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Top 10 Best Subwoofer Cables in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

With a dedicated subwoofer, it will be possible to enjoy watching movies, gaming, and listening to your favorite tunes. However, if you want to make your subwoofer work flawlessly, you will basically need a compatible subwoofer cable. You need to understand that a quality cable will help you get out the most from your subwoofer since it is going to influence the tuning. Other than producing the best audio quality, with the best subwoofer cable, it will be possible to protect the audio equipment from likely obstacles. For that reason, whenever you think of investing in a subwoofer, this should go hand in hand with a quality subwoofer cable.

Getting to know what subwoofer cable is going to work for your audio equipment is a task that most people always get themselves stuck with. All the same, there is no need to worry if you are in this category since we are here for you. Below is a list of the best subwoofer cables from leading brands today. Going through this list will save you time that you could otherwise have used to do research on your own. We have also discussed in brief a few factors that you need to consider when buying a subwoofer cable later in this post. For now, let us unleash the leading subwoofer cables in the market today.

List of 10 Best Subwoofer Cables in 2020

#10. FosPower Corrosion Resistant Subwoofer Cable (10 Feet), Clean Sounding Signal


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We begin this review with this FosPower subwoofer cables that will allow you to seamlessly connect your subwoofer to the stereo receiver or any other stereo component. These cables are ideal for connecting audio components with one RCA jack or port. The other thing to appreciate about these cables is that they have been made with gold-plated connectors to prevent rust and tarnishing.

These cables also come in a dual-braided design with the copper being protected by an aluminum foil. That will, therefore, provide cable flexibility and also eliminate the unwanted interferences. What will give you the confidence to purchase these cables is learning that they come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Highlighted Features
  • Made with quality connectors that are corrosion resistant
  • Ideal for audio equipment with one RCA jack
  • Reduces unnecessary RFI/EMI interferences
  • Backed with a limited lifetime warranty

#9. Oldboytech 2 Pack Subwoofer Cable – 6 Feet


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This audio cable will enhance audio connections which makes it perfect for your home entertainment as well as the Hi-Fi systems. The RCA cables are made with gold-plated and corrosion-resistant connectors to make sure that you get the best sound quality. Other than offering the seamless transmission, you can rest assured of minimal signal loss with these cables.

You will also appreciate that these cables have been tested to be flexible and durable as well. The dual-braided nylon design for this cable helps to guarantee that you can easily bend the cable without compromising its durability. Given that the cables come with an unconditional lifetime replacement, you should purchase with ultimate confidence.

Highlighted Features
  • Produces premium sound quality
  • This stereo audio cable measures 6 feet
  • This is a durable and flexible braided cord
  • Unconditional lifetime replacement

#8. SKW RAC to RCA Cable for HiFi Systems (Black)


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This subwoofer cable is famous because it has been made with high-quality materials and has the best design. You will appreciate that it comes with multiple shields and high-quality polished metal. For that reason, the subwoofer cable remains resistant to corrosions. Consequently, you will appreciate high-quality sound from your subwoofer using this cable.

The RCA cable will be ideal for connecting your subwoofer speaker to the stereo receiver, the sound system, or any other compatible device. Given that these cables undergo very strict tests before being released into the market, you can rest assured that the cables will not break after some time. These cables will transmit ultra low-frequency signals for exceptional sound quality.

Highlighted Features
  • Built with multiple shields
  • Exceptional bass response and sound quality
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • Less susceptible to outside interferences

#7. SVS SoundPath Subwoofer Cable


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The shield and center conductor are all hand-soldered directly to the RCA connector in order to bring you the best experience. You will also appreciate that the PVC jacket has been secured to the connector using a large screw. For that reason, it will firmly hold the jacket on the RCA body.

The other thing that you will like about this subwoofer cable is the fact that it comes in different lengths to make sure that you find the right one for you. The general construction as well as the termination of this subwoofer cable will make sure that it serves you for a long period of time.

Highlighted Features
  • High-quality termination for durability
  • Available in different lengths
  • Chrome-plated to resist corrosions
  • Produces high-quality sound

#6. EMK Subwoofer Cable with Gold-Plated Connectors


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This subwoofer cable is ideal for connecting your subwoofer speaker to a sound system, a stereo receiver, or any other audio device. You will appreciate that these subwoofer cables come with a polished metal molding that makes them resistant to corrosion. Apart from that, they pride themselves on a split-tip center design for maximum conductivity and reliable performance.

The other thing that you will appreciate about this product is the fact that it has a flexible and durable design that makes it better than any other cable in the market. With the double-braided design, you will appreciate that these cables will remain free from tangles. Owing to the fact that these cables come with a warranty of 18 months, you should buy with maximum confidence.

Highlighted Features
  • The subwoofer cable has universal compatibility
  • Made in a flexible and durable design
  • Backed with a warranty of 18 months
  • Made with premium quality materials

#5. Blue Jeans Cable Subwoofer Cable, Black


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If you are looking for a reliable, strong, and easy-to-connect subwoofer cable, this is the product for you. With this subwoofer cable, you will definitely enjoy decent, excellent as well as superior sound quality. You will appreciate that it has a thick and dual-braided design and is suitable for in-wall mounting. Due to its copper braiding, you can rest assured that it will resist any corrosion for the best sound quality.

