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Top 10 Best Whiskey Glasses in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Drinking whiskey is not about gulping a shot out of your shot glass; rather it’s all about savoring and appreciating all the aromas and flavors in your drink. Actually, as any whiskey lover would attest, drinking whiskey is all about the experience. Whiskey, bourbon, and scotch feel incomplete without the right vessel. The best whiskey glasses significantly improve your enjoyment as it brings optimal expression in terms of aroma, flavor, color, and weight.

For the same reasons why people don’t drink their favorite wine out of a mug or a cocktail out of bourbon shot glass, you should take whiskey from its appropriate drinking vessel. As expected, there is a wide range of vessels that claims to offer the best experience. They range from simple Glencairn classes to extravagant snifters. Fret not as our detailed guide will assist you in making a perfect choice. Enjoy a new slant on whiskey drinking in any of our following best whiskey glasses.

List of 10 Best Whiskey Glasses in 2020

#10. Kollea Whiskey Glasses with Ice Silicone

Kollea Whiskey Glasses with Ice Silicone

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This isn’t your average whiskey glasses. Actually, this set has been a crowd favorite across the board. It boasts of patented wedge shape design that provides a large chilling surface. When compared to other models, this whiskey glass allows your whiskey to stay colder for longer. Even better, this unit comes with an alluring design combined with exquisite craftsmanship that promises a superior performance

The weighted design coupled with double wall design is also highly resistant to breakage, scratching, and chipping. This means you can enjoy reliable service for years. Speaking of the design this unit also features a wedge-shaped ice stray that increases the contact with your whiskey while still ensuring that the ice doesn’t dilute your whiskey. Moreover, this unit comes with a luxurious gift box, making it a great pick to gift anyone whiskey lover.

Highlighted Features
  • It keeps the whiskey cold for an extended period
  • Helps in preserving the original whiskey taste
  • Comes in a unique and timeless design
  • A luxurious gift for all whiskey lovers

#9. Snüte Double-wall Stainless Steel Whiskey Glasses

Snüte Double-wall Stainless Steel Whiskey Glasses

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The Snüte Double-wall stainless steel whiskey glasses pair’s durability, luxury and is designed purely for pleasure. These glasses look extremely chic and keep your drinks cold and refreshing. We love the multipurpose design that allows you to use them for cocktails, wine as well as non-alcoholic drinks. What sets these glasses from the rest is their stainless steel interior.

Just like the glass counterpart, the food-grade stainless steel doesn’t alter the taste or stain. As such, this unit helps in bringing out the whiskey’s original aromas and flavors. Better still, this unit is highly durable thanks to its unrivaled durability and dependability. This makes it ideal for outdoor activities such as fishing, boating, partying, and camping activities.

Highlighted Features
  • Made of high quality and food-grade 18/8 stainless steel
  • Its unique shape allows aromas and flavors to aerate properly
  • Retains the whiskey at room temperature
  • Offers durability and dependability more than the glass counterparts

#8. Gootus Whiskey Glasses Set of 2

Gootus Whiskey Glasses Set of 2

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Coming in a set of two, the Gootus Whiskey Glasses brings new heights in the epitome of quality and striking design. The elaborate design aims at capturing the whiskey’s aromatics and flavors to ensure that your taste bud catches even the lightest flavors. The luxuriously curved design gives it a classy look and feels as well as an excellent presentation.

Equally, the capacity, shape, and angle are precisely angled in a way that it diffuses the ethanol away, improving the taste of the whiskey fantastically. Notably, the glass is easily twisted at an angle of forty-five, complementing the special inner shape walls. This makes it not only ornamental but also practical to use.

Highlighted Features
  • Elegant rim design that feels smooth and comfortable
  • Gorgeous hexagonal design full of modern sense
  • Double-walled to ensure optimal durability
  • Preserves the whiskey’s aroma and taste

#7. Red Rocks Double Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass

Red Rocks Double Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass

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With a classic, old-fashioned design with a weighted base, circular rim, and sleek design, this whiskey glass will complement most tableware and settings. The classic design is easy to hold, cheers, and feels great on your lips. Each set consists of four double old-fashioned glasses with a decent 10 OZ capacity.

