting requirements and it will you have an accurate focus on the target.

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#9. Firefield 6-9 Inch Compact Tripod

Firefield 6-9 Inch Compact Tripod

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By: Firefield Store

The compact tripod has a padded stock mount that extends perfectly to multiple lengths and it needs no firearm modification for use. It has rubber feet that provide ultimate stability and has a padded stock mount that gives your firearm enough protection. Our tripod extends to multiple lengths, enabling you to have customizable height adjustments depending on your shooting environment.

Our compact tripod is designed to be lightweight and compact so that you can carry it with ease and store it without occupying your space. It features durable aluminum construction that can withstand everyday practice and it installs easily with no tools needed.

Highlighted Features
  • It attaches to firearms swivel stud
  • Features a padded stock mount
  • Adjusts perfectly from 6 to 9 inches
  • Equipped with rubber feet for stability
  • It is a lightweight and compact tripod
  • Made of a durable aluminum construction
Bottom Line

This is a great option for competitional hunting and tactical training, and it is a perfect accessory for any shooter who wants a dynamic shooting experience.

#8. BLACKHAWK Sportster Bi-Pod

BLACKHAWK Sportster Bi-Pod

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It has telescoping legs that are made anodized and rust-resistant steel. With the heavy-legs, you are guaranteed to shoot from one position without experience slips or wobbling.

The legs are designed to fold compactly to make storage and carrying hassle-free. With only some simple tools, assembling the bipod is fast and easy. You can adjust to the best height a position that will give you a great shooting experience. You can use the bipod on a slippery, or sandy environment.

Highlighted Features
  • Attaches to swing swivels
  • Gives you stable shooting from any position
  • Fitted with heavy-duty legs for stability
  • Legs fold compactly for carrying and storage
Bottom Line

The good thing about this bipod is the construction and quality finish that allows you to use it in any weather condition without having to worry about rust or corrosion.

#7. Primos Gen 2 Bipod Trigger Stick

Primos Gen 2 Bipod Trigger Stick

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By: Primos Hunting

This bipod trigger stick has lightweight aluminum legs that make it simple transport and it has a wrist strap for user comfort. It has a pull trigger that enables you to adjust to the perfect height and by flipping the switch, you lock the trigger to keep the height. Besides, it has an improved fluid handle that moves smoothly.

The stock has a V-yoke and handle that helps to keep you on target and you can remove the yoke to hold spotting scopes or cameras. It has a strong coating that allows for quiet leg operation at just a pull of a finger. Our trigger stick is designed to fit 1/4″-20 and 3/8”-16 threaded fixtures that help optical gear.

Highlighted Features
  • Equipped with lightweight aluminum legs
  • Designed to withstand tough environments
  • Features a pull trigger and an improved fluid handle
  • It has a V-yoke that keeps you target
  • Fits 1/4″-20 and 3/8”-16 threaded
Bottom Line

Well, our bipod trigger stick is a great choice for binoculars, cameras, spotting scopes, laser range finders, and monopod mountable devices.

#6. UTG Tactical OP Bipod

UTG Tactical OP Bipod

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It has user-friendly push buttons that offer a quick retraction of leg extensions and foldable arms. The bipod has non-slip rubber pads that will provide maximum stability on any surface so that you can have the best experience. Moreover, it has fully adjustable legs with 7 extension notches that work for secured positions.

Our bipod has a mounting base with an adjustable QD lever lock that fits on any weaver or picatinny rail and it has a swivel stud conversation kit. It has a heavy-duty metal construction that withstands even the toughest training sessions and environments.

Highlighted Features
  • Equipped with user-friendly push buttons
  • It has non-slip rubber pads for stability
  • Features fully adjustable legs with 7 extension notches
  • Has a mounting base with adjustable QD lever lock
  • Made of a heavy-duty metal construction
Bottom Line

What you will love about this bipod is the stability level it gives you on all surfaces and it can withstand everyday use in different environments.

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#5. Vanguard Scout B62 Bi-Pod

Vanguard Scout B62 Bi Pod

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By: Vanguard

Our bipod is equipped with adjustable leg straps that ensure fast deployment and stable performance, helping the bipod stay at a good position while you are shooting. It features cushioned foam hand grips that provide you with enough handling comfort. Furthermore, our bipod is equipped with rubber-tipped feet that are designed to provide ultimate stability on different surfaces.

It has a V-yoke that swivels 360-degrees and it gives you a safe grip on your crossbar or firearm so that you can make accurate shots for long. The bipod has leg locks that enable the bipod to extend from 22 inches a maximum of 62 inches. With this extension, you can use the bipod either in a sitting or standing position.

Highlighted Features
  • Fitted with all-weather foam grips
  • It has adjustable leg straps
  • Features cushioned foam grips for handling comfort
  • Has a V-yoke that swivels to 360-degrees
  • Equipped with rubber-tipped legs for stability
Bottom Line

Overall, it is a lightweight and durable bipod that will provide you with a great shooting experience and it is ideal if you want to get accurate shots every time.

#4. UTG Heavy Duty 360 Bipod

UTG Heavy Duty 360 Bipod

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It has a metal construction that provides you with a superior hold on any Picatinny rail. Furthermore, it has 360-degrees adjustable panning with a tilting base so that you can make simple adjustments before making your shots.

This 360-degrees bipod has a 5-positions lock that gives you flexibility across various firearms and terrains. The 360-degrees rotation will enable shooters to rotate to the perfect angle and change targets easily.

Highlighted Features
  • It has a steel metal construction
  • Has 360-degrees adjustable panning
  • Equipped with a 5-positions lock
  • Features fully adjustable legs with 5 lengths
Bottom Line

Using this bipod will be simple as it comes with a user manual that is easy to understand. Besides, it is a great choice for those shooters who want to improve their shooting accuracy while keeping the gun protected from mud, dirt, and water.