The other feature that you will appreciate about this cable is that it allows for a clear sound with a deep bass compared to other subwoofer cables. You will also appreciate the fact that the jack will guarantee a solid grip. Additionally, it prides itself on quality connectors keeping in mind that the cable is flexible enough.

Highlighted Features
  • The RCA plugs offer a tight grip
  • This subwoofer cable has a length of 10 feet
  • It has been assembled in the USA
  • Reduces unwanted interferences

#4. KabelDirekt RCA Cable (25 feet Long)


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This is a Y adapter cable that will easily hook up to your home theater, the HiFi system, and the subwoofer box flawlessly. You will be happy to learn that it features oxygen-free copper to make sure that it provides maximum power. With this design also, you can count on this cable to produce efficient signal transmission for clear and unmatched sound quality.

The other feature that makes this subwoofer cable worth buying than any other cable is the fact that it comes with a dual-shielding design. That, therefore, means that it will be completely resistant to interferences allowing you to achieve high sound quality. To boost your buying confidence, the cable has been backed with a warranty of 3 years from the manufacturer.

Highlighted Features
  • Dual shielding for maximum protection
  • Comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years
  • Available in different lengths
  • Features oxygen-free copper

#3. Mediabridge Subwoofer Cable (25 Feet) – Black


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If you are having a tight budget, selecting this cable is going to be a good idea for you. You will appreciate the fact that the cable is durable, robust, and strong as well being made with quality materials. Another feature to appreciate about this cable is that it is dual-shielded and comes with gold-plated connectors to bring it premium conductivity.

This subwoofer cable also prides itself on an aluminum braiding that is not only corrosion-resistant but also light in weight. You will also be happy to learn that the subwoofer cable is flexible and easily adjustable which makes its installation a hassle-free task. If you are looking for a cable that will send very strong signals to your subwoofer or speakers, this is the right pick.

Highlighted Features
  • Precise and deep audio quality
  • Backed with a limited warranty of 1 year
  • Excellent bass response & audio quality
  • Easy organization and storage

#2. AmazonBasics Audio Subwoofer Cable – 15 Feet


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What you will appreciate about this subwoofer cable from AmazonBasics is that it has the best qualities owing to the materials used. It is therefore the right choice for audio connections for domestic and professional settings. The best thing about these cables is that they feature gold-plated connectors to make sure that they last for a very long time.

Superb audio quality requires that all the unwanted noise is cut out and this is exactly what this subwoofer cable does. It eliminates the unwanted interferences to bring you nothing but the best audio quality. The other thing that you will like about this subwoofer cable is that it is very easy to use owing to the white and red color markings. What’s more, you will have the choice to select your preferred cable length from the many available options.

Highlighted Features
  • Gold-plated design to resist corrosion
  • Backed with a limited warranty of 1 year
  • It helps to eliminate unwanted noise
  • Arrives in different lengths

#1. JIB Boaacoustic Subwoofer Cable – 16.4ft


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Finally on this review, we have this cable from one of the reputable brands today. You will realize that the cable is made with advanced technology by a German-based company. One of the aspects to appreciate about this cable is the solid processing now that it uses high-quality materials. For that reason, you can expect a high signal fidelity as well as detailed sound reproduction.

This coaxial constructed cable comes with a multi-strand conductor structure for convenience. It also features oxygen-free copper technology to make sure that the transmission remains at its best. With its resistance to corrosion, the transmission will always be interference-free. For this product, you will have the option to choose your preferred length based on your needs.

Highlighted Features
  • Detailed sound production
  • Features oxygen-free copper
  • It has a length of 5 meters
  • Arrives in different lengths

Subwoofer Cables Buying Guide

Design: You will have to look at the overall structure and design of your subwoofer cable before proceeding to order. A cable that is made with the best quality materials will definitely bring you amazing sound results. Apart from that, based on the structure of the subwoofer cable, you can easily tell whether it will last for a long time or not.

Compatibility: The other thing that you should not obviously forget about when shopping for a subwoofer cable will be compatibility. You need to ensure that you get a cable that works flawlessly with your audio equipment. A good cable will easily connect your subwoofer to a sound system, stereo receiver, or basically any other audio device.

Length: Last but not least, you need to think about the length of the subwoofer cable before you can proceed to order for one. Based on the length of your cable, you will tell how easy it will be to connect your subwoofer to different gadgets. To make sure that you get the best cable, it is advisable to measure the area in which you intend your subwoofer cable.


If you are looking to enjoy quality music from your subwoofer, it is of great importance to invest in the right subwoofer cable. Above, we have highlighted different factors that you need to look for in a subwoofer cable to ensure that it works flawlessly for your needs. This is due to the fact that there are so many options for subwoofer cables that are available in the market today. We also listed some of the best subwoofer cables from reliable brands today. With all this information, knowing what subwoofer cable is going to work for your audio equipment should be very easy.

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