It is a perfect barware glasses perfect for not only your whiskey but also bourbon, scotch, and cocktails drinks. We also love the decent capacity, allowing you to add a mixer to your bourbon or whiskey. Another notable feature we love about this unit is that it is completely dishwasher safe. Moreover, it doesn’t cloud, etch, or discolor at any single instance.

Highlighted Features
  • It is completely dishwasher safe
  • Weighted bottom for enhancing stability
  • A real classic look that blends well with your dinnerware
  • Each set consists of four old-fashioned whiskey glasses

#6. Kanars Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses

Kanars Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses

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A must-have for any bourbon or whiskey lover, the KANARS boasts of a stunning old-fashioned set of glass with a timeless design. This set is made to suit the needs of people who appreciate subtle by classy things in life. We love the simple yet elegant design that will complement your home bar. Despite the minimalist design, the glass is beautifully sculpted, well balanced, and feels super comfortable in hand.

It also has a decent capacity to savor multiple whiskeys, scotch, and bourbon shots. The cleverly designed rim positions the nose at an optimum angle that captures the subtle aromas and flavors at the same time allowing the ethanol to escape. The large width also accommodates whiskey rocks, stones, and balls.

Highlighted Features
  • High-quality crystal glass with beautiful Diamond-like detailing
  • It has a solid, heavy base design
  • Made from lead-free crystal glass
  • Large width to accommodate whiskey rocks or whiskey stones

#5. Brotec Whiskey Glass Set of 2

Brotec Whiskey Glass Set of 2

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Brotec whiskey glass exudes style and luxury, adding a splash of class. If you are looking for a thoughtful gift for your best friend, this set of crystal whiskey glasses from KANARS will not disappoint you. It is also an excellent choice for real lovers of bourbon, whiskey, and scotch. the package consists of two whiskey glasses, eight whiskey stones, velvet bag as well as a stylish wooden box.

The granite rocks offer impressive cooling effects, that keeps your drink perfectly chilled. The glasses are made from high quality, lead-free crystals that are super transparent. Thanks to the elegant design, these glasses are sure to make an impression when serving your favorite beverage. Moreover, the weighted base ensures improved stability and durability.

Highlighted Features
  • The package includes 2-crystal whiskey shot classes and eight whiskey stones
  • Made from high quality, lead-free glass
  • Stylish looking design and an elegant wooden gift
  • Ready-to-gifts set for all whiskey lovers

#4. Dragon Glassware Diamond Whiskey Glasses

Dragon Glassware Diamond Whiskey Glasses

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The Dragon glassware diamond whiskey glasses are a beloved choice amongst drinkers since they concentrate on the flavors, something other scotch glassed rarely do. Inspired by the precious diamonds, this unit boasts of a unique shape that enables the drink to aerate as it pours and swirl inside the glass. It is a perfect choice for bourbon, whiskey, wine, and scotch.

Different from other models, this unit also boasts of a gravity-defying design that is beautifully positioned at an anti rocking and spill-proof design for a unique drinking experience. Also important, this unit is made from high-end clear, lead-free glass that is refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher safe.

Highlighted Features
  • Impressive design made from clear and lead-free glass
  • It is dishwasher, refrigerator, and freezer safe
  • Decent 10 Ounce Capacity
  • Anti-rocking, spill-proof, gravity-defying design

#3. Godinger Cigar Whiskey Glass, Old Fashioned

Godinger Cigar Whiskey Glass, Old Fashioned

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The best whiskey glasses will never change the beverage composition, but it can drastically uplift your mood. If you are tired of using your old boring glass, then the Godinger Cigar whiskey glass is a perfect pick. It boasts of a classy design that will actually make your drink taste better. Like no other models we have seen, this unit comes with unique design while remaining stunningly comfortable to hold. The glass integrates a cigar rest on its middle allowing you to enjoy your whiskey as you smoke your favorite Cuban cigars.