#3. Caldwell XLA Pivot Bipod

Caldwell XLA Pivot Bipod

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By: Caldwell

The bipod is fitted with notches that relocated on the legs so that you can make quick indexing ton your perfect height. You will find that the legs of this model are designed to fold up for simple carrying and storage. When you need to use the bipod, a push-button springs them out and mounts on the forend sling stud. Moreover, it has soft rubber feet

Our bipod has secure rubber feet that provide you with more stability on all surfaces and you will find a non-marring padded base that gives protection to the forend. It has lightweight aluminum legs and a slim profile for prone or movement shooting. The bipod is designed to attach to any firearm with a sling swivel stand.

With it’s lightweight construction, you can carry the bipod anywhere you want to go shooting or hunting. It makes your hunting experience to be enjoyable and you will always make accurate shots no matter your distance with the target.

Highlighted Features
  • It has secure rubber feet for stability
  • Features a non-marring padded base
  • It has lightweight aluminum legs
  • Perfect for firearms with sling swivel stands
  • Lightweight and simple to use
Bottom Line

The great features in this bipod make it ideal for long-range shooting and it helps you hit your target with more precision and power. Besides, it is a great choice to rely on if you are on a budget.

#2. UTG Tactical OP Bipod

UTG Tactical OP Bipod

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Our bipod has a quality aluminum construction and a steel top platform that allows you to use the bipod on different surfaces. It gives you two dual mounting positions; swivel stud mount and Picatinny mount. Furthermore, it has foldable arms with spring tension control and it has fully adjustable legs with lockable positions.

The construction of this bipod is lightweight, weighing 11.5 ounces and you can carry it anywhere you want to go shooting or hunting. It has rubberized feet that guarantee you of maximum stability on any surface. You can fold the bipod arms conveniently for simple carrying and storage. It has sturdy legs with adjustable lengths so that you can have the best shooting experience.

Highlighted Features
  • Lightweight bipod, weighing 11.5 ounces
  • Equipped with rubberized feet for stability
  • Arms fold for carrying and storage
  • Provides you with 2 dual mounting positions
  • Has sturdy legs with adjustable lengths
  • Features a Posi-lock ton keep the bipod fully locked in position
Bottom Line

What you will love about this bipod are the different adjustable positions and you can loc safely once you get your suitable position. This will give you a great shooting experience.

#1. CVLIFE 6-9 Inches Rifle Bipod

CVLIFE 6-9 Inches Rifle Bipod

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The rifle bipod is made from hardened aluminum and steel, where the construction gives the riffle enough power to make powerful shots. It is a lightweight bipod, making it simple to carry wherever you want to go hunting or practice shooting. Besides, it has 5 length settings that will meet all your shooting needs perfectly.

With the existing swivel stud, you can easily attach or detach from the riffle. It is equipped with arms that are designed to be foldable so that you can store and carry it with ease. The riffle bipod has a black anodized finish that is rust-resistant to increase performance and durability. In addition, the bipod has return springs and a leg release button, where you can adjust the leg length from 6 to 9 inches.

Highlighted Features
  • Made of hardened aluminum and steel
  • It is lightweight for simple carrying
  • Has 5 length settings
  • Features a swivel stud for attaching or detaching
  • Equipped with foldable arms for simple storage
  • Has a rust-resistant black anodized finish
  • Leg length adjusts from 6 to 9 inches
Bottom Line

The construction of this bipod makes it an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor shooting. Furthermore, you can adjust the focus of the target without moving the riffle or changing your position.

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Things to Consider when Choosing a Rifle Bipod

  • Weight: When going for a quality bipod, consider the weight of the bipod because it is important. Most of the bipods you will find are made from metal, aluminum, polymer, and steel. The lightweight bipods are made from aluminum and polymer. However, aluminum bipods are a bit heavy than polymer bipods. You have to choose a lightweight model so that you won’t have any problem when going outdoors for hunting and shooting.
  • Construction: The main material used to construct riffler bipods is polymer and aluminum. These two materials have many advantages that make your shooting more enjoyable. For aluminum bipods, they tend to be expensive but they are worth investing because they are rust-free, corrosion-resistant, and they are lightweight. If you want a powerful and durable rifle, go for a model made from aluminum.
  • Polymer bipods are also great to use but their sturdiness is not much guaranteed. Polymer bipods are used with air guns, but the legs should be made from aluminum if you want to use it with a rifle. In addition, the legs of the bipod you purchase should be made from aluminum so that it can accommodate the weight and absorb shock well.
  • Height: The height of your tripod plays an important role in your shooting. Let’s go through the various heights that are great for shooting.
  • 6-9 inches: This is the most used height for most shooters because it gives a close range. However, it is not preferred for long-distance shooting because bumps or objects will get in your way.
  • 9-13 inches: If you don’t like wearing armor while shooting, this is the ideal height. It is a great height when using a heavy caliber. The height will hold your riffle’s magazine well.
  • 13-24 inches: If you are a long-distance shooter, this is the perfect height as it gives good ground clearance and no obstacles will get on your way while making the shot. Besides, it is a great choice for those who love awkward shooting positions.
  • 15-62 inches: The advantage of this height is that you can shoot in sitting or kneeling position with ease. With this height, your line of sight is well cleared even over a long distance. However, you will lack the shooting accuracy of shorter bipods.


If you love hunting or shooting practice, having a rifle bipod will be an added advantage. It will help you make perfect shots for short or long distances. Besides, they have different heights that give you a great shooting experience. therefore, we hope you have found a perfect model from our reviews above.

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