Despite the exquisite design, the glass retains a standard 10 Oz capacity and sits comfortably in both large and small hands. The glass is also smooth to drink from and ensure that the whiskey temperature remains cool. Additionally, the set comes in nice packaging making it an irresistible gift for any whiskey, scotch, and bourbon lovers.

Highlighted Features
  • Handmade Lead-Free Crystal
  • Includes a unique cigar rest
  • Classic design with a weighted base
  • The patented round shape makes it easy to hold

#2. Mofado Crystal Whiskey Glasses

Mofado Crystal Whiskey Glasses

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With a unique, sophisticated design, the Mofado whiskey glass is for whiskey lovers who appreciate the finest things in life. Its architectural design offers a lasting impression that evokes a sense of class. The glasses are hand blown from the highest quality clear and lead-free crystals giving it ultimate maximum brilliance and clarity.

Different from other models from the market, each glass weighs about a pound. As such, you can feel its quality as you enjoy your whiskey. The oversized design also makes it a perfect pick for individuals who love a hefty and oversized glass that holds ice balls/ice cubes. Plus, the glass features a thick, weighted bottom to boost its stability. they also come in a premium gift packaging, making them a great pick if you are looking for a perfect gift for your boyfriend, aunt, brother, or father.

Highlighted Features
  • Made from finest ultra clear lead-free crystal
  • Oversized design that holds 12 ounces, ice cubes, and whiskey stones
  • Ideal gift for anyone who loves whiskey
  • Thick weighted bottom design

#1. Glencairn Crystal Whiskey Glass

Glencairn Crystal Whiskey Glass

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It’s our goal to ensure that you get the finest product, and as always, we saved the best for the last. With many years in this business, the Glencarn crystal whiskey glass will impress you with all its features. Notably, this unit has bagged numerous awards for innovation. It displays a simple yet elegant design that will complement your home bar. The glass has a stylish, short base stand and is crafted from transparent, lead-free crystal.

If you like drinking your whiskey neat, you will also love this model. The glass aerated the bourbon better than other models allowing you savor every flavor and aroma. Equally, the design minimizes the ethanol intensity, improving the drink’s taste. More importantly, the glass comes with decent quality and is quite heavy in your hand, giving a feeling of quality. It is also indestructible, so you can expect a decent performance for years.

Highlighted Features
  • Made from lead-free lustrous crystals
  • The short, elegant base stand
  • Features a unique design and weighted base
  • Virtually Indestructible, offering a service you can depend for years

Whiskey Glasses Buying Guide

While the best choice can be subjective, various features come into play when it comes to getting the best model.  Obviously, you need to find a product that meets your needs. Below are some of the features to think about before making your purchase.

The Glass Frame: The look of the glass will make or break a work of art. Remember drinking whiskey is more about the experience. The frame serves an important role in determining the look of the glass. Fortunately, we have the traditional classy design and the sophisticated modern design. This will assist you in picking a model that blends well with your dinnerware.

How does it feel in your hand?: Next, you need to consider how the glass feels in your hand. for starters, while most people go for the lightweight designs, when it comes to choosing whiskey glasses, or for that matter any glass, the lighter the glass, the inferior it is. Therefore, we recommend picking something that feels substantial.

Drinkability: Besides, you need to consider the glass drinkability. This often refers to how easy you can drink from the glass. Here you need to consider the nose position. Remember, the best whiskey glass wills also you to enjoy the aromas and flavors. It should also allow the ethanol to dissolve easily without hitting your nostrils. Additionally, the curvature, thickness, and brim slope will also contribute to your comfort.


If you have been sipping whiskey, scotch, or bourbon out of regular glass or worse plastic cups, then you are missing out big. The best whiskey glass is designed to bring the complex aroma and flavors that you will never realize that they were there. The above-reviewed models bring a splash of class and style. In our guide, we have included a wide range of models from basic, fancy crystal glasses to no-frills option. This ensures that there is something for all. All the best!